Generation Nothing

Chapter twelve

'Move out of the way, Killjoys. Make this easy for us.' Korse said, moving out the front of his men.
'What's four more to you? Let us do our thing, you can do yours.' Frank shouted back. Korse shrugged.
'Have it your way then.' I fired the first shot, giving no hesitation. I knew what hesitation could lead to, and I couldn't risk that with the people I had on my side. I couldn't lose any of them, even Jet Star. However, for every Draculoid I took out, another seemed to step from the BL/ind van at the middle of the convoy. Korse's laughter stung at me, and I had my teeth gritted and my fingernails digging into my palm to stop me charging at him and tearing the tongue from his throat.
'Is that all you've got?' Korse roared at us, and I spun my weapon to hit him in the arm, before continuing to fire at the real threats. It seemed none of us had been hurt as yet, but I had thought the thought too soon. Behind me I heard Jet Star scream. None of us stopped to help him, knowing the best thing for him would be to finish the job before aiding him (better than then dying trying to help him), and so we continued to fire on. However, I did hear Mikey shout to him where the first aid kit was. I hoped he wasn't in to much pain that he would be able to help himself.

Slowly but surely they lost numbers, but at a price for us. Behind me I heard Frank splutter. At first I thought he was dead, but when I heard him curse at them and fire on I knew he was fine, nothing more than a burn. I fired a few more shots before I myself was hit twice. The first impact was my right shoulder, thankfully not my gun arm, the second clipping the left side of my stomach just enough to make me bleed.
'Fuck.' I clutched my side, biting my lip in pain as I continued to shoot. The Dracs were falling in numbers, and it was clear to Korse he was losing the battle. With that he grabbed a Draculoid by the arm dragging him towards the van. Frank aimed a head shot at the Drac, and Korse fell back.
'You may have won this one, Killjoys, but the war is mine.' He spun around and jumped on one of the bikes, as he headed back the way he came. I dropped my gun, ripping off the mouse head as I collapsed to my knees, clutching at my wounds. Frank walked over before falling down beside me.
'Come on, mate, lay down.' I let Frank ease me down onto the road, as he pulled my top up to inspect the damage to my stomach.
'That's not to bad, it'll just need some bandaging.' He pulled my jacket away from my shoulder, before tugging my top down as gently as he could.
'Shit; that's gonna need a bit more too it.'
'Ghoul, unless my brother is on the edge of death I need you.' Frank looked at me with a sad expression, before getting up and rushing to the side. I could hear them both cussing, and I sighed as I tried to pull myself up. I gave up, and slumped back onto the tarmac as it slowly overheated me. I looked over the Draculoid bodies littering the ground, unable to help the arrogant smirk as I gave each of the boys an, “I told you so”. In my head. Just as I was about to turn my gaze from the dead bodies to the care, two small feet slipped out from the back of the BL/ind van, and stepped around. She was young, maybe ten at best, with light brown skin and an adorable Afro. She looked about the ground at the destruction before her, and I forced myself through the pain to stand up and saunter towards her.

'Did you do this?' She asked in a soft voice. I stared down at a Draculoid near my feet and nodded softly.
'I had to, honey. It was them or me and my friends.' I looked up at the BL/ind van, 'Why did they have you? Did they take you?' She lowered her head and sniffed, and I knelled down before her.
'Hey, hey now, don't cry.' I lifted her chin up to look up at me, 'Whatever has happened it'll be alright, I promise. It might be hard now, but you just got out of a Better Living van, of course it's going to be hard.' She smiled, chuckling, 'See, there we go. You're smiling already! Just wait and I'll have you laughing in no time. What's your name?' I asked her.
'Grace.' She whispered, and I smiled.
'Grace? That's a lovely name. I'm Party Poison.' I stood back up again and held out my arms to her, with the silent offer to carry her. She hoped into my arms and I pulled her up, ignoring the searing amounts of pain.
'You're hurt.' Grace pointed to my shoulder. I gave here a weak smile.
'Nothing a little bandage can't fix...' I put her down on the bonnet of the car, and walked around to the back door of the car. I gasped as I stuck my head into the car, seeing Ray lying down, knocked out heavily bandaged over his right eye.
'They got him right in the fucking eye, Poison.' Mikey growled, and I backed out from the car. I took a deep breath, trying to contain the tears the were swelling in my eyes. I ran my hands through my hair, before tugging at it. It was my fault he had been hit. I could deal with the graze Frank had, and the wounds I had, but something as serious as losing an eye? I stormed over to where I had discarded the mouse head, picking it up and throwing back towards the car. Grace flinched, and I turned my gaze to her. For a second we looked at each other, before I walked over and hugged her tight.
'Sorry about that.' I mumbled, before pulling away from here.
'Guys, get in and shut the door, we'll get him back to the Doc.' I sighed. Mikey glared at me through the windshield, slamming his door as he remained in the back seat. Frank sighed, getting out of the car.
'Who's this.' Frank smiled.
'Ghoul, this is Gracie. Grace, this is Fun Ghoul. Uh, Ghoul, would you mind driving? I can barely see.' I waved my hand at my eyes, and Frank nodded
'Of course.' He grabbing the mouse head and chucking it in the back before hoping in behind the wheel. I picked Grace up, walking around to the passenger side and slipping in, putting her on my lap. I watched with amusement as she grabbed the belt and did it up, before directing Frank to do so as well. He gave Grace a weird look, before doing as she said.
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