Generation Nothing

Chapter sixteen

I skidded into the DI E with a squeal of the breaks. I didn't even bother to turn off the car as I jumped out and ran inside.
'Ghoul! Kobra! Jet! Grace!' I screamed, as I looked in every room. The place was dead. I stormed out of Mikey's and ran to the radio room, to see the Doc halfway through a broadcast.
'Where are they?' I demanded, and the Doc turned to me.
'Party...Oh god no. They've gone, out to route 15. Got word some Drac's may have you.' I grabbed at my hair, pulling at it as I held in a scream. Dr D cut his transmission off quickly.
'Gerard, go get them. They're up against hell-' I was gone. I didn't stick around. It was my fucking mess that they were trying to clean up and I wouldn't risk them anymore. I wouldn't let them get hurt because of me any more.

'Where are we -' I hit the gas, hearing Lady's head hit her head rest with an audible “thud”.
'Where going to get my boys and Gracie back.' Why had they taken her? I'd have to kick their asses later for it, but at the moment that was the least of my worries. Lady remained silent, sensing I wasn't to be spoken to, but I couldn't hold back from speaking to her.
'When we get there I want you to go, straight away.'
'Bu-' she began, but I wouldn't have it.
'No fucking buts, you get yourself out of there.' I growled, and with that we fell into silence. It took me an excruciating half an hour to get there, no matter how fast I pushed the car. When we finally reached route fifteen, the only thing I saw was an unguarded BL/ind van.
'Go.' I hissed at Lady, and she nodded, moving over to the drivers seat. She reversed the car, before speeding off into the distance. I watched to make sure she had truly left before I turned my focus back to the lone vehicle.

Between me and the vehicle there was nothing but a bridge, running over a long ago deceased river bed. I rushed over to the side of the bridge, climbing up as I looked around for any sign of color. However, I saw nothing. Not a single thing.
'Where are they.' I was beginning to get worried, and my eyes kept glancing over to the unattended van. I knew it would be stupid to check in there. Not because I knew they weren't in there, but I knew what dangers an abandoned BL/ind car held. For all I knew, there was a bomb rigged to explode upon open within there. Sighing, I sat myself down, feeling hopeless. Doctor D had told me they were here, so why weren't they? I gave a sigh, about ready to accept their death, when I suddenly heard the squeal of tires. Spinning my head, I looked over just in time to see the Trans Am finish a skid onto the road.
'Party Poison!' Grace jumped out of the sun roof. In the front seats, I could see Mikey behind the wheel, Frank beside him. Both boys had their mouth open. Frank was the first of them to move. He kicked the door open and began to run to me.
'Frank,' I breathed, getting up and running to meet him. He tackled me, the speed of the smaller man almost sending my backwards.
'Gerard.' I could barely breathe, but I didn't care. I hugged him back just as hard, placing kisses along his hair and temple.
'Oh, God, Party Poison, where have you been?' I could hear the tears in his voice.
'I-I, I don't really know. Passed out in some arcade. Some Killjoys picked me up after they saw me passed out from sun stroke.' He squeezed me tight once more before bringing his head up to press his lips flush against mine. I moved my arms from around his shoulders, grabbing he face as I kissed him back with just as much force. Eventually, to the cries of disgust from Grace, we broke apart.
'Don't you ever run off on us again.' He sighed, hugging me again. I sighed.
'Never, cross my heart.' I said, and gave him another kiss. Here, I looked up at the car, not to see Mike still in it, but just a few steps away from us.
'Party Poison.' He sighed. His eyes were hidden behind glasses, the rest of his face expressionless. His tone was just the same.
'Kobra Kid.' I greeted, waiting for him to give the first sign of emotion. That's when he broke down into tears, falling to his knees. I let go of Frank and rushed over to my younger brother, pulling him close to my chest as I shushed him.

'Hush, come on, don't cry. Come on, Mikes, you're a big boy now.' I sighed, smoothing his hair down.
'I thought you were dead, Gerard. I thought I had lost you forever. I felt so horrible; I didn't even come back to find you. I just left you to die, and then you disappeared and we thought that-'
'Hush Mikey, come on. I'm here now, I'm alive. I have to thank you Mikey, I really do. I realized that you were right all along. I've changed, I've become a coward trying to overcompensate.' At that he laughed, 'Not like that, thank you. Fuck, come on Mikey! Give your big brother a little faith down in that department.'
'He's right, Mikey. Give him this one.' Mikey looked up at me, eyes wide, before looking at Frank.
'Eww!' He freaked out, pushing me away, 'Gerard that's fucking gross and disgusting and wrong and just plain yuck! Here I am spilling my guts with the best apology I can come up with and you...gross.'
'It wasn't me!' I pleaded, 'It was Frank! Frank, you suck.'
'And I blow, but that's beside the point.'
'Frank?' Mikey suddenly cut in.
'Oh, uh, yeah. I kinda slipped your name up the other day and then he told me his name and I told him my name and yeah. Frank meet Mikey, Mikey this is Frank. There, done, dusted. Now back to the real point. I really want to apologies to you two, and Jet Star, where is he?' I looked over at the car to see Ray in the back seat with Grace. I waved him out, and he obliged, walking over to us.

'Look, I've been the biggest fucking dick ever since I met Frank. I don't know what happened, but I guess I kind of lost it-'
'I have that effect-'
'Anyway. I wanted to sorely apologize to all of you, especially you, Jet Star. It was my fault that I put you all in danger, and I see that now. From now on I'm not going to turn around on a whim and risk all of you. You don't deserve that from me, at the least.'
'Gerard,' Jet Star interrupted, 'these are dangerous days, if it hadn't been that time and place, it would've been somewhere else. But thank you, it means a lot to me, and I'm sure it does to the others. You're forgiven.'
'Thank you, Jet Star.' I smiled weakly.
'Yeah, it's all cool bro.' Mikey added.
'Eh, I can swing either way, but if we're playing it safe from here on in, I can live with that.' I turned to Frank, a devious little smirk resting on my face.
'Believe me, buddy, you're not quite out of the clear on that one.' Mikey flipped out again, running off to the car. The three of us all laughed at Mikey, before heading back to the car. Thankfully, Jet Star slipped into the front, leaving me and Frank to climb into the back. Grace clambered over to me and hugged me tightly, and I did the same, planting a protective kiss on her forehead. I looked up at Frank and smiled, laying down on his chest as I shut my eyes.
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