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Don't Sweat It, It's Over Now

Aaralynn Crisis—19—She’s been used by everyone all her life. Girls have always hated her cause she’s utterly gorgeous but she doesn’t seem to realize it. Her best friend used to be a girl named Sarah, but she turned into a slut and completely ditched her. She’s had trust issues ever since and many people just left her be since she didn’t dress like the normal preps at their school. She’s shy to the normal world but in the club life she’s a completely different person. She just got her dream job as a photographer for Spin magazine, little did she know it’d lead her to the love of her life.

Katya Barakat—20—Jack Barakat’s younger sister and the love of Alex Gaskarth’s life. She usually gets what she wants because of her brother but she isn’t spoiled. She just knows how to use her connections well. She works at Spin Magazine as a photographer and just hired this mess of a girl to try and help her through life. Little does she know she just hired a girl who will be her best friend.

Jack Barakat—22—His past dating experiences have made him a little weary of all girls unless he’s just using them for sex, until he meets this beautiful blonde hair, green-eyed girl at a club one night. He takes her home but when he wakes up the next morning she’s gone much to his dismay. Little does he know, he’ll meet her soon enough.

Alex Gaskarth—22—He’s completely and utterly in love with his best friend’s younger sister, and his best friend doesn’t know. She makes him the happiest person in the world but he’s afraid of what Jack will say when he finds out the two of them have been sneaking around behind his back.