I Will Not Bow

Stronger Than Me

As I walked into the dojo, I wiped away all site of the tears that were in my eyes.
"Ah Cal, there you are." My grandfather said from a couch in the sitting room. He was accompanied by Marc and Mr. Dallas. I didn't reply, I just stood there, by purse in my hands.
"Ehem.. Well, Callico, we are so proud that you are becoming a Moon Warrior so soon." Mr. Dallas said, grinning at me.
"Uh, yeah." It was really ackward and I didnt know what to say.
"Well Cal, why don't we get your things out of your car yes? Marcus, would you mind helping her while I talk to your father?" Da asked Marc.
"No problem sir." Marc got up from the couch, walking past me without even a second glance. I followed him unwantingly.
When we got to my car, he was stopped infront of it in shock. I smirked at his dumbfound look. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." Ha usually girls say that about themselves. But with me and my car it was true... I like to race a little.
"Nice car." He mumbled.
"Thanks" I popped the trunk, grabbed y heavier bag while he grabbed the one beside it.
"Damn girl, what do u have in here?? Books??"He complained as we walked towards the huge apartment over the 3 story dojo.
"A few." I laughed. "here, this one is lighter, I stuck my hand out wth the bag as if it weighed nothing. He grabbed it and was shocked by the weight.
"Lighter my ass!" He grumbled. I laughed at his stupidness.
As we got to the apartment door, i punched in the code to the keypad, and opened the door, going striaght to my room. When I wasn't watching mom, I was here, training over night, so I allready had a room.
"Nice room." Marc observed as we stepped into my burgendy walled room. It was huge, one half filled wih a bed, dresser, closet, bathroom, and tv. The other half had a bench press, punching bag, tredmill and wall bars for pull ups. "You really have been training havent you?" He mumbled.
"Yes... When I wasn't watching my mom, I was working my ass off." I said with no emotion. My life had become nothing more than that of a warriors. Especially now that mother was gone... How can I do this without her?...
"Cal?" There was worry in Marcs voice. I snapped out of my thoughts.
"Yeah?" I asked like there is nothing wrong.
He walked up to me quicker than i expected, and grabbed my hand. At first I had no clue what he was doing... Then I remembered his power... And snatched my hand away. But it was too late....
All of a sudden I was enveloped in a huge hug. I was stunned. "Uhhh Marcus? What the hell?" Then like it was nothing he pulled away, looking at his feet.
I stared at him strangely. "Sorry.. When I read peoples thoughts they tend to take over me... I don't have full control yet." He cleared his throat, like trying to clear his mind.
"um.. right." I looked around. "I guess we should go down now." We both started heading towards the door. When we got down the stairs, we overheard them talking.
"Where is she Rephiam?!" An all too familiar voice growled. My father... I stopped, putting a hand on Marcs shoulder to stop him. When he saw my blank set face he knew something was up. I felt him reading the emotions from our touch, and just like that his mind was in warrior phase. Mind reader remember? Huh... maybe thats why they want us to be partners.. He reads emotions, I read minds.. as long as were together we'd be unstoppable... both of us being top warriors... I wouldn't doubt Da probably has had this planned for awhile.
"I have no clue Alec. But I wouldn't be shocked, seeing as she is upset, that she might have ran away." My grandfather said in a monotone voice.
"I am not stupid old man! Dallas is here, Amethyst's car isin the garage, and you have been training her BEHIND my back!" My father practically growled... If he gets any more angry... He will turn wolf.
"Alec... Even if I knew where CALLICO was, I would never tell you. Now get out of my home... You are no longer welcome here." My grandfather said in that threatening way of his. I could read my fathers thoughts, and through me, Marc could feel the tension.
"I WILL NOT LEAVE HERE UNTIL I FIND HER!" yelled my father. Marc pulled me close to him, as if my father could see me through the wall, and he was protecting me. I would find it sweet if it wasn't for the fact that Marcus was so bi polar. I've known him one day.. and he allready has me more frustraited than any one ever has.
"Be very still Cal." Marc whispered into my ear. "It's time for you to learn my other power." TWO POWERS!? And hes only like 20!
I stood very still as he wrapped both arms from behind me. "Close your eyes Callico." He whispered hurriedly, as we heard the fighting of our families.
All of a sudden... It felt like cold water was running through my veins.. then FIRE hotter than HELL ITSELF. Then it felt like surraded knives were running over my skin. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed... then everything stopped.. and I fell.. well I thought I fell... But then i realized there was two things keeping me up. I breathed heavily as the sound of a voice buzzed in my ear... It finally started coming through...
"Cally!? Callco??!" A frantic Marc was holdingme up, trying to bring me back to reality.
"Im... Ok..." I said breathing hard.
"Callico open your eyes." Marc said with relief in his voice. I opened my eyes... Then they widened in amazment. We were on Ellis Island... And we lived in NY City.... OMG Teleportation!?
"Holy Shit." I whispered.
"Now do you understand why we are partners?" Marc asked. "We are the perfect match. Together we will be stronger than any warriors ever have. Plus not to mention, others will underestimate your strength... and have no clue about our powers." He said with stregth.
"Oh my God.." I sat down on the grass... We were at a park. "This is all too fast.. My mother dies.. I am getting my marks... I have a douche bi polar indian boy for a partner-"
"HEY! Don't be hating on my ancestry.." growled Marc.
I sighed... "Sorry, anyways. I think I might have a panic attack... OH MY GOD DA!!! And Your Dad!!"
"don't worry about them Cal... They are both trained killers.. And 2 against 1 is a big deal." I sighed in relief. You would think I'd be worried for my dad, but I really could give a shit less. He means nothin to me anymore.
"Marc... what are we gona do?" I whined. I put my head in my hands.. completly stressed out.
"Well. First, we are going to get some sleep. You, my new friend, have had a long day." Marc said, pulling me up from the ground as I groaned.
"And where exactly are we going?" I asked with a huff, as we started to walk.
"I have a friend, Rick, he lives here on the Island. He'll put us up for the night tillI get a call from your grandfather." He told me as we walked down the street.
"Rick who?" I asked.
"Rick Norson.. Why?" I stopped completly in my tracks.
"Oh HELL NO." I screamed.
"Call! SHH!" I whisper shouted at me. "Why Not??"
"Because... I trained with him... He.. He's the only guy who beat me.." I mumbled. There was a smirk on Marc's face. "What!?" I asked.
"And I.. am the only guy who has beat HIM." Marc sad, getting infront of me... Damn... He is strong... Stronger than me... Oh.. Hell.........