Generation Nothing

When I was nine, my parents were taken away from me by Better Living Industries. BL/ind is a Government organisation "dedicated" to the happiness and wellbeing of those in Battery City, the only remaining city in the world.

Since they were taken away, I've found myself, along with my younger brother Mikey, living with my Uncle on the run. We left Battery City not long after I lost my parents, and since then we've been on the run through the Zone's surrounding. In the years since I last saw my parents, I've come across alot of diferrent people, from BL/ind's government officials, to other Killjoy's like myself. A few of them have even come to be what I know as my family.

Reporting from the Zone's, my name is Gerard Way, better known to you as Party Poison, and this is the true life of a not-so-fabulous killjoy
  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter one
    'Because the two of us can bring an entire corporation down alone.'
  3. Chapter two
    'If my velocity starts to make you sweat then just don't let go, and if their heaven aint got a vacancy, then we just, then we just, then we just, then we just get up and go.'
  4. Chapter three
    'Ghoul, what would you care about losing?'
  5. Chapter four
    'Guys, we've got a problem.'
  6. Chapter five
    'You fight like a part of the team.'
  7. Chapter six
    'When the lights go out, will you take me with you? And carry all this broken bone? Through six years down in crowded rooms and highways I call home is something I can't know till now, till you picked me off the ground.'
  8. Chapter seven
    'Long ***ing ride you went for.' 'Oh shush you, go *** a Drac.'
  9. Chapter eight
    'Don't give in, Bud. It's hard as ***, but it's worth it. What's got you fighting?'
  10. Chapter nine
    'My name is Frank, Franklin if you will but that's beside the point.'
  11. Chapter ten
    'Guess it just kinda shocked me, you know? I mean, only a week ago it was you, me and Dr D, now you're snogging some guy and I've got a stranger sleeping in my bed, not to mention Show Pony.'
  12. Chapter eleven
    'May God be on your side boys, let's hope these tunes aren't the last thing you ever hear.'
  13. Chapter twelve
    'Nothing a little bandage can't fix...'
  14. Chapter thirteen
    'Sweetheart, no need to thank me. I'm a Killjoy, it's what I do.'
  15. Chapter fourteen
    'This is bullshit, Gerard. When it was just you and me you were so much more than this, but somethings ***ing changed. You've changed, Gerard.'
  16. Chapter fifteen
    'You would've shot yourself, or headed into Battery City. No one leaves themselves on the side of the road to die out here, buddy. Now get back into the bed before we sedate you.'
  17. Chapter sixteen
    ''It wasn't me! It was Frank! Frank, you suck.' 'And I blow, but that's beside the point.'
  18. Chapter seventeen
    'We should totally put a mattress up there.' (I should really put some form of warning here for you all)
  19. Chapter eighteen
    'All in the name of pleasure, my good man.'
  20. Chapter nineteen
    'Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking about life before all of...this.'
  21. Chapter twenty
    'What's up, buddy? You've been down all day. And don't try to deny it, it couldn't be more clear than acid rain.'
  22. Chapter twenty-one
    'Question is have you ever come close to killing Korse?'
  23. Chapter twenty-two
    'Is that it?'
  24. Chapter twenty-three
    'May I remind you of the empty bed in Mikey's room. If you don't like it, I'm sure you can go sleep in there.'
  25. Chapter twenty-four
    'Gerard, what if you don't come back?'
  26. Chapter twenty-five
    'Damn these stubby fingers!'
  27. Chapter twenty-six
    'She said come, come on just spit casually. Come on, come on and *** this whole wide world.'
  28. Chapter twenty-seven
    'Well, he's dreaming. Killjoys never die.'
  29. Chapter twenty-eight
    'We're going back to the diner, we're stocking up, and we're going after Korse.'
  30. Chapter twenty-nine
    'Doc, I'm not putting blood on her hands, even if it is a Draculoids. She is too young to kill.'