Generation Nothing


Our mother pushed us, my brother Mikey and myself, through our bedroom door. When we were both inside, she shut the door and grabbed the chair from my desk, shoving it beneath the door handle. I watched her with curiosity, wondering why she was acting in such a way. I was only nine, but I knew something was up. She picked my younger brother up, sitting him on my bed before leaning down before me and taking my face in her hands.

'Gerard,' she spoke to me, 'honey, I need you to take your art book and batman, and whatever Mikey wants, and hide in your secret spot, alright? You are to wait until the night is over, and if anyone's in the house, the night after that. Don't leave if someone's in here, alright? Neither of you make a noise, don't say a thing, don't even whisper. Once you leave, go straight to Uncle's house, alright? Can you do that for me, Gerard?' I nodded, noticing the tears in her eye. As one fell over her lid, I reached out to wipe it. With that, mum kissed my forehead, and helped me collect my art supplies, and a few of Mikey's toys. As I walked over to Mikey, picking him up, I heard my mother begin to write something with one of my ink pens. When she was done, she sealed it within an envelope she had, wrote something on it, and sealed it with a kiss. She then put it into the small bag and handed it over to me. She rushed me towards the cupboard, where she pushed the clothes apart and reached down to wiggle the floorboards free. Mikey wriggled in my grip, and I let him down onto the floor as he rushed into the secret spot. I dropped the bag down in there carefully, before letting mum coax Mikey over, giving him a hug and a kiss, and a ruffle of his hair before he ran off again. Mum then turned to me, and helped me down. She did the same to me as she had Mikey, before she spoke to me for the last time.

'Gerard, color is the key. Be as colorful as your little heart desires.' With that she slipped the floorboards back into place, and I listened to her leave. When I heard my bedroom door shut, and I turned to find Mikey crawling around the small space happily.
'Mikey,' I said quickly, and waved him over to me. He crawled over quickly, and I pulled him down onto my lap, as I began to pat down his hair. With that, I sat there, listening to the noise throughout the rest of the house.