Generation Nothing

Chapter eighteen

I woke up the next morning to a rather undesirable feeling of Frank's cum smothered over my arm. Frank was still asleep, his arms still bound above his head. I had to admit he looked adorable. Sighing, I slipped from the bed and pulled off a fresh pair of jeans from the rack. I pulled them up over my hips, before making my way out of the room quietly. The diner was still asleep, and I managed to slip into the bathroom unseen. I washed my arm clean before grabbing a towel and wetting it, taking it back into the bedroom. I locked the door again, and dropped the towel onto Frank's stomach. He said up suddenly, his eyes wide. His wrists tugged at the handcuffs, and he winced, falling back onto the bed with a groan. I frowned, walking over to examine his wrists. They weren't too badly cut up, but they would definitely sting for a bit.
'I'm sorry,' I muttered, giving him a quick kiss to the lips. He smiled.
'All in the name of pleasure, my good man.' I laughed, heading over to the floor where I had discarded the draw keys. I picked them up and found the one that belonged to the handcuffs, and undid them Frank pulled his wrists back and examined the damage. His wrists were bruised and cut, dry blood forming a ring around his skin. He didn't mind, though, and he grabbed the wet towel and began to clean himself off.

The day was bound to be a slow one for all except Dr D. Frank and I both felt sluggish, and after last nights events we couldn't be bothered doing much of anything. If Mikey had gotten lucky in any sense, there would be no way he would want to waste the day away without Lady. Jet Star, well, I doubted he would do much without the rest of us. I suddenly had an idea.
'Frank, why don't we have a picnic?' I suddenly asked, my eyes shining. He raised an eyebrow.
'Were?' He had once place on his mind, it was clear, but he didn't want to be the one to suggest it. After all, it had been my place, my secret, and I had even told him he was the only one I had shared it with.
'Up at the tree. To go with the celebrations. We'll continue the good times right through to today, and tonight if we must. Fuck, we can have a week long party if it damned well pleases us, but I want to take everyone up to the tree.' He nodded, standing up. He went to grab his clothes.
'Leave them, their filthy. Just help yourself to the rack. I'm amazed you haven't done so already.' He smiled, giving me a kiss before walking over to the rack. I left the room, shutting the door as I made my way down the hall to Mikey's room. I knocked softly, and opened the door. I couldn't help but coo at the scene before me. Mikey and Lady were snuggled up together in Mikey's bed, limbs entwined beneath the covers. Ray was on a pull out mattress on the floor, the poor unlucky bastard. Mikey's eyes cracked open.
'Gerard?' His voice was thick with sleep.
'Wake up sleepy head, we're going for a picnic. Wake the others up and be ready in an hour.' His head hit the pillow and he waved me out. I gave him a smile and a thumbs up, before shutting the door. I walked down the hall to the radio station, popping my head in to see Show Pony spinning on his skates for Grace as she clapped her hands, Dr D watching with a smile.
'Gee, my boy, morning.' I smiled, and Grace turned her gaze to me as she ran over and threw her arms around me. She whispered a morning to me, still latching onto me as she continued to watch Show Pony.
'Hey, Dr D, Show Pony. Morning Gracie. I was thinking this morning that it was a bright, beautiful day out in the zones, and I thought it was a perfect chance to go out and have a lazy day picnic.' Grace's eyes lit up.
'A picnic! Really?' she giggled. I nodded to her.
'Would you and Show Pony be interested in joining us?'
'You know what, Gee, that isn't a half bad idea at all. I would love to come and join you. But, do you have anywhere in mind?' He asked. I nodded.
'I've got the perfect place. We'll be leaving in an hour.' Show Pony gave me the thumbs up, before holding his hands out to Grace. She ran over to him and they began to spin around in circles as I left.

I walked into the little kitchen, heading straight for the fridge. The fridge was nothing small, more of a freezer room with the heat turned up. It was generous in size, and didn't lack in the food or beverage departments. Most of it, unfortunately, was power pup, but that was simply because power pup was beyond easy to get our hands on. However, further towards the back of the fridge the food became better. Beer, wine, soft drink, yoghurt, butter, jam, fruit, the list was endless. Of course, Mikey was right, it would have been nice to have cake, but cake mixture was scarcer than normal, and none of us knew how to make it from scratch. Maybe Lady knew how to.

I pulled out everything I needed to create ham sandwiches and a fruit salad. I pulled the ingredients out and spread them across the counter, as I grabbed a knife and a chopping block. By the time I had made both the sandwiches and the fruit salad, along with a lot of mess, I felt quiet achieved. I packed them up into small containers I found in the kitchen, before putting them to the side and cleaning up.
'I think I just witnessed you turn into a bitch.' Frank mused, and I spun around.
'Fuck off, Franklin,' I sneered lightheartedly, flipping him off. He smiled, walking over and wrapping his arms around my waist.
'I'm sorry. I was just kidding.' He kissed my neck. Behind us, I heard Mikey clear his throat, and Frank let me go.
'Thank you Mikey.' I smiled, and he cocked an eyebrow.
'I actually just wanted to, well, to tell you to lay off on me and Lady.' Frank's eyebrows shot up.
'I haven't said a thing about yous, though.' I defended, and he frowned.
'I know what you're like Gerard, and I have no doubt Frank's the same. Last night, nothing happened, cept a kiss-' I clapped my hands together.
'Ohhh, a kiss is something, little brother. Is a kiss something, Franklin darling?'
'Yes, a kiss is most definitely something Dear Gerard. We must spread this news across the airwaves.' Mikey sighed, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose at our horrible attempt at sounded like bitches.
'Look. Yes, we've kissed. Yes, we've decided that we're going to give dating a shot-'
'Very soon, I must admit...'
'Shut up Frank. I just wanted to asking you if you could both cut me some slack.' I raised an eyebrow.
'We can, but I hope she doesn't. You need a good lay.' He spun off and stormed away, and I chased after him.

'Mikey, Mikes, come on. I'm just kidding. You know that. Look, I'm really glad that you found someone, though I must admit Frank was right. It was kinda quite....'
'Thanks, Gerard. I know, and I appreciate it. And I know that, believe me. We both talked it over and we decided that we'd give it a shot. We know it's soon, but why not? If it works, it works. If not...well, ah well.' He shrugged. I beamed, proud at how mature my little brother was being. I ruffled his hair.
'Atta boy Michael. So wait, does that means she's sticking around here?'
'Well, we weren't sure about that. We were going to give it a bit of time and see how things worked out, but she wouldn't move in so long as it's fine with all of yous. Wow, that sounds kinda funny...' He mused, opening his door and leaving me. I skipped back to the kitchen, embracing Frank tightly.
'It's so cute I think my hearts swollen and about to burst. My little Mikey has grown up!' Frank chuckled, shaking his head.
'Come on, let's organize this picnic. Do you have a picnic blanket and a basket anywhere?'
♠ ♠ ♠
Eighteen chapters plus a prologue. I'm proud of myself :) Usually I'd have scrapped it or re-written it chapters ago. Maybe it's a sign O.o ... or you commenters are just lucky and amazing and spectacular (and naked?). Yeah, I blame you commenters for my strenght the carry this through to the end. Speaking of the goddamned end...I really don't know how far away that is. I've always pitched this as a 40 chapter story in my mind, but I'm not sure...I mean, I only just started writing the Na Na Na vdeo (chapter 22), but even technically speaking I haven't actually started writing the video...oh wait, never mind. I remember setting off the detonator. Ah well, then I have to do sing and GAH! I think I should be able to fill out a further twenty chapters minimum. Stand at the ready, Killjoys!