I Will Not Bow


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Mathilda (Matty):
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Ok... So heres an update for character profiles so far!

Calli's pov~
We had been on the plane going on 12 hours now... OMG!!!!!! So.. I spent about an hour of that time talking to Damon..
I had learned only a little of him, that he loved being a Moon Knight, and that he was NOTHING like Rick. He was mysterious... something that verymuch intruged me....
After that.. He kind of just... Walked of to a corner, and has been sleeping since... Rick was talking to Darrin, laughing about something. I had been reading the profiles of the Rogues we were going to find in Italy.
Profile X32-Y4
Name: Tethilo Morani
Sex: Male
D.O.B: August 12, 1987
Feature list-
Eyes: Lavender
Hair- Blood Red
Skin- Caucasion
Height- 6'2"
Other: Very fast, 2 powers, speed runner, and levitation. Be warned, he has no mercy for women or children.

JEEZ! The first profile alone made me sick... WHat kind of being on earth... Would kill children?.. That thought alone almost broke my heart.
Profile S5-77C
Name: Xander Zagetti
Sex: Male
D.O.B: December 21, 1989
Feature list-
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: White
Skin: Irish Caucasion
Height: 6'3"
Other: Power to compell weak minded. (Oh fantastic... Compelling.. Thank God with my power I'm Immune to that! HA!) Goes by the nickname dark rider. He goes for his prey at night.
Sick bastard.
The third and final folder... Was the worst.
Profile G7-F329
Name: Mariana Desgatcho
Sex: Female
D.O.B: May 17, 1988
Feature list-
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn
Skin: Italian tanned
Height: 5'8"
Other: Powers to make the body be in pain but not really, to transform not only into wolf... but into Tiger as well.. She is one of few in our Collony who can do this. The cat.. they call her.. Massacres her prey and doesnt clean up behind her. She is the leader of our italian rogues... She has killed. 20 human males, 12 human females.. and 4 children.. all girls, all with features like hers.

Serial Killer... That was the first thing that had come to my mind.
I sat there.. stock still, my arms wrapped around my legs for about 30 minutes. How could someone do such things? This is whatI was trained for... To stop killers like this, Even if it ment i died in the process...
I felt someone sit down beside me. I looked over, and Mathilda was staring down at the girls profile too...
"I've met her.." She whispered, a humorless laugh escaped her mouth.
"Really?" I asked curiously, sitting up striaghter. "When?"
She sighed, as if she was 60 years instead of the 19 she was. "My gege.. Grandmother.. Is italian. I spent the summer with her 4 summers in a row before she passed. Mari.. As I called her (pronounced Mar-ee), was gege's neighbor. At this time she wasn't rogue." She took a deep breath, facing me with a sad smile. "We were friends Calli... She was sweet... But her father, he was a beast of a wolf... Beat her mother.. and her. Then one day... She snapped. Her own beast from within came out... Killing her father... and her soul."
I sat there looking into Matty's sad eyes. Mariana used to be normal.. and raised right... she wouldnt be in this situation...
"I am so sorry Matty." I whispered.
Matty wiped at her eyes, getting the attention from Darrin, who walked over sitting beside us and hugging her. I smiled at the two of them. They were dating. Which is usually frowned upon withing partners. But apparently, they were mates.. Which you can only find out through a kiss. So they wern't breaking up.
"Ah! no pity you guys." She gave a sincere smile. "Only 1 more hour and we'll be there!" She smiled.
"Awesome" I smiled back. I heard a groan from the other side of the room. Looking over I saw my partner stretching. He had been asleep for 5 hours now.
"Are we there yet?" He asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes. I laughed at his disheveled hair.
"Nope!" I smiled. "One more hour... and im BORED TO HELLZ!" I whined.
They all laughed at me. Except for rick who was writing in some leather book he had, paying none of us any attention, and Damon who was still zonked out.
I shook my head at rick, and looked over at Matty. "Your cousins are quite.. different." I commented.
"Ah yeah.. Always have been.. Cold as ice.. but sometimes.. Ice melts." She smiled warmly over at Rick, who slightly smiled back.
Damon finally woke up about an 30 minutes later, and came and sat by me. Surprising everyone yet again.
He didn't say anything.. Just sat there reading the profiles, and every so often, smiling up at me.
When we landed.. We headed to a hotel called Moir Armasda. It was a 5 star hotel. We'd start our expedition tomorrow, but tonight we were to meet with the chiefs of the italian embasy. For now we were to rest... It's gona be a looong night.