Generation Nothing

Chapter eleven

'Smile light in the Zones, boys and girls, cause we've got your backs. Our one and only Fabulous Killjoys are scouring the zones looking for those damn blasted Draculoids with the intention to kill. Stay out of their way, and stay safe. This one's for you, my boys.Move your body when sunlight dies, everybody hide your body from the scarecrow. Everybody hide. Make a wish when your childhood dies, hear the knock knock knock when she cries' I turned the radio up, settling further into my seat as I pushed the car on. We had finally crossed into zone 5, approaching zone 6, and everything had been clear until this point. That was until we heard the sound of an engine overhead. We all exchanged glances, and Mikey stuck his head out the window.
'"Look alive, Sunshine". It's all good, nothing Korse's.' He said, slipping back into the car. We all relaxed, but Mikey kept his gaze on the chopper as we drove on.
'I wonder who owns it.' He thought aloud, and I looked over at him.
'A Killjoy to say the least, which is a good thing for us.'
'Do you reckon they know Doc, or just listen to the station?' I shrugged.
'Could be either, but being a helicopter I would put it more towards they know him. The Doc would do anything to get eyes in the sky.'
'And that was S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W for the boys in the pretty Trans Am. Say hi to the skies, my lovelies, cause I've got my eye on you. And on that note, get your guns and prepare for battle, you're live Sissy' The radio crackled for a moment, before a young female voice broke out.
'Look alive, Sunshine! Wave me a hello as I feed you the traffic report. There was a road block on route eight earlier this morning that I can assure you is still there. There's no missing that black and white freight...I can see the logo from here.' the voice shudder, 'Along the inner-desert roads at Zone 1-c the tunnel appears to be blocks off by a few from the SCARECROW unit, Dr D got confirmation this morning that they've set up guards along the tunnel, so unless your looking for a-trouble I would find another route, and out in Zone 5 we've got a Black Widow headed for some trouble with a Better Living heavy police van and escorts. If anyone's in the vacinity, feel free to give 'em a hand cause they'll need the heavens on their side to get out of this one alive. Sorry Dr D.'

I gulped, but kept my foot on the gas.
'Party Poison,' Mikey hissed, as he looked from me to the road and back again, 'Party Poison spin us around this second. We're not heading into that.' I ignored him, pushing my foot down that little bit more.
'Are you trying to get us killed?' I looked at Mikey out of the corner of my eyes.
'May God be on your side boys, let's hope these tunes aren't the last thing you ever hear.' Planetary (GO!) started playing, and I smiled.
'Poison! For fuck's sake turn us around!' Frank screamed at me.
'Party, why are you doing this? We don't stand a chance.'
'There might be something out side your window, but you'll just never know. There might be something right passed the turnpike gates, but you'll just never know. If my velocity starts to make you sweat then just don't let go. And if their Heaven ain't got a vacancy then we'll just, we'll just, we'll just, we'll just get up and go! I hope you boys believe in fate cause it's spitting in my fucking face.' I hit the breaks of the car, sending everyone forward. Pushing my door open, I took the mouse head from Mikey's lap and left the car. Along the glimmering horizon, I could see the silhouettes of the convoy. I was hot to say the least, but I knew part of that was the adrenaline in my system.

'Party Poison.' I heard Frank from behind me, but I didn't respond, 'Why are you doing this?' I took the head off and dropped it to the ground, but I still didn't face Frank.
'Gerard.' I spoke, almost hoping he hadn't heard me.
'What?' Dammit.
'My name is Gerard.' I finally looked over at him over my shoulder, 'There's just some things you need to do. I need to do this fight.'
'But why? Why do you need to fight this fight? There's others out there that you could fight, you don't need to prove yourself by trying to get yourself killed.'
'I'm not. “You don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck, they don't believe in us, but I believe we're the enemy.”' He recognized the quote.
'I need to do this. I don't know why, but I feel it's what I need to do. You can stay here and go, or you can fight by my side, but I'm staying.' Frank hesitated, looking over at the car then back at me. When he pulled his ray gun out and came over to me, lacing our fingers together, I smiled.
'Thank you.' I took a deep breath, as I watched the convoy in the distance grow steadily larger. I had no idea what the other two where doing, but I took it as a good sign that I didn't hear the Trans Am

As the Convoy approached, I took my hand from Frank's and reached down to pick up the mouse head. Above us, the helicopter was still hovering near us, probably ready to report to Dr D. I sighed, giving Frank, and the others in the car, one last look before I slipped the helmet on.
'Do or die.' I pulled out the ray gun, cocking it for battle as I began to walk towards the quickly approaching convoy. I could hear Frank's footsteps behind me, and the car doors slam. The others were with me, though it's not like I gave them much choice.
'Po-Gerard,' I heard Frank whisper behind me, as the vehicles came to a halt. I had never heard more fear in his voice, and it soon became apparent what had him spooked.

Between us and them, there was a good fifty meters, but it wasn't hard to make out the gray coat and ruffles from the other whites.
'Korse.' My gripped tighten on my ray gun, as my heart began to point.
'FUCK!' I heard the females voice cuss from the radio, and the helicopter took off. The one thing playing through my mind was how I had brought my brother and best friend, and...lover? their death-duel.
'Fuck.' I moaned, knowing it'd be their blood on my head.
'If we get out of this alive,' I shouted to Frank, 'I promise no more bullshit about fate.'
'Hey, who knows. Maybe it's our fate to kill Korse right here, right now.' He didn't sound to confident, and I shut my eyes and took a deep breath, before letting the adrenaline slowly seeping into my system walk me towards the fight.