Generation Nothing

Chapter thirteen

When we got back to the diner, Mikey threw the door open and stormed off inside, no doubt to grab the Doc. I sighed, unbuckling Grace and myself and opening the door. Grace slipped from my lap, and I followed her, taking her hand as I let her into the diner and into my room. I sat her down on the bed, as I pulled my own first aid kit from my desk and sat down beside her. She watched me quietly as I carefully pulled my leather jacket off, then gave me some assistance in pulling my top up over my head. I sighed, thanking her, before I began to tend my own wounds. As I began to wind a bandage around my stomach to encase my side wound, I could see her looking around the room eagerly.
'Go ahead,' I urged her, 'you can have a look at everything.' She smiled, sliding from the bed and heading straight for my comic books.
'I've never read this one.' She said, pulling out a Watchmen comic and coming back over to the bed.
'It's one of my favorites. I love Rorschach.' She settled down against the wall, and I finished bandaging my wounds. When I had finished, I went and pulled a singlet out of the clothes rack, pulling it over my head with little pain and effort. I flicked on the little fan in my room, before collapsing on my bed with Grace.

Not too long later, Frank walked in, sitting down beside me.
'Hey.' He smiled, 'How you feeling?' I sighed, glancing up at Grace before looking back at Frank.
'Shit. How's Jet Star hanging out?' Frank shook his head.
'Not sure. Mikey gave him something to knock him out, hasn't woken up since. We're not sure of the extent of the damage, we'll have to wait for it to at least stop bleeding and for him to wake up before we know.' I nodded, and shut my eyes. Frank could sense my unhappiness.
'Grace, could you give us a minute? If you go just down the hall a bit, to the left there's a stairwell which will take you up to the roof. It's a lovely place to read.' She nodded, slipping from the bed and running from the room. Frank got up and shut the door behind her, before creeping back to the bed.
'What's up?' He asked, laying down next tome. I rolled over onto his chest, burying my face in his shirt. He rubbed my back, softly kissing my forehead.
'I was stupid to do that, it's my fault whatever happens to him. I shouldn't have been so ignorant!' I cried.
'Shush, honey.' He said, pulling my into a tight hug, 'you did what you felt was right. And think of it this way, if we hadn't of gone, we would have never of found Grace. Just think of what they might have done to her.' I sighed, pushing my face further into Frank's chest. He was right, but I still couldn't feel horrible about it.
'I'm going up to the roof.' I pushed Frank away, and got out of bed. I grabbed my packet of cigarettes and a lighter, before leaving the room.

Grace was sitting in the middle the roof, slowly flicking through my comic. I passed her, walking over to sit on the edge of the roof. I flicked open the packet of cigarettes and pulled one out, slipping it between my lips as I lit it up. I took a long drag before taking it from my lips and lifting my head up to blow the smoke away. Why did I always have to do this to myself? I made it out as if fighting was all I had to do, but when I did it I'd beat myself up over the consequences. It's a fight, people are going to get hurt, and eventually people are going to die. I couldn't help it, and it wasn't my fault. It was BL/ind's.
'Party Poison?' I heard Grace's little voice behind me, and I turned to her.
'What's up, sugar?' She sat down beside me.
'Thank you,' I gave her a weak smile and pulled her into a one armed hug, 'for saving me from Better Living.'
'Sweetheart, no need to thank me. I'm a Killjoy, it's what I do.' she smiled up at me, and wrapped her arms around me as she hugged me tight.
'You're the best, Party Poison!' I chuckled lightly, flicking the ash from the end of my cigarette.
'Hardly, but it's the thought that counts.'