Generation Nothing

Chapter one

I licked my dry lips in anticipation, just as much as exhaustion. What was left of the Californian desert was scorching hot today, and we just had to pick today of all days to do a blasted stake out. I gave a frustrated sigh, as I picked my ray gun up and examined it, rubbing off any dirt marks I found.
'Gee,' My younger brother said, excitement and fear mixing through his voice as he sat up slightly in his seat, 'what's that?' He pointed through the windshield, up at the road ahead. Along the horizon, a figure had become aparent, and I took a tight grip on my gun.
'Not sure, Mikes. Not sure. In any case, hold onto your hair cause if it's a drac we're outta here.' Mikey nodded, and I watched out of the corner of my eye as his hand twitched towards his own ray gun.

Half an hour passed before we could make out the color on the figure. I gave a sigh, glad I had no need to kick the engine into gear.
'What?' Mikey asked. The young boy had suffered from short-sightedness his entire life, and he hadn't seen the color like I had. I gave him a reassuring smile.
'It's not Korse's.' I told him, and we both sat back in our chairs. I watched with amusement as the lone figure came towards us. At first I thought they were running, until they got no more than ten meters away and I spotted the wheels on the bottom of the blades. With one eyebrow cocked, I took in the appearance of the messenger. Thin, lanky (a very similar frame to my brothers, if I say so myself), an overall white costume with the addition of blue polka dots to his pants, the black thong over them, and the word “NOISE” printed across the singlet they wore. Their face was hidden behind a helmet, the colors inverted to his pants.
'Show Pony?' I asked, and the messenger gave me a curt nod, saying nothing, 'Get in.' I gave Mikey a weird look, one he gratefully exchanged. I had seen a lot of weird folk out and about in the zones, but nothing like this character. As Show Pony slammed the door, I took a deep breath and turned on my Trans Am. When my baby roared to life, I hit the gas and spun the wheel, spinning the car in the other direction before tearing off with a cloud of dust behind us.

When we reached the D IE, I had barely killed the engine before Show Pony was out of the car. Mikey and I both gave each other confused glances, before we both left the car.
'Why?' Mikes whispered to me, and all I could do was shrug. Who was I to question the Doc's motives? With that thought I walked inside, Mikey at my heels. It appeared Show Pony knew their way through the old diner, because when we found him he was in the back room; the WKIL headquarters.
'Boys, I'd like you to meet Show Pony, he's going to be hanging around here from now on.' My eyes widened.
'What? Why?' I demanded. I was so out of place, but I couldn't help it.
'Show Pony's agreed to be my errand boy. It takes the pressure off you two so you can focus on more important things, like ghosting Draculoid's and putting Korse out of business.'
'Because the two of us can bring an entire corporation down alone. Sure, you're going senile old man.'
'Old man? Boy, may I remind you who's taught you everything you know about these blasted zones? I may be in a wheelchair but I'm as capable as you in every sense. Go collect your head, Party, before I do it for you.'

I spun around and rushed from the room, jumping in my Trans and tearing off from the old diner, giving it a one fingered salute as it disappeared from view within my rear view mirror. When I brought my hand back inside the window, I pushed the gas down harder as I tried to get the meter as close to 210 as I could, controlling the car one handed as I fiddled around with a cigarette. When I finally had the cigarette in my mouth, I sat back and sighed. I shouldn't be so possessive of my uncle, it was stupid of me to go off at him like that. I was just hurt that after so long of it just being the three of us, he decided to bring in some one else so out of the blue. It hurt me was all. With that I sighed, and brought my speed down to 150, growling at how well the Doc knew me. With that I smiled, knowing I loved him no matter what. After all he was the only family I had. Just as the thought crossed my mind, I heard the engine to my Trans splutter, fall out, come back to life before giving out completely. I cussed, as I looked down at the dashboard. I had overheated her.