Generation Nothing

Chapter ten

I woke up back in bed the next morning in a mess of flesh, a combination of Frank's, Mikey's and my own limbs. I glanced at the limbs, hoping to be able to escape without waking either them, before I grunted and let my head fall back on the pillow. I saw Frank's eyes flutter open as he looked at me and sighed, shutting his eyes again.
'Good morning.' I mumbled. Frank tightened his grip on me.
'Morning.' I looked over at Mikey, and with the simple thought of, Fuck him I pushed him of my and wrapped myself around Frank. He smiled, hardly awake, and nuzzled his head into my chest. Being more than awake, I began to place chaste kisses along every inch of him that I could reach He giggled softly and tried to bat me away.
'Stop. Tired.' He grunted, though his words just encouraged me. He giggled, which quickly turned into a whine as he turned his head from me.
'Oh come on,' I whined, poking his side, 'after last night your not going to even let me kiss you?' I whispered into his ear. He looked up at my and gave me a peck to the lips.
'Now let me sleep!' he whined.
'What the hell was that?' I demanded, and he groaned.
'If I kiss you will you let me sleep?' I thought it over for a moment.
'Yes.' Before I knew what was happening he had his hand at the back of my head, holding me in a deep kiss. I giggled, before pushing my tongue into his mouth. I was grateful he didn't decline. After a moment, I pulled back.

'Sleep as long as you want.' I gave him a quick peck before lying back down. That's when I caught Mikey, propped up on one arm, staring at me with wide eyes. My stomach tightened.
'Morning Kid.' I smiled innocently.
'Morning.' I heard Frank grunt from beside me. That was when Mikey flipped out.
'Ew, ew, yuck fuck, that's gross. Yuck. My brother's gay, ugh.' He thrashed the covers off before jumping up and running off. I watched him slam the door, contemplating chasing him or not. I eventually decided that I could leave that for later, and turned m attention to Frank.
'Will he be good.' I shrugged.
'I hope so, but hey, at least we got the bed back to ourselves.' Frank opened an eye.
'Very tempting, but no.' I sighed.
'Fine then, I shall go and find my traumatized brother and have a talk to him.' I crawled from the bed and left the room, searching through the diner. I found Mikey out the front, a cigarette between his lips. I walked over and took it from him, placing it between my own lips.
'If you want an explanation,' I said, slipping down the wall to sit beside him, 'I don't have anything decent.' Mike just shrugged, staring down at his feet.
'Mike, what's up?' He sighed.
'Guess it just kinda shocked me, you know? I mean, only a week ago it was you, me and Dr D, now you're snogging some guy and I've got a stranger sleeping in my bed, not to mention Show Pony.' I sighed, pulling my little brother into a tight hug.
'Come one, Mickey-boy, it'll always be me and you side by side, nothing will ever change that. All that will change is on my behalf, nothing will affect our relationship.' He nodded, but I could see there was more to it.

'Come on, bud, talk to me.' I pleaded, and he sighed.
'Why do you get someone else to love, and I don't? It's unfair, Gerard. We've both been out here the same amount of time, we've both been through the same, so why do you get Fun Ghoul and I get no one.'
'Oh, honey, he's not all he's cracked up to be. I had to bargain to get a fucking kiss this morning.' I laughed, and he gave me a weak smile.
'Whatever.' I sighed.
'Michael, listen to me, we aren't the only ones traveling the zones, the Doc can tell you that. One of these days you're going to find a nice lady, settle down, knock her up and have your own li'lies running around the joint. That day I'm gonna turn around and ask you why you got the one with ovaries and I got stuck with him.' Mikey giggled, and I smiled, satisfied. I ruffled his hair before standing up and going back to my room. I sat down on the edge of the bed as I watched Frank sleep peacefully. I gave a sigh; I didn't want to go back to sleep, as tempting as it was, but I didn't want to sit around doing nothing all day. I looked around my room for something that could amuse me. Spotting the mouse head, I quickly left the room and ran to the radio station.

'Dr D.' I whispered, and he looked over at me. I saw we weren't on air and spoke up, 'D'you know if there's any Dracs walking around? I'm in the mood for a fight.' the Doc gave me a suspicious glance.
'We've had a few reports, mostly out in Zone 6.'
'6?' I raised my eyebrows, 'Why are they going out so far?' Dr D shrugged.
'Not sure, buddy boy, but if it's a fight you're chasing be goddamned careful.' I smiled.
'Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I will.' I ducked back inside the diner and went back to my room. I picked up my ray gun, and the holster I rarely used, slipping the holster around my waist and putting the ray gun in there. I flicked through the clothes rack for my Dead Pegasus jacket. I walked over to my bed, reaching down to kiss Frank on the temple.
'See you later.' I whispered. He grunted, but didn't wake up. I smiled, walking over to pick up the mouse head before I left the dinner.

'Gerard?' Mikey stood up when he saw me heading towards the car, 'Where are you going?'
'Out to 6, gonna have myself a one man party.' I could see the pain on his face.
'Alone? Don't be stupid. I shrugged, putting the head in the passengers seat.'
'I'm not being stupid, I'm being proactive. Come on, Mikey, it's either go and and be the rebel we call ourselves or sit around on my ass all day pretending I'm doing something with my life. I'm sick of pretending we're fighting this thing when in reality we're not. We're just two guys with ray guns shooting blindly in the dark. I need to feel like I'm doing something.'
'Then I'm coming with you.' Mikey said, taking a step forward.
'Me too.' I looked over to see Frank in the doorway, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. My shouting had woke him up. I sighed, shaking my head.
'You don't have to do this. This is something I want to do, you don't have to put yourself in dangers way because I'm being stubborn.' I told them both.
'You told me we could be a team, that's what we'll be. Teams don't fight alone, they fight together.'
'You're right, Gerard. We aren't doing what we should be. We should be out finding SCARECROW and taking them down, hacking their supplies and cutting their power and being the Killjoys we claim to be. So let's do it!'
'We can't bring a whole corporation down alone.'
'Not with that thought we won't. Come on, what's better; dying doing what you believe in, or dying having done nothing at all?' I sighed in defeat.
'Fine. Get in.' I sighed, slipping into the drivers seat. Both boys ran inside, and moments later they returned with their own ray guns and mask, Jet Star behind them. The four of them slipped into the car, Mikey beside me, Frank behind me, and Ray beside him, and I turned the car on before dusting out of the diner.
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