I Will Not Bow

Wake Up Call

Cal POV~

I woke up the next morning to the smell of sizzling bacon. WHa?? Where am I?
"Morning sunshine." I turned my head to see Marcus walking into the room. OH!! Him...
"Rick left allready... He said to tell you hi and to please never come back again." He chuckled as he said it.
Rick and I really have problems...
"Well you can relay to him that it will be NO problem.." I grumbled. My throat dry from sleep.
"Ok well.. Get up and take a shower. You grandfather called... and may I say at 4 FREAKING AM." He sounded irritated at that.
"Fantastic." I mummbled. Getting up I was heading to the shower.
"Where this." He through a black girls shirt at me and some camo combat pants that were low cut and black leather spiked boots." I looked at him strangley... Where the hell did he get these?
"Ricks sister." I got a mental picture what she looked like from his mind. Ah.. Goth and warrior...
"Wow... she looks bad ass." Now he looed confused.
"Oh! Sorry... I looked into your mind." I said with a nervous laugh. Now that I knew marc a little better... I felt kind of bad reading into his mind... Maybe because how sweet he was last night.

"ah. Dont sweat it Call. Just go take a shower. We have to meet your father at the loading docks in 30 minutes... and unless you want to use my special way of transportation.."
"HURRYING!!!" I ran into the bathroom, leaving marc behind me laughing his ass off.

When I got out of the shower, Marc was there with two egg and bacon sandwiches in his hand.
"Here, take, walk, eat. We are in a hurry." He said handing me the sandwhich with a slight smile. "By the way, you look bad ass."
I laughed at that. "Well, now that i dont have to hide my skills, I might actually dress like this more often." I joked... half heartedly.. I really did like the camo pants. Rick's sister and I must be the same size.
"Hey," I called to him as we paced down the street. "Does rick's sister live with him too?" I asked curiously.
"Nah just stays whenever shes n town." He said between bites of his sandwhich. "She lives in Raliegh North Carolina up near the special Opps Base for women Moon Knights."
I nodded. "Thats wicked." I grinned.
We kept walking... I wonder what we are going to do at the Docks... And no.. Werewolves are not like the mafia. So unless my father is there... expect no deaths.