I Will Not Bow

Moon Knight

Raphiems pov~
I waited by the docks for my grand daughter and Marcus. Sir Dallas couldn't come today seeing as he was doing the favor of distracting Alec for me... That ex son in law of mine amounted to nothing but a piece of lieing cheating filthy dirt.
What is upsetting.. Is the fact that my daughter knew all of this.. and spent the last years of her life pretending nothing was going on.
My grand daughter on the other hand... Is a little more like me... Spirited, strong, and towards her father she has turned cold... I'm just praying this coldness doesn't affect the rest of her life. You get cold... and you get stupidly brave. Just like Damon.. That poor boy.
I had visited with him just a few days ago, he was no longer the same.
But what do you expect?? The boy went and got himself attacked by a bunch of vampires... JUst because anger over took him and he wanted to prove a point.
Doesn't help that girlfriend of his turned out to be quite a harlett.
I could see it in the boys dark green eyes... He has nothing left but fighting. But he isn't able to fight. Him and his brother rick were so much alike. the only difference is their hair color. Damon's being Dark Aubern, and Rick's being silver.
As I watched Callico and Marcus walk towards me, I saw a connection between the two that hadn't been there before. Civilness was being used as they communicated, and I even saw a small smile shine through Callico's eyes.... This boy may be good for something yet....

Call's POV~
Marc and I walked up to Da,he had a look of amusement on his fave. I tried to penetrate his mind but found a wall up in place. Damn.
"Hello children." He greeted us.
"Hi." I said.
"Raphiem." Marc nodded his head towards Da in return.
"Okay, lets just get to the chase shall we?" Grandfather asked.
We both nodded.
"Call, you will be marked in the next 30 minutes, then the two of you are going to to be going on a little trip. There are some rogue werewolves in italy... We are sending you two and 4 others. Rick and Damon will go, and so will Mathilda and Darrin, Marc you know those two but I will let you tell Call who they are later. A jet will wait for you at our private airport, the files will be in it for you to study. Got it?" Wow thats alot to take in.... ITALY??
"Yes sir, we've got it." Marc replied.
Grandfather nodded his head, "Then follow me."

Marc's POV~
I could here Cally cursing in the other room. "Son of a BITCH!"
The ink we used for marking was alot stronger than regular human ink. It burns like a mofo and goes deep to your bone. But it signifies who you are, and who you always will be. Its an honor.
"Holy mother of-"
"Young lady, hold your tongue! Don't you dare curse the name of the Lord!" The woman who was doing her tattoos was an artist of all trades. Sinister Meeks.
I chuckled from the other room.
"Sorry Sin." I heard Call mumble, she sounded weak. It's a good thing we are flying to italy, she can get some rest. Woah... When did I start caring so much?
The Knights had always been my first priority. My mother was a knight, my father was a knight, my whole family was! Other than my baby sister Tabetha. But shes 9, what she will be I dont know yet.
"Okay! All finished Callico, you can sit up." I stoop up when Raphiem opened the door. Call walked out with an air of exhaustion.
I looked at he rleft arm, and intricate design labeling her and a Moon Knighs stood out as bright as a rose in a field of while lillies.
It was lavender and black, all the girls were. The mens are Deep green and black. It was an outline of a cresent moon, with two wolves one on either side, and the signs for the elements around it. Water, Fire, Earth, Air.
"Looks great!" I smiled at her. She looked pretty proud of herself, I could see it in her eyes. She had fullfilled what her mom had set her out to accomplish.

She's a Moon Knight now. And not even her father can change that.


Song of the hour~~ Meant To Live- Switchfoot