Generation Nothing

Chapter fifteen

I could hear voices, but not the voices I was used to. These were different voices to what I was used to. They sounded distant and muffled, and when I cracked my eyes open I found myself in a empty room, the voices flooding through a doorway left open a crack. I opened my eyes completely and pushed myself up. I was asleep on a hospital stretcher, but I was definitely not in a hospital. If I took a guess, I'd say I was in old arcade, cleared of most of the games. There was two doors in the room; there was the front door, two double glass doors, and the door between me and the voices. I slipped from the stretcher as quickly as I could, and made my way across the room to the front door. I jimmied the handles, but they refused to budge. They were locked. Wasting no more time on them, I spun around and looked for another exit. There were various windows, but it was clear each was locked. Getting desperate, I looked around for somewhere to hide, but I was clearly out of luck.
'Fuck.' I muttered, and reached for my holster. However, that was gone, leaving me unarmed and vulnerable.

At that point I felt I had one thing to do, and I cursed Mikey as his words sunk further into me. Taking a deep breathe, I marched across the room and threw the door back only to reveal a group of five sitting around a table having a laugh. When the door hit the wall, they all spun around and looked at me.
'Where's my weapon?' I growled at the group, and a young lady stood up.
'You're up sooner than expected. Come on, you need to go lie back down.' I frowned at her.
'I need my ray gun, and I need to get out of here. Now if you would let me do that I'll leave without a fuss.'
'Not happening, buddy.' she shook her head, crossing her arms, 'We can't let you go out in such a state. Your dehydrated and overheated, with mild sun stroke. You're staying here until you're strong enough to fight again.' I glared at the girl, scoffing.
'Like fuck I am. You have no right to hold me here like a fucking hostage. I ain't a Drac, and I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.' I lie none the less.
'Yes, that's why you were passed out in the middle of a desert at the hottest point of the day. You've taken brilliant care of yourself.'
'Who said I didn't want to die.' I sneered, trying to call a bluff on her.
'You would've shot yourself, or headed into Battery City. No one leaves themselves on the side of the road to die out here, buddy. Now get back into the bed before we sedate you.'

I glared at her, contemplating my options. It seemed smarter to just follow her orders, instead of getting myself sedated. At least then I could get answers.
'Only if you answer a few questions.' She raised her eyebrow.
'Fine, deal, now get back out onto the stretcher.' I took a few steps back, before turning around and walking over to the stretcher. I pushed myself up onto it, and she came into the room alone, a bottle of water in hand.
'What do you want to know?' she asked, thrusting the bottle of water into my hands.
'Where am I?' I blurted out as I examined the bottle suspiciously.
'Zone 6, area D. More precisely Danny's Arcade, or what's left of it.' I nodded.
'Who are you?' She hesitated at that answer for a moment.
'The name's Lady Hallelujah, and that's the Killjoy Kid's. What's your name?'
'Name's Party Poison.' she scrutinized me for a minute.
'Are you in contact with Dr Death-Defying?' She asked, sitting down on the bed. I sighed.
'Was. Not sure about anything anymore.' I turned my gaze away from her.
'What were you doing out in the middle of nowhere, Poison?' She sighed. I shook my head.
'I don't know. I don't fucking no. I was running away, I guess, but what good is it to run away in a world where all you ever do is run away. That's my fucking problem. I'm either running at it, or I'm running away from it'

Something seemed to click in my head. While Lady gave me a confused look, I couldn't help but feel the pain in my heart. My problem was that I couldn't just accept things. I couldn't just run with things, I had to try and make things happen.
'Hey, do you have a vehicle?' I suddenly asked, and she seemed glad that I was making a bit more sense now.
'Course. This place is to large to run around on by foot now, isn't it? Why, do you need it?' I nodded.
'I need to get back out to D IE diner. Would it be possibly to get a lift? I'd appreciate it.'
'For one of Dr D's boys? No problem.'
'Oh, and one last question.'
'Why'd you do this for me?' She gave him a friendly smile.
'Party Poison, it's the way out here. You see a fellow in need you give 'em a helping hand. I thought that's what you Fabulous Killjoys stood for.'

I watched as she stood up and left the room. Fabulous Killjoys. Me. Us. Mikey, Frank, and Jet Star. We were the Fabulous Killjoys. Doctor D had done it again, he had spread hope to the furthest corners of the zones, using us as his tool, and I had just witnessed it first hand. Without thinking I opened the bottle and raised it to my lips, gulping down a large proportion of it. Moments passed before Lady walked back into the room, my ray gun in hand.
'If you keep your fluids up for the next hour, then we'll go.' I frowned.
'What's your definition of “keeping it up”?' I asked, knowing I would dread the answer.
'Three bottles.' I groaned at the thought of consuming so much water, but I knew I had no choice. I sighed, as she left again, and I took another sip of water. With my ray gun at my side, I was beyond tempted to shoot the lock on the door and make a runner, but I knew how far I was from the diner and wasn't stupid enough to try. Every so often Lady would return to top up my bottle, and when the hour was finally up, and I had downed enough water, she let me down from the hospital bed. Silently, I followed her into the back room and through a back door. She had lead me outside, where a bright green camero sat. Before I knew what was happening, a pair of keys smacked me in the chest, and I just managed to catch them.

'What-?' I began.
'You drive.' She said, as she walked around to the passengers side, slipping in. I walked over and hoped into the drivers side, putting the keys in and turning the car on.
'Hold onto your seat, this Killjoys a motor baby.' I smirked, and without hesitation I put my foot down on the gas. I heard Lady chuckle as I spun the car out onto the street. Of course, I wasn't sure where exactly I was, but the zones were easy enough to navigate. Once you hit a highway it was all easy going. And with the aid of Lady, that's what happened. We hit a highway and laid back, chasing the sunrise. I had to admit, it felt good. If it had been Frank at my side instead of this strange girl, I would have been all seat. In fact, I didn't mind the concept of running away with him. It was a nice thought.

Suddenly, my thought was interrupted by Dr D.
'Day four and still no sign. Please, whether your a runner or a skater, a killer or a hater, keep your eyes and ears open. We've lost contact with a good man out in the zones, and we want him back, alive or...else wise. This is Dr Death-Defying, leaving you now with some good ol' tunes.' I frowned.
'How long had I been out?' I asked, hoping to god that wasn't about me.
'Yeah, about that. Three, four days. And you couldn't have been out there for very long because you haven't got a strong tan.' I hit my foot further down on the peddle, almost over revving the car.
'Shit,' Lady cursed, grabbing onto her seat, 'What's the rush.'
'I've screwed them all over enough. Knowing them they'll be getting ready to send a search, rescue and destroy out for me.'
'Search, rescue and destroy?' She cocked an eyebrow.
'If they don't find me soon, all hell will break lose.'