I Will Not Bow


What do you do, when the only person you have ever loved… Goes away?

My name is Call.. Short for Callico Amethyst Zeal. Daughter of Alecander Zeal, the CEO of Night Enterprises.

At Night E. We Sell all products from guns, to knives, to bombs… Oh and we are secretly the headquarters from The W.W.W.W. Yeah… your probably thinking… wow such a creative abbreviation… right? I think so too… Hint sarcasm… It stands for World Wide Were Wolves.

Oh get off your heart attack train.
We are not what you think… Well.. No I’m sorry that’s a Lie… WE are MOSTLY not what you think. My father could just be the Devil from Hell himself… Disguised as Jesus himself..

So back to the love thing yes?
Okay.. Well, my mother… Gods own personal angel… Just passed away from a rare illness… She had it for two years..
Two years in which my father turned stone cold, cheated on her, and I stayed by her side whenever I wasnt combat training and doing my studies.

Socializing didn’t matter to me… I had one friend.
Jillian Mathews.
She comes to my mansion… But I never leave. In the past two years, it’s like I have fallen off the planet… And today.. Sitting here beside my emotionaless father at her funeral… I have finally resurfaced.. If I could. I’d be in my dark black and purple walled room… Crying in bed. But no. Appearances matter now apparently. I had the excuse of taking care of mother to hide me.. But now I must become what my father wants.. An heir to the company. A royal beauty and a darling wife to some Ass Hole. NOT. HAPPENING. I used to be shy… Tender.. And Sweet. But watching my mother pass away as my father had an affair on her with Miss. -I’m so sad in the passing of the lovely Angela Zeal.- Oh yeah… She knows my mother… Because shes my mothers younger SISTER. My life is so screwed up.

BUT. I will no longer take it. Ive become strong.. Physically and mentally.

They… will not control me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man staring at me. I say man because even though he’s in his early twenties. He looks built, and rather strong. He was wolf alright. His silver eyes held mystery and he had a tattoo in glifish (our language) that meant, warrior. Ah.. So he is a Knight of Moon. Fantastic.

After the funeral, and all the emotionless I’m sorry, and your in our prayers. I followed the man who USED to be dad to me.. Over to a middle aged man, who still looked in his early 30’s.. Wolf alright.. And the Warrior from before.

“Ah Dallas.” My father shook hands with the man, who also had a warrior tattoo. “I’d like you to meet my daughter, Amy.” HE doesn’t like the name my mother picked for me so he took a nickname from my middle name. I used to love Amy… Now I despise it.

“Actually, my name is Calico.” I butted in with a stone cold voice. My father gave me a death glare from hell. That means I’m going to get it later… Little does he know mother signed me up for warrior classes two years ago when he stopped caring.. No more bowing remember?

“Ah yes, Calico, I have heard so much about you from the Warrior’s Center Down Town.”
My whole body froze, as my father turned his head in shock from me to Dallas.
“Our rising female warrior yes? Two years in and you’ve learned as much as a child your age should have taken 6 years to learn. You are ahead 4 classes and will be getting you tattoo next week yes?” He asked with his deep voice. Pride shining through for his fellow warrior, that being me.

I put on my brave face, forgetting the outrage and shock on my Father and Aunt Cynthia’s face. And the shock on the other warriors face.

“Yes.” I held my head up high, staring the man in the eyes. “I am and upper class in body fighting and wolf form. I also am a black belt in Daji Meatha. (A mix between Karate, sword fighting, and the way of Wolf.)

The man clapped his hand in joy. “Amazing, absolutely brilliant. You have definitely raised this one right Alec.” The man said smiling at my father.

“It was my mothers idea.” I butted in quickly, right as my father was about to speak. “She knew I’d need to be strong after she was gone.” I said the last part with love and passion.

“Yes, your mother always did believe in preparing ourselves.” The man chuckled. “Did you know when she was your age, her father trained her privately to become a Knight of Moon?” My eyes widened.

“How did you know?” I whispered. My mother told ME that in confidence. The man laughed again.

“Because I trained along side her. I was her best friend, and our fathers were both high up on the food chain of Knights.” My eyes widened.

“Dallas… As in Michael Dallas.” It all clicked together. The man gave me a warm smile as my father glowered in the happy joy I had just found. Michael was with mother before father… Maybe if she would have stayed… I wouldn’t be stuck with a heartless man..

“Yes. And I’d like you to meet my son, Marcus.” The guy looked at me with awe, and his own self pride. He knew he was strong… and he embraced it. THIS. Is the reason why I practiced at the downtown private dojo where my Grandfather runs everything. Which is why my father knew NOTHING.

“Marcus, I held my hand out to him, and he shook it with strength, which I gladly returned, as I knew my eyes flashed silver instead of their regular white blue. They were unique. His blazed onyx rather than the red brown they were. He was pissed that I was so dominant. Most are. Just then, Jillian came up behind me.

“Call, we have to go to the feast. Your suppose to do the speech. I then realized the church was almost empty.. The huge pallace of a place was eerie in silence.
And as I looked at the Urn that held my mothers ashes.. Sadness feeled my soul.
And the silver left my eyes. I quickly ripped my hands from Marcus, as I realized what he was.
His talent… was to read peoples emotions through touch, as mine was to read and send thoughts to peoples minds when I please. He sensed my sadness and I could see the sorrow in his eyes… No on the inside I wasn’t as strong… But I’d get there.

“Excuse me Mr. Dallas, Marcus, Father…. Slut…” I grumbled out the last part at my aunt, pure shock on everyones face.
Mind reading is my talent… but no one except Jill and mother knew. Father thought it was music… I taught my self to own it… to trick him, but I do love it.

My father had recognition In his eyes, then anger. But before he could say the profanities he was thinking. I walked away.
A smirk of acomplishment on my face.
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