I Will Not Bow

We are the council

"WHAT!?!?" I screamed.
"Oh! um right.. mind power.." He mumbled.
I took in a deep breath. "Well, then I'm going downstairs to get our room changed." I grumbled.
"Oh no you dont! This is one of the best hotels here Calli!" I gave me a warning glance. "They are the only ones who know about the Moon Knights and allow us to hold meetings here, and it would be in our best interest NOT to piss off the evil looking secretary ok?"
I Growled at him... I never transform into my wolf.. But he sure as hell was tempting me!
"OK!? OK!!! Are you serious Marcus! I will say this once, and ONLY once. SO LISTEN. I refuse! To sleep in the same bed as you! No affense but I am not like that!"
"Calli.." He gave me an irritated expression. "What do you think I would do? Seriously? Do I look like Rick to you??"
'Will you tell your lil boy toy that I can hear him and don't appreciate that comment... thanks.' I jumped in my spot as rick's voice echoed in my head... I hadn't even been listening for voices... weird.
"Uh.. I don't know, but just so YOU know, Rick is listening in on our conversation and he says he doesn't appreciate that." I said still in shock.
Marc had a dumbfound expression on his face.
'Thank you, and My cousin is with me, she says that Darrin said you can sleep in their room and he'll sleep in yours with Marc.' He added.
'THANK YOU!' I mentally screamed in joy.
"Oh! Problem solved." I said. Grabbing my bag.
"Where are you going?!" Marc asked alarmed.
"To Matty's room, Darrin is going to sleep in her. See you at 9 partner." I didn't even bother looking back. So apparently that little 'moment' we had in the car is over.
I got to Matty's door, just about to knock when, "Woah!" I was stunned. Darrin just walked through the door...
He Laughed at my expression. "Why so stunned? I told you what my power was."
I gave him a fake glare, "Yes but I didn't KNOW you were about to just walk through the wall Darrin!" I chuckled.
He laughed again, "Well heres the key, yours please?" We exchanged keys.
"Oh, and Darrin?" I looked back as he walked to Marc's room.
"...Thanks.." I mumbled. He laughed again.
"Don't thank me, it was Damon's Idea,Rick was relaying the lil tiff you and Marc were having and he didn't really seem to like that you two would be sharing a bed." He walked closed to me with a smirk. "If my instincts are correct... And they usually are... I'm starting to think our little shut off to the world Damon... May have a crush on you." His smirk got wider, as my eyes did the same.

"Ha ha... Very funny." I said fake laughing it off as I turned to put the key in the door.
"Go ahead.. Pretend like you don't notice it Calli, but just so you know... My beautifull girlfriend is right behind that door ready to pounce you about both Damon AND Marc..."
"ARGGG!" The bedroom door was throne open. "DARRIN! You SUCK!" Matty grumbled. Before I knew what was happening I was pulled into the room and the door was slammed shut and I was sat on the bed.
"Okay spill!" Matty said as she sat down beside me.
"Spill what Matty?" I looked at her like she had two heads.
"What is going on with you and Marc?" She whispered.
"Uhhmm Nothing." I murmered.. Not exactly sure if that was true or not... I mean yes he is my partner but I did JUST meet him.
"Sure, I'm REALLY believing that one Calli." She replied sarcastically.
I sighed a deep sigh full of confusion and tiredness.
"Look Matty, when I figure it out myself, you'll be the first to know." I said with sleep in my voice.
"Okay... Fine but I will say this. My cousin is smitten for you, even if you don't see it... Even if HE doesn't see it.. You both will... He likes you Calli." She said happily.
I gave her a stern look. "Matilda... Haven't you ever heard of taking things slow? I just met him less than 24 hours ago! Jesus! We are here on a mission not a school girl trip to Italy."
"Wow.. You are such a bubble burster." She mumbled, getting up and going to the shower. "We have to leave here at 8:45, its 3:00, I'm taking a shower now, you seem tired. So rest... We'll finish this when I have enough time to break your stubborn ways. MUWAHAHA!" She did a fake evil laugh makeing me giggle.
We walked into the beautifull garden resturaunt, I was wearing black and silver pin striped dress pants and deep purple shirt with deep grey and purple heels. My hair blown dry from a previous shower and pinned half up with light makeup. They guys all wore dress pants and different colored button up shirts. Matty wore Navy blue dress pants, with a long sleeve sea green tucked in blouse and light grey heels.Her hair naturally striaght down her back and a little thicker make up than me, darker too.
We walked towards a private area that was blocked off with beautifully sculpted bushes and statues.
Three people sat at the table waiting for us.
One man sat In the middle, he looked about mid 40's. He had black long hair slicked back into a severe pony tail low in the back of his head. He looked very serious, and his grey eyes pierced you with authority.
A woman on his left, who was skinny and probably in her late 60's. Was staring at me with a knowing smile.... strange. She had silver hair, and her eyes were a warm chocolate, and her skin was a cream and peaches color. She seemed the most relaxed of the three.
The man on his right, was looking down at a menu infront of him, He unlike the woman was in maybe his 30's if that, and had shorter curly chocolate brown hair, and deep blue eyes.
When we all got to the table, he looked up finally. "Ah, early I see. Well, thats a nice change for once. Please, come sit." The younger man smiled at us, but their was something in his eyes that told me even though he is young,... He is very much qualified for his job.
"My name is Delco Matillio, This very pleasant man beside me is Perish Davoca, and over here is Margarete Antello.
"And we are your worst nightmare, and only help." Grumbled the man in the middle.
"We are the council." Smiled Margarete... Right. At. Me...