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Living On A Prayer


Brian set his guitar down as they all stepped off stage of their last show on tour for their new album. He wiped his face off with a towel then tossed it to Matt Berry. Pulling his phone out, he sighed knowing he wouldn’t be able to call his wife and kids because they would already be asleep at home. Quickly showering and changing, the guys all climbed into cars so they could get to the airport.

“How’s Gena doing?” Brian asked knowing she just had their second child a few weeks ago.

“She’s doing good, so is Annabelle.” Zacky answered with a smile, thinking about his new baby daughter. “Gee said that Ian is having some troubles adjusting though.”

“Well you’ve got to expect that. He was an only child for four years of his life and now all the sudden there’s a new thing getting all the attention.” Matt told him. “Same thing happened when Val and I had Sammie and Kennedy. Owen was use to it just being him for three years then we had two and now he had to share attention.”

“Lily didn’t like Junior for the first few weeks.” Brian admitted thinking about his youngest son.

“How do you think Junior will react to the new baby?” Johnny asked knowing that he only had one kid so this conversation didn’t really affect him.

“Uh, don’t really know. I don’t think he’ll know any different since he’s the youngest.”

“How the fuck are you two still reproducing?” Zacky asked with a laugh. “I know I had one just a few weeks ago but this is your third.”

“Yeah, yeah. At least that I means I’m getting some.”

“How’s Ellie feeling?” Matt asked.

“Good, her and the baby are doing good.” Brian answered as they pulled up to the airport. The flight from Phoenix to John Wayne Airport was a quick one. Suzy picked him and Matt up from the airport and drove them home. Brian gave his step mom a kiss on the cheek and waved bye to Matt. Quietly making his way into the house him and Eloise bought two and half years ago when they found out they were having their third child.

Brian locked the front door and set his things by the staircase and let out a sigh, happy to be home. He went through the house and did his nightly routine even though he knew that Eloise probably had already done it. He looked outside to see the pool was covered, gate locked. You could see the beach from their large yard where Eloise had spent most of her time making the garden look like a page from Homes and Garden magazine. He made sure the French doors that led to their backyard were locked and the security system on.

Brian loved the downstairs, especially the fact that the master bedroom and bathroom were downstairs. Before he went down the hall, pass his sound proof studio and the theatre room, Brian made his way upstairs to see his children. As always he stopped and stared at photos that adorned each wall by the kid’s rooms in black and white. By James’ bedroom door, the photo was of Brian and Eloise holding James between them, kissing his cheek while he clapped and smiled, one of the photos the fans loved from the Revolver issue. Brian went into his six year olds bedroom and made his way over and gave him a kiss. He noticed that Pinkly was lying at the foot of the bed like always.

He made his way across the hall to his daughter’s room. The picture that hung next to her door was the photo that they loved from the Revolver issue. Brian laid out on the couch with Lily on his chest and Eloise between the couch and him, their hands rested on her back, showing their wedding bans. He made his way into her room and smiled as he saw the princess theme in her room. Had to be purple, not pink, as that’s what Lily wanted. After they took her to Disneyland and she met the princesses, that was the end of her being like her big brother who was into pirates. He smiled as he knelt down by her bed and brushed her dark hair out of her face. He ran his finger down her nose and smiled seeing that she was gaining a lot of Haner traits, except her eyes, those were all her mom. Giving her a quick kiss, he left the room, patting their German shepherd’s head as he walked out.

He glanced over at the photo by their youngest, for now, room and smiled. They wanted photos to match the other ones they had so they called a family friend down to do the photos. The photo was taken when Junior was around five months old, he was sitting up playing with one of the guitars they sat on the floor. Eloise and Brian relaxing behind him, smiling, as they watched him play with the guitar. He went in and gave his youngest a kiss and smiled as the baby boy was becoming a spitting image of him. Eloise always joked that it was a good thing they continued the namesake with him.

Once he was done, he made his way back downstairs, passing all the photos that archived their family friends. Stopping when his eyes caught one that always made Brian, and everyone else, smile. The photo was of James and Liliana with Michelle and Cody’s identical twin boys. Everyone was glad that they could all be a group once again. Brian was still leery of Michelle’s husband but Eloise told him he was just being over protective, he didn’t deny it.

“Bri, why are you still up? I heard you get in almost forty minutes ago.” Eloise asked as she walked down the hall to him.

“Just looking at the photos.” Brian told her, wrapping his arms around her. “Look at this picture of Kenna,” Brian murmured, staring at the graduation picture of his baby sister.

“Can’t believe she’s starting college this fall.” Eloise rested her head against his chest and sighed. “James will be in first grade, Lily at pre-K, Junior is starting his potty training.”

“You’re due in a few months,” Brian rubbed his hand over her stomach.

“Another little boy to add to the Haner clan.” Eloise smiled up at him knowing he’d be happy about having another son. “Lily will always be your little princess.”

“Yeah, she will be. Unless you want another?” Brian smirked down at her suggestively.

“Baby, you know I love our kids and having your kids but we’re in our mid thirties and it’s getting riskier to have kids as we go down the road.”

“Alright then. Come on, let’s get to bed.” Brian went to the entry way and grabbed his luggage before going down to their bedroom. “So does that mean you’ll be getting your tubes tied or something after the baby is born?” He asked as he changed for bed.

“No, you’re getting your tubes tied.” Eloise told him as she settled back into bed. Brian stared at her wide eyed.

“You want me to get neutered?” Brian asked, his mind instantly drifting down to his manhood. “Babe, you can’t neuter Synyster Gates!”

“I’m not.” Brian let out a sigh as he relaxed against the bed. “I’m having Brain Haner Junior neutered.” Eloise giggled as Brian flopped back against the bed letting out a dramatic sigh.

“You’re yanking my balls aren’t you?”

“Yes I am.”

Brian rolled over and crawled over her with a smirk. “You are a cruel, cruel woman, Eloise Haner.” He told her as he leaned down and kissed her. “What are we doing tomorrow?”

“Day with the kids out in the pool, invite people over maybe.” Eloise mumbled against his lips.

“Thank you for marrying me.”

“Mmm, thank you for asking.” Brian laid down next to her and pulled her against him. He kept rubbing his hand up and down her stomach, enjoying the feeling of his baby moving. Brian smiled as he thought over the last four years of his life.

“Daddy?” Two little voices called out. Looking up, Brian saw that James was holding Junior in his arms and Lily was standing next to him.

“What are you guys doing up?” Eloise asked looking over the kids. They just stared at their parents, making Eloise and Brian sigh. “Come on, getting over here.”

Brian reached over and took Junior so James could help Lily up. Once they got on the bed, Brian and Eloise moved so the kids could lay down between them. Lily tucked herself under her dad’s arm like she always did once he returned home. James laid in the middle, hugging the arm of Brian that was wrapped around Lily. Junior was curled into Eloise, already back asleep in his mother’s arms.

“Daddy, when you leave again?” Lily asked quietly, her full lips set in a pout.

“Not for awhile princess but maybe if mama lets you guys, you all can come to the home show we’re having in a few weeks.” Brian told them knowing that he and Eloise already had planned this, along with the rest of the band.

“Mom can we go?” James asked, eyes wide.

“Please, please, please!” Lily chanted.

Brian and Eloise laughed as they watched the kid’s reactions to her saying yes. Brian knew he’d never give up his life. Whether he was on stage as Synyster Gates or at home being Brian Haner Junior, father and husband. He was glad Eloise brought faith back into his life and that he helped her recreate her family.

“I love you,” He told her quietly.

“I love you too Bri.” Eloise gave him a smile, wondering what was coming over her husband.

“What about us?!”

“We love you guys too!”

“And Uncle Jimmy and daddy Wyatt?” James asked looking between his parents.

“Yes, we love them just as much and we love that they’re watching over us.” Eloise told them thinking about how James liked to ask about his birth father. “Someday, a long, long, time from now, we’ll be with them again.”

“So daddy can play music with Jimmy?” Lily asked making Brian smile.

“Yeah, we’ll put on a big show for each and every angel but not for a very long time.”

“A thousand million years?” James asked quietly.

“Make it a billion and we’ve got ourselves a deal.” Brian leaned over, kissing his sons forehead and then glanced at his wife, seeing tears in her eyes. He knew that this was their life, their friends and family, in life or in death, they would face it side by side forever.
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