Generation Nothing

Chapter seventeen

When we got back home, Mikey brought out box of beers and a couple of bags of chips.
'We really need a cake, but that would take way to long.' He laughed, ripping the carton of beers open and passing one to each of us. He also pulled out of the fridge a bottle of soft drink, which he handed straight to Grace. She smiled, giving him a one armed hug before going and sitting down on a chair. We all began to celebrate. I didn't like to think they were celebrating my return, all though I knew it was true. Instead, I told myself that they were celebrating life in general. I know that's why I was celebrating, as I chugged down a large mouthful of beer. I sighed happily.
'Life doesn't get much better than this!' I said, and each raised their can with a cheer. I giggled as Grace lifted up her bottle, and I messed up her curly brown hair. I smiled at her, then up at Frank. I was about to take another swig of beer when I saw Lady step out into the room.
'You're back.' She smiled. I beamed, putting my an down as I rushed over to her. Everyone was watching her, and the atmosphere seemed to have tensed slightly.
'Guys, this is Lady Hallelujah. Her and her gang were the one's that found me.' She blushed slightly, 'Hey, don't be like that. Alright, that's Fun Ghoul, next to him is Gracie, over there is Jet Star, and that's Kobra Kid.' They all managed to speak clearly, all except Kobra.
'H-hey.' He muttered, giving her an awkward smile. I beamed down at my kid brother, and he glared at me, turning his back to me.
'Hey, why don't you join the celebrations! Here, sit down.' I steered her over to the seat beside Mikey, pushing her down into the seat as I grabbed her a can. Giving Mikey a quick clap on the back, I moved back around to my seat beside Grace.

At some point or anything, Dr D came out of hiding and had a beer with us. I even asked where Show Pony was, but he was out on a delivery. Eventually, the sun set, but we were all still partying. We had long moved on from beer, now downing heavier things like Corona and Vodka. Grace eventually retreated to the safety of Doctor D, while out here we all had our drunk fun. Mikey, with the aid of alcohol, had become more confident, and was now telling Lady of the passed four days, with occasional word from Jet Star. Frank and I could barely contain ourselves, making a game of trying to make the other moan as we teased the other under the table. To say the least I was a very composed man. Various times Frank gave up, shouting the odd profanity at me to the shock of the others. I just smiled and continued to fondle him beneath the table. Eventually Mikey got freaked out but Frank, and insisted he take Lady away, for, “good measures”. I waved the pair good bye as they went up to the roof together.
'We should totally put a mattress up there.' I giggled, and Jet Star yawned.
'Fuck it,' he grunted, 'I'm heading off to bed before I pass out.' He got up and left, and I turned to Frank with a smirk on my face. He raised his eyebrows, licking his lips seductively. I giggled.
'Alcohol makes everything better.' Frank pushed himself from his chair, turning around to straddle my waist. He wrapped his arms around my neck, as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I groaned, barely able to keep my eyes open. Slowly, Frank began to rock back and forth against my hips, and I whimpered.
'Now I get some noise out of you.' I giggled again.
'You can get all the noise you want out of me, all we have to do is go to the bedroom.' He smiled.
'Alright then, sounds like a plan.' He hoped off me, palming me before he walked off towards my room. I glared after him, getting up and running after him. Just as he reached my door, I kicked him. He pouted at me, before he broke into laughter.

'In.' I said, giving him a rough push through the threshold, 'Down.' I pointed to the bed, as I shut and locked the door. Frank obliged as he collapsed onto his bed. I walked over, crawling across the bed to straddle him, where I attacked his lips and neck.
'You're all mine tonight, handsome.' I said, and pry his top from him. As I discarded the clothes on the floor, I let my hands travel across his flawless, pale body. As my hands traveled across his nipples, he moaned softly.
'Hmm, Frankie like?' I asked, before lowering my lips to meet his left nipple. He gasped lightly, and laced his hands through my hair.
'G-Gee, come on.' He panted. I had teased him for the passed hour. He was clearly craving something more. I sat up with a devious smile on my face, as I crawled from the bed. He gave me a confused look. I just smiled back, and turned to my desk. The bottom draw was locked, always had been, always will be. But the keys were never far, hidden underneath that very draw, pushed into a crevice. I reached under and pulled out the key, unlocking the draw and discarding the keys on the ground. I fumbled through the drawer until I found what I was looking for. I gathered them up, and hid them behind my back as I walked back over to Frank. He eyed me suspiciously, and I just crawled on top of him and began to kiss him feverishly. When I saw his eyes flutter shut, I brought my hand from behind my back and above his head, working quickly but silently as I hooked the handcuffs onto the bedhead. I grabbed his hands, pulling them above his head as I shoved my tongue down his throat. From there, it was easy to lock up his wrists. His eyes flew opened as he felt the col metal around his wrists, and he tipped his head back.

'Fuck,' he breathed, as he gave his wrists a gentle tug.
'Careful honey, those aren't fluffy and padded.' I whispered, leaning down to suck his earlobe for a moment, 'They'll cut you, hurt you.' He bucked his hips up against my own, and I moaned into his ear.
'Hips up.' I said, climbing off him and undoing his pants. I pulled them down slowly, revealing him. I quickly discarded them with his top on the floor, straddled his chest. I put my hands behind me, as I let my fingertips brush along his hips, his thighs, his stomach. I was horrible.
'Fuck.' He began to tug at the handcuff,lacing his fingers around the metal. He groaned as I let my fingers brush along his hard on, and his breath faltered.
'Oh honey, I want to hear you scream my name.' I smiled. He opened his eyes.
'Then fuck me already.' I smiled, finally giving into him.
'Whatever you say.' I got up and walked back over to the draw, spotting the bottle of lube on the top of the pile. I pulled it out and headed back over to the bed. I unscrewed the bottle, and just as I began to cover my fingers he stopped me.
'Oh stop, just fuck me already. I can take it.' I smiled, dropping the bottle on the bed as I peeled my clothes off, adding them to the slowly growing pile on the floor. I grabbed Frank's legs, lifting one up over my shoulder as I pushed the other further to the side. I quickly retrieved the bottle of lube, moaning as I slowly covered myself with it. Frank knocked my head with his leg, and I quickly reached up to grab it.
'Don't make me handcuff your legs. I've got enough, don't doubt it.' He glared at me.
'I'm going to get my revenge, don't you fucking doubt i-' He eyes went wide as I pushed myself into him. He chocked for a moment, before he regained his voice, as quivered and broken as it was. I didn't give him time to get used to me, as I slowly ricked my hips back and forth. I was building myself up, as I grabbed his thigh.

My thrusts slowly built up pace, and Frank whimpered below me as he began to pull roughly against his bindings. He wanted to touch himself where I wouldn't, he wanted to give himself that little bit of pleasure, and I wouldn't let him have it. Eventually, it became to much to bare for him, and he became vocal.
'Please, ugh, p-please, Gerard.' He broke off into a mess of moans and whimpers. As I began to pound into him, I hit the spot. I found his prostate. I knew I had because it unleashed a rough, 'Fuck Gerard, oh god!' From Frank's mouth. I leaned forward, pushing his leg towards his body. I was astonished at how flexible he was, as I connected my lips to his.
'Frank, I want to try something.' I grunted to him, as I continued to hit his spot. I barely got an answer, just an almost inaudible, 'What?'
'Honey, don't freak out on me, already? I won't hurt you...much.' I whispered, 'All in the name of pleasure.' He gave a curt nod, and another rough tug against the handcuffs. I took a deep breathe, before I pressed my thumb lightly to his esophagus. Another moan quivered from his mouth, and I felt his throat vibrate. I continued to pound into him, careful to hit his prostate with every thrust. Soon I had him close to screaming, and as soon as I saw him spill himself across his stomach, I let go of his throat. I continued to pound against him, as I let myself build up, before bursting out inside of him. With a happy sigh, I pulled out of him and let his leg fall from my shoulders. I collapsed down at his side, and put my arm across his chest, avoiding his mess. He mumbled something, but I barely caught it. I sat up slightly, frowning as he lay motionless. Paranoid, I checked his pulse. Finding his beat, I smiled and lay back down beside him. He had just passed out, the mixture of pleasure and alcohol just too much for his body to handle. Smiling, I kissed his shoulder and shut my eyes.