I Will Not Bow


Calli Pov~

We got off the jet, Marc on one side of me, and Damon on the other and the other three trailing behind. It was quite ackward.... I could litterally feel the tension coming off both of the men...
"Umm I think I'm gona.. Yeah." and I slipped back to walk in step with Matty. We were walking to the cars.
Matty Giggled at my grimace at the two boys ahead ofus. "Looks like you have a problem on your hand." She laughed. I growled lightly.
"Dont make me change on ur butt Matty." I joked. She laughed again.
"Hey Matty, do you have any other powers than closing off your mind?" I knew that Marc had two, and so do i, music being my other.
"Yes actually I do." She smiled at me. She looked down at my water bottle. "Hand me your water." I gave it to her.
She stopped walking by the car, looked at the water bottle and the water inside just froze.
"Oh man thats so much cooler than my second power." I mumbled. She laughed as Darrin opened the door for us. He smiled at me and I smiled back.
"What is your second power?" She asked.
"She can play any instrument made by man she can also compose compositions in her head and sing like an angel. Music, is her talent." Rick said.
I looked at him shocked... "How did you-"
"Know?" He finished for me with a smirk and damon sat beside him in the limo, staring off into space and marc sat down beside me.

"yeah" I grumbled, irritated with him allready.. Marc grabbed my hand. I felt the now becoming famliar tingle of his power, and i was so tired, I didn't even try to stop him. I thought he'd pull his hand away.. Just testing my emotions,, but he didn't. ANd strangely it was comforting. Damon was glaring at our hands, and for some reason it made me feel guilty.

"I know because I Overheard your grandfather talking about it to Mr. Dallas at the dojo the other day." I looked at him strangely.

"WHy were you at the dojo? You dont train there anymore." I said.

"I was walking outside and over heard them." He tapped his ear,extra hearing. He said to me in his mind.

"Huh.. Thats actually cool." I looked over at Darrin and Damon, "What about you guys? Whats your powers?"

Damon looked at me, "Speed, mind block." Darrin smiled, " I can see through walls, and move through them too." He winked. I laughed.

"Ok thats pretty damn awesome." Marc looked over at me and smiled.

"What?" I whispered.

"It feels good when your happy." He lifted our hands a little. Why I didn't remove my hand from him.. Im not sure.

We pulled up to an amazing hotel called Bella Lycan. It deff was Bella. (Beautifull)
We walked up to the receptionist's desk. "Hello, we're here to check in." Matty said to the woman at the desk. She looked up from her computer and stared at us. "Names?"
Darrin passed a note over to the woman quietly. "Ah... I see. Three rooms then. Your dinner will be held at 9pm sharp in the hotel ball room with the chiefs." We nodded as she gave us the keys.
We got up to our rooms and Marc and I went into ours, saying bye to everyone for a few hours.
I sighed and sat my bag down on the ground. Wait a minute... THere's only one bed... I heard in Marc's mind. My head snapped up so fast it shouldve broken it.
"WHAT!?" I yelled.

To be continued ( BUM BUM BUM BUMMMMMMM!!!)