Status: Finished; sequel in progress.

Reasons For This Lifestyle You Call Suicide

This is actually gonna be a total experience since I usually never wrote about Pete and FOB.. but for Pete's sake (pun was intended) who gives a damn? :D

This story will always start of with Pete writing in his journal, but there is a story line.
A little romance, but mostly about finding out who you are after your life is almost taken away. It's shortly described as... cute (though I really dislike that word.)

Writings are half fictional/half off their old site.
  1. "I saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies"
    There's never a short description of Peter Wentz.
  2. Kidnap, or not kidnap; that's the question...
  3. Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?
  4. We've Got Messes, Big Ones...
  5. Think on the Bright Side... if You Find It
  6. My Heart is the Worst Kind of Weapon
    Pete fights his feelings for Jen, though... he seems to miss the whole fighting concept...
  7. Hate (I really don't like you)
    buahahahahha..... I"m back. You'll hate my guts, but I'm back. ^ ^
  8. A Birthday Massacre
    Jen's gonna have some things to think about....
  9. Should've Known Better
    Pete's mind
  10. You Can't Postpone my Wayward Home
    don't kill me over a makeout session.
  11. Sucking Too Hard on a Lollipop
    life's gonna getcha down!!!! -Mika ;D
  12. Endings Never Worked Out So Well Til Ours
    yes, the ending, but there will be a sequel.