I Will Not Bow

Pain in the Asses can sometimes comfort you

I stood shivering on the porch of a certain someones, waiting while Marc knocked on the door.
"ahh! what is taking him so long Marc??" I whined.
Marc sighed, "I don't know. Here, take my sweater." He pulled off the sweater he had over his body hugging black shirt. Damn, the boy deff had some muscles.
"Thanks.." I mumbled, trying to look away so I could put the sweater on. As I turned away, I could hear the thoughts in his mind saying, 'I know you were looking Call' I could practically see his smirk in my mind.
"Stop gloating Marc, just because your hot doesn't make you any less bi polar." I huffed.
"Woman! I AM NO-!" but he got cut off by another voice.
"Oh yes you are Marcus and you know it." That all to familiar voice said. I turned to look down the stairs, and saw Rick. Leaning against a fence post with an air of higher social standings in his posture... Great.
"Shut up Ricky, your one to speak." Growled Marc. For once, I agreed with my idiotic partner.
"Ha.. sure Marc. So, what exactly are you and princess doing here?" he kicked off the post walking.. or should I say strutting towards us.
"Escaping... We have a slight problem." Marc said in a grim voice.
Rick lost all looks of joking, seriousness took over his face. Ah.. so the Mule does use his horse genes everyonce in awhile.. haha I made a joke!!
"Hold on" He walked past us to the front door, unlocking it and stepping aside. "Get in then." He rushe us.
We hurried in, walking down the hall with him. "Down here..." He said, motioning to a door to what must be a basement.
Once we got down there, there was a few couches and some entertainment stuff. We all sat down on the couches. Me beside Marc, not really wanting to sit near Rick.
"Ok, tell me." Rick said to Marc, totally blocking me out.
"Cally and I need a place to stay for the night, untill we get a call from Rephiam. Her fathr showed up, hes not fooling anyone either. Lieing, cheating on his bed ridden wife, ignoring his only child." He glanced at me when he said that, but I showed no emotion to the pain I was feeling. So, ofcourse he grabbed my hand before I could move.
DAMN. Does he get some kind of pleasure out o my pain?? Or is he just that nosy?
His forhead creased. Probably because he could feel everything. Youwouldnever know by my outward appearance... But on the inside I was about to lose it Hurt, Sadness, anger, fear.. I felt it all.. I am still a person... even if that person is half wolf.
His eyes were wolf hazed.. And Rick noticed. "Dude, what are you doing?"
Marc snappedout of it, breathing deep, and slowly letting go of my tense hand. "Making sure my partner isn't abot to los it." He whispered, staring at me still.
I swallowed deep... How can he know me so well, after only one day? And minor conversation?? It has to be part of his power.
In the back of my mind, I noticed Rick thinking something along the lines of 'WHAT THE HELL??"
"P..Partner?" He stuttered in disbelief. Marc finally looked at him, and nodded his head.
"She gets her marks tomorrow. It's one reason we are here. Her father found outabout the training. You are my best friend... and you trained at her grandfathers Dojo aswell.. so I knew you would be ok to stay with." Marc informed Rick.
Rick looked at mefor the first time. His emerald eyes held nothing... No emotion. Niether did his mind. It's something I've always hated, and admired about him.. He can create a steel wall.. and no one.. not even with powers can penetrate it.. Maybe that is one of his powers. He ran his fingers through his blonde, almost silverish hair.
"Ok man.. I get it. Stay the night, but stay down here. I don't need Alec on my case man." He sighed out.
"Thanks man." Marc breathed out in relief.
"No problem... I'mgoing to go upstairs.. Theres a mini kitchen through that door." He pointed to the door beside the one we came in. "and a bathroom in the other. Food is stocked... My brother stays here alot."
"Ah. How is Damon?" Marc asked with slight sadness in his voice...
"He... is improving.. Those vamps really did him in last time... He still needs a little time.. BEfore he an really.. Fight." Rick seemed to be having a hard time.. I try not to read peoples minds when I don't need. Because even though your skilled at something.. that doesn't mean you should ot d other things.. Like in my case, use my normll senses. Like study peoples expressions and moods.
"Kay.. well, I'll check on you guys in the morning" And just like that... He left.
I looked over at Marc with a confused expression.
"Don't ask." Marc shook his head. "Just know... It'snot smart to take on 5 rogue vampires by yourself, with only one mega pistol full of 3 wooden bullets, and a small vile of holy water lexur."
Oh shit... Damon must be REAL smart.
The look on my face must have gave me away because Marc said. "He's not dumb Callico... Just very proud. As we all can be sometimes." I agreed with that.
"Right.." I nodded. "umm.. Are you hungry?" I asked, trying to change the subject.
"Yes actually, but you don't worry about the food. I'll cook. You have had a long day and your gona need your rest. Do remember your getting tattood tomorrow, and after that, we are off to whatever assignment the Moon Knights give us." I sat down on the couch.. Really finding all of this hard to believe. I closed my eyes as I felt a tear come down... I didnt want him to see me cry.
I felt him kneel down infront of my... And tried not to hear his thoughts... I didn't want him pitying me.. or thining me weak... and I sure as hell didn't need to hear it.
I felt his finger go under my chin. The all too familiar.. as of today.. feeling of his power came to me.
"Cally.. Open your eyes." I did as he said, seeing his onyx ones staring at me. "You don't have to hide yourself from me. I know who you are.. I felt it the first time I did this." He stroked my cheek, it was very comforting.
"Yor strong... in a way.. Cold hearted... But your life has sadness... You have a good friend.. I sensed tht much from her. But I don't think even she knows who you really are. You want to shut off the world.. When really, all your heart wants is care." As your partner I have to be profesional... but as a male Wolf in general.. I long to protect you.. not just fight along side of you." He took a deep breath, I was so shocked by what all he was saying. He couldn't feel like that.. He has only known me a day.. and in that time we either fight.. or think each other crazy.
"I know you probably don't believe me.. But I also know your not reading my mind to try and find out... You don't want to believe someone could care for you.. Because that means letting your gaurd down." HE said. "and Hey! I get that ok? Your mother just died... And your fathe has turned into the bastard of te universe... and your grandfather is in a fight as we speak... I get it. But I wont give up.. I have our whoole career to make you get that." He leaned forward kissing my cheek... It burned at his touch. WTH???

"Rest.. I'm going to make us some food."
I couldn't help but say it. "you really are bi polar.. You know that?" His laughter came from the other side of the room. I turne to look at him and he was smiing.
"Maybe I'm just not as easy to figure out as your used to Callico... Because what fun is that?" and with that he walked in the other room.