Generation Nothing

Chapter nine

Days passed, and there wasn't a sign of any Draculoids heading this way. Mikey relaxed a bit with that, but in other senses, not so much. He had stupidly offered his bed to Jet Star, and thus ended up sleeping with me and Ghoul. To say the least it had been cramped beyond hell, especially for Ghoul, who I had found out liked to spread out in his sleep when he wasn't cuddling up next to me. With Mikey in the bed, however, he wasn't given the room, and fell over various times throughout the night. During the third night he eventually gave up, and in the early hours of the morning I heard him murmur, 'fuck this shit.' I was barely awake, and would have responded to him had I not been so close to sleep. For the next hour, he tossed and turned on the floor, his grunts and murmurs constantly bringing me from the brink of sleep. Finally I gave up on getting to sleep with Ghoul on the floor, and pushed myself up.
'Poison?' Ghoul asked in the darkness, 'Shit, I didn't mean to wake you.' I felt his fingers touch my foot softly, and I smiled.
'Blame Mikey, it's his fucking fault.' I spoke up groggily, and there was a pause. As I realized what I had said, I grabbed at my hair and swore.
'Shit, shit. Fuck I didn't just say that.' I jumped up and ran from the room, walking into the dimly light foyer and hitting my head against the wall. Being made from nothing more than dry wall, my head went straight through it, making me curse even more.
'Poison, don't!' Ghoul grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the wall, holding onto me as I bit my lip.
'I'm such a fucking idiot! Why?' I brushed Ghoul away and grabbed at my hand.
'Over fifteen years of silence destroyed in less than a week. That should say something of my fucking character. Just imaging how easily I'd slip up to SCARECROW. Fuck!' I rushed from the diner, and out into the harsh night air, falling to the ground as I realized how fucking weak I was. I had never had a chance to say it to anyone, that's why I was easily able to contain my brothers identity, but Ghoul being around for six days and I slipped up. I pulled my knees up to my chest, and bit my lip as I began to cry. I knew Ghoul was behind me, but he didn't say anything for a long time.

'Frank.' Was the first thing he said, and I was confused beyond hell.
'What?' I barked at him.
'My name is Frank, Franklin if you will but that's beside the point.' Ghoul – Frank – whatever, came and sat down beside me, resting his hand softly on my leg.
'Not happy? My last name is Iero.'
'What? Shut up, just shut up. Why are you telling me this? Just,' I pushed him away and buried my head back in my hands.
'Please, Party Poison, don't beat yourself up. It was an accident, a complete accident that happened because you weren't thinking clearly. Look at me, I'm fully awake and I gave you both my names.' I had no come back to that except, 'Thank you', which I mumbled sadly.
'Don't thank me. It's mine and Mikey's fault, not a bit yours. If Mikey hadn't of given up his bed I wouldn't have slept on the floor. If I hadn't slept on the floor I wouldn't have woken you up.' I sighed, and he pulled me into a hug, kissing my temple softly.
'Please don't bet yourself up. Please?' I sighed, and took a hold of his top, as I lay against his chest.

'Frank.' I mused, after a long pause, 'It suits you. Not as much as Frankenstein, but none the less.' He smiled down at me, and I returned it, leaning up to kiss him softly. However, what was an innocent kiss quickly turned into a heated make out session as Fun Ghoul, Frank, Frankenstein, ended up straddling me as I lay down on the cold bitumen. One of his hands was beside my head, holding him up as the other pressed lightly against my heart. My hands roamed his chest, staying above the clothes until I grabbed his hips and he moaned. With that small sound I pushed my hands up his top, gliding my fingertips up his stomach, over his chest to his nipples. He shuddered as my fingers gently brushed the sensitive skin, and as I pinched them he unintentionally thrust his hips into me. I gasped, panting, before returning the thrust. I flipped him over, gently rocking my hips back and forth against his as he writhed about below me. He stretched his head back, and I took the opportunity the bite his neck. He moaned, grabbing my hips and digging his nails into my skin. The second I stopped teasing him, grabbed my top and pulled it up as far as it would go, putting his mouth to my nipple as he sucked it softly.

'Fuck.' I moaned, wrapping my fingers through his hair, holding him against my chest, 'F-Frank. Stop. Stop. Oi.' I pushed him away, and he whimpered.
'What?' He whined.
'Believe me, there's nothing I want more than to jump you right now, but not here, not out in the open like this.'
'Why? Worried someone's watching. I don't mind an audience, so long as we make it worth their while.' He grabbed my neck and pulled me back down kissing me roughly. For a minute we stayed like that, till one of his hands left my neck, and ventured down my body. I whimpered as his fingers brushed along my bulge.
'How far we going to go?' He asked breathlessly, as he massaged me through my jeans.
'Still a bit to soon? Maybe just a blow.' He nodded before he began kissing me again. His hand at my pants slowly undid my button, before he pushed his hands into my boxers.
'Ohhh,' I moaned, as he slowly rubbed his hands along me.
'Big boy, aren't you?' He smirked, before he grabbed me roughly with a quick pump. I bit so hard into my lip I made it bleed.
'Don't make me scream you bastard, everyone's asleep and I really don't feel like explaining this situation.'
'What situation? Receiving a hand job turned blow job in the middle of the night. Believe me, Poison, I think they'll understand.' With that he pushed me up onto my knees and rip my pants down. He made no more comments, instead he used his mouth for better purposes.

Frank dragged his tongue up my member, before licking my tip. At my side, I clenched my hands into fists.
'If you don't stop teasing,' I grunted, and he chuckled.
'You'll what? Fuck my brains out? Go ahead, maybe I should keep teasing you.' I glared down at him, and he sighed.
'Fine. You're no fun.' He said, before he put his mouth over me.
'No fun?' I moaned, 'Who say's I-I'm not leaving that for the,' another moan escaped me, 'sex?' I thrust my hips into him, and thanked god through a moan that he didn't have a gag reflex. He did however choke.
'Warn me next time,' He chuckled, before he went back to blowing me. The pleasure was immense, but when he involved his hands I think I died and went to heaven. His right hand pumped the bottom of my member, as the left hand gently rubbed at my suck
'Ohh, oh-hh fuck Frank, my god, oh yes.' My voice gave out as I turned to grunts and moans as I came close. I could feel the ball within my stomach grow, until I finally felt myself release within his mouth. I could hardly feel bad as he pulled his mouth away and spat me out, as his hands let me ride out my orgasm.

'Fuck, you give one amazing blowjob.' I chuckled, leaning down to kiss him. I could still taste my white cum on his lips, and grimaced.
'Let's hope yours tastes better.' I said, as I traced my fingertips up along his thigh to rub his own member through his pants. Revenge is oh so sweet.
♠ ♠ ♠