I Will Not Bow

The Gangs all here

Calli's pov~
My tattoo hurt like a mofo. I was trailing behind Marc as we entered the Moon Knight's Private airport. We passed professional's in suites on their cell phones, rich woman with nooty looking children (the wives of rich polotitions in our world), and Moon Knights of all ranks.

As I followed Marc, I started feeling a little dizzy, but put it in the back of my mind. I was told I would feel a little tired as the inks mixed with my body, giving me the air that all werewolves would soon sense, that I am Moon Knight.
"Marc?" I called his name, as he started getting farther ahead of me. I was swiftly getting naucious, and stopped walking on the spot. I closed my eyes, trying to breath in deeply to stop my esophagaus from giving in.
"Whats wrong Callico?" Marc seemed rushed to get to the jet, but I knew he could see I wasn't feeling great, so he was tolerating it.

"I um... Oh My god!" I covered my mouth with my hand and ran to the bathroom across the hall we were walking. I Stormed into the bathroom, passing a girl in dark jeans, neon green shirt, and long raven black hair. She saw me and her eyes widened.
I ran into the stall and upchucked the sandwhich that Marc had made us this mornng. Note to self, no more breakfast sandwhiches for a ong time.
I was still in sick mode, when I felt someone holding back my hair, and soothing me with 'it's ok's and just breathes' .
When I was finally done, I slumped off my knees, flushing the toilet, leaning back against the stall wall, and groaning. "Damn, Moon Knight tattoos are a fucking bitch." I whined out.
THe raven haired girl next to me laughed and knowing laugh. "Damn striaght, are you ok? I know the feeling. After I got my tattoo last year I was sick all day, and they had me on a train to Callifornia at the time with my partner Darrin." She smiled at me. My eyes widened.
"Your Mathilda!" I said. She looked confused.
"How do you know that?" She asked confused.
"Oh! Srry! I'm Callico,Marcus Dallas's Partner. We are going to Italy with you." I said with as much of a smile as I could.
Realization crossed her smooth, porcelin features. "Oh! Calli, as Marc called you. Well, if your Marc's partner, then that means that Marc is here, which means he's probably standing outside the bathroom, having one of his temper tantrums, along with my Darrin I'm sure." She giggled.
I Laughed too, "Oh my god, so Marc is always bi polar!? I KNEW IT!"
I got a flash of Marc in Mathilda's mind, multiple actually,all of him blowing up over little things. Then she laughed.
"Wow." I said.
"What?" she asked. Oh! I forgot she didn't know.
As she was helping me stand up I smiled nervously. "Well, I may as well tell you now... My power is to read and see into peoples minds, and most of the time I try and stay out I swear, but I just got flashes from mind of Marc blowing up." I laughed nervously.
She looked shocked for a second, then said. "Oh... Oh ok. Well thats gona be a biotch." She looked like she was concentrating very hard. I laughed at her face.
"What are you doing?" I asked curiously as we walke out.
She held her finger up to e for a second. We walked out and were greeted by two very frustraited men... Our partners. Finally she sighed, then smiled.
"Ok, try reading my mind now." I went to look into her mind.

"Woah, shit... How the?... the only other person I know other than my Da who can do that is-"
"Me?" I spun around at the voice of my frienemy.
"Yes... You.." I grumbled. He chuckled behind me, dragging along a guy who looked like him, but with black hair.
"Ha, well that would be because we are cousins, you will find you probably wont be able to read Damon's mind either." I nodded.. Well.. This is going to b weired for me.
"Come on guys, we have to go, we'll do introductions on the plane. Call, are you okay now?" Marc asked me with concern on his face. His mid was worried, so I put on a warm smile and nodded. Ofcourse his mind said he didn't believe me. And as soon as I knew he was about to grab out to touch me I said. "I swear to BOB Marcus! If you read my emotions more than twice today, I am going to kick your ass. And just because you beat the only person who ever beat me doesn't mean I didnt get in some god hits on Rick! I will HURT. YOU." I growled.
He looked completly stunned.. He opened his mouth to speak then closed it again. "Damn... And you call HIM bi polar?" I hear Rick laugh behind me.
"Oh don't you start in too you little twit!" I sneered.
"Shit, what has you r panties in a wad Callico?" He asked with wide eyes.
I lifted up my sleeve of my jacket I had put over Rick and Damon's sister's clothes. They all had understanding on their face after that. That tattoo is seriously pissin me off.

We all walked off, when we got on the jet.. I nearly dropped my sachel bag. Wow, this place was amazing.
I went and sat down on one of the black leather couches. I was exhausted. I can't believe it... Just yesterday I was at my mother's funeral. A pang of loss hit me. And I tried to hide the pain on my face. Someone sat down beside me. I turned to see Damon. He was just staring at me.
"Umm.." I blinked.. Not knowing what to say. Now that I was closer to him, I could see just how gorgeous he was... And actually didn't look as much like Rick as I thought. He had the same piercing green eyes, but his skin was paler, but not in a sick way, his hair was darker than even mathilda's, and his strong features were intimidating and strong. He had scars on his neck, and a long scratch looking scar down one cheek. "H-hi." I finally mumbled out, looking down in embarrassment.
"Hello." He replied quietly.
I looked arund, everyone was sitting, looking through files, not really talking. I saw marcus look over at me, then look at damon, and smirk. HE could tell I was uncomfortable. Urgggg... That Ass hole. Why do I ever think hes nice?!
So I sucked in a deep breath, blocked out thoughts of mom, and put on a friendly smile.
"WHats up?" I asked him.
He seemed dazed for a second at my change of mood, then slightly smiled himself... It was small, but it was there.
"Well... At the moment us... Seeing as we're in the air." He had a taunting attitude, but unlike his younger sibling.. It wasn't rude. I smiled with a mocking glare.
"Oh thank you Captain Obvious. Come on dude, you know what I ment." I laughed slightly. Making Darrin and Rick, who were looking in one of the files, slowly look up in shock.
I read Darrin's mind, not even trying with ricks. 'so he speaks again... and she made him.. smile?! shit shes good.' I smiled at that,so no one had made him smile for awhile huh?
"I'm good. Good as it gets I guess.. You know with the whole being attacked by vampires in a stupid rage and just now being allowed back on shift, being stuck with my baby brother as my partner/ care taker to watch over me and make sure I don't commit suicide." Wow... That was blunt.
"Well, I'd have to say the same seeing as I just got tattooed today, went to my mothers funeral yesterday, listened in on my fathers mind for two years as he cheated on my mother with my whore aunt, then got paired with mr. bi polar over there who seems to be protective seeing as he is glaring over at us for some unknown reason. Oh and his mind just shouted wtf at me." I grinned with fake happiness.
He laughed.... FULL. OUT. LAUGHED. I smiled. I made him laugh.

"Kid, I think I might just stick with you from now on." He chuckled.
I smiled,"Well, I'm glad I made a good first impression." I said.
"It's refreshing not to be pitied he said, hiseyes glancing at everyone else, who were all, except for mark stunned shitless. "Look at them... It's like I just through myself out of an airplane." He turned towards them. "Guys I'm right here, its quite rude to stare. And Marc stop glaring at me, I'm not stepping in on your 'territory' so to speak. Like I think you could controll this one anyways." He nodded towards me.
"Excuse me? Oh hell nah, I am no ones teritory." I growled slightly.
His head popped back towards me, a smirk on Marcs face. Oh that little ass, he was glaring on purpose, to make Damon say that, and meblow up.
Damon seemed to shrink back a lil, closing off. "Oh! Damon I'm sorry.... MARC.. BACK OFF." I hissed venomously.
I saw a slight smile return to Damon's face as Marc grumbled, looking back at his file...
Damn Male Werewolves.
♠ ♠ ♠