Victims of Love

I think i should go to the hospital!

I woke and looked around the room. I saw that i wasn't in the studio, where i passed out last night. In fact, i wasn't in the same house. The walls were black with red stars, upside down crosses, and triangles with stars in the middle.
"Ohhh Cory! I love you!" Cory, it sounds like a boy, but I'm in
a girl's body. I looked at the door and saw a man and he had the most evil grin on his face i had ever seen.

He came in and i started backing up. I backed up clear to the wall and he was right in front of me. He took his hand to my face, and robed it softly. Then i reached my hand up the door and i felt a handle. I raped my hand around it and right when i was turning it, he graped my hand and said, "No, no. That's not how the game is played." Now, i was petrified. Game? What game? Not sex! No way in hell! He ant even cute! (If that doesn't tell you that I'm making Joel bi in this) His hand left my face and went to my ass. He pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down. He was really strong. He climbed on top of me and kissed me. He started to take off my shirt and he broke the kiss to get it off. When he kissed me again he forced his tough in my mouth. He took my hands to his belt and forced me to take those off. He slid them off, along with his boxers. He took off my pants in one swift move. So, there i was, naked, with some guy i don't know. Now, i was more than petrified. If that's possible. OMFG! guess what i just realized? I'm gonna have sex in a girl's body! That ant right! OK, it was time. He slowly entered me, and pain washed over my, her, body. I started to get tears in my eyes. He started going fast like there was no tomorrow. And it hurt so bad. Then, I started to feel a wet liquid going down my, her, leg. He stopped and looked down.

"Aww, now see what you did? Your bleeding. Well, we're gonna have to teach you not to bleed."
When he finished his sentence, and went to kiss me, the phone rang. Save my life! He got up and answered it. I could barely make out what he was saying.

"Yea, she's not feeling very well. Her stomach and she's got a headache. I'm gonna take her to the hospital. She thinks she's got food poisoning again. OK, sure will. Bye."
He came back and climbed on me again. Oh GOD! SAVE ME!