Status: Complete

Cadesa's Caress

Eleven years after quitting both art school and alcohol, Gerard Way has made a modest name for himself in the literary world and as a teacher of high school English. But when strange dreams of his former girlfriend begin to plague him, he realises the past is not so far away after all. Without warning, he finds himself hurled into the middle of his very own novel. Now that the master of the word is trapped in his world of ink, who is pulling the strings? Gerard has become part of a twisted plot he cannot unravel, but he must save his fictional planet, or risk dying himself. Aided by a woman who he thought he had lost eleven years ago, the dwindling underground resistance and an ambiguous thief, loyal to whoever suits him best, Gerard must now battle for his life against people that he thought existed only on paper.

Sequel: The Trappings of Time

Beta credit to Rose Red.