I Will Not Bow


"My mother, how to describe her? Caring.. Generous.. Never thinking about herself. She only had eyes for her loved ones, and stretched out her arms to the weak and helpless. She taught me love, courage, and strength. She taght me how to be myself no matter what, and face my problems dead in the face, with victory allready in mind." I looked at my father as I said the last part. His cold stare unchanging, but my Aunt's eyes held only guilt and remorse...

"So... I raise my glass to her, and pray that God can give her the love she never really recieved." I tipped my glass of champane and drank. Everyone erupted into clapping as I sat down at my table.
The dinner flew by, and I was finally ableto walk up the stairs of our home, my heels in my hands, and tears streaming down my face. I had taken a seperate car from my father, him saying he had busiess to take care of at his office. Whatever.
My phone buzzed from my desk side by the bed. I sat down on my bed, sighing, and grabbed the phone. Unknown number... huh...
"Hello." I mumbled into the reciever.
"Calico?" A deep voice asked.
"Um, yes? Who is this?" I asked, very cautious... Who is calling me and how did the get my cell number??
"Marcus... The Knight of Moon. The son of your mothers old friend." Then it clicked. Oh, so it's the asshole who thinks he's hotter than fried rice.
"Oh, asshole. What do you want and how did you get my number." I asked with more confidence now that I knew who it was.
"First off, call me an asshole again and you'll regret it. Second, my father got t from your grandfather. Lastly, I'm calling because I have been assigned as your warrior partner." I growled out the last part... As i sat on my bed frozen.
"What... But.. I haven't even been marked yet!?" I was outraged. NO WAY IN HELL will i spend the next 5 years partners with this DIP SHIT.
He sighed on the phone. "I know... but they moved up you marking day... Your grandfather said he KNOWS. He wouldn't tell us what but he said to tell you. He knows your power, and he knows because he has the same as one of his."
As you get older you attain more powers, atleast 3 to 4.
"shit." I whispered.
"He said you'd say that, and to tell you to watch your mouth."I laughed a little at that. It was the first I'd laughed all day... My grandfather was my light... If I lost him.. I'd have no one.
"He said to get your things, and get out of the house. Come to the dojo and meet me. He'll explain the rest later." I sighed as hefinished the message.
I got up and started grabbing things as ireplied. "Fine, I'm on my way. Oh, Marcus?"
"Yes?" He sounded weary.
"I dont like you, your a pompous jerk, and I will bring you down if I have to." I threatened.
He chuckled over the phone. "Oh dear Cally... Do you not remember shaking my hand at the funeral? I know how you feel on the inside. Just because your broken... Doesn't mean it's you against the world." He replied.

"Your right." I honestly told him, putting my tooth brush in the carry on i was holding as i ran through my room grabbing things. "It's not me... My mother is still with me in spirit... She doesn't like you either. I also have Jillian.. And Da." Da is my grandfather.
"Jillian isn't warrior Callico, you can't tell her things about your life when it involves that... You only have ME now. You may hate it... But face it babe... Your stuck with me."
I chuckled a humorless laugh. "Oh Marc.. You are so Naive... Just wait." And before he could reply I hung up. Zipping up my now full bag, I grabbed my mothers locket off the drawer, latched it on and took our mansion elevator to the garage. I unlocked my Aston Martin, and hopped in. Getting the hell out of there. All this home held was images of death and defiance...
If I hadn't gotten out of there, my father would have beaten me till I couldn't stand.... Thankfully my grandfather gave me the go to leave. I drove through Manhatten quietly.. Leaving the radio off, giving me time to think to myself.
How? How could things have turned out this way? One day I was having a picnic with both my parents. Snuggled up by the tv watcing movies with my happy, laughing father, and eating the snickerdoodle cookies my mother would make... then.... it all drifted away... and with it... my happiness left too.
I wiped away the tears that fell across my cheeks as I pulled up to the dojo... I won't let them see me like this.