Generation Nothing

Chapter twenty-one

I was awoke by the sound of an engine dying, and I fluttered my eyes open with a groan. Slowly, I pushed myself up and rubbed at my eyes. My body was slowly beginning to heat up, and I realized I had fallen asleep on the roof. Sighing, I was about to stand up when I caught sight of the roof of a white van. I dropped to my stomach with a gasp, crawling towards the large letter D. I hoped the red of the letter would hide my hair, as I snuck up to spy on the two Draculoids outside the diner. I instinctively reached out to touch for my holster, when I realized it was probably still sitting on my desk in my room. Biting my lip to hold back a curse, I hoped that the others within were either asleep or being smart and holding fire. I felt useless without my weapon. The Draculoids didn't make a fuss, though. They taped a few pieces of paper to the pole of the gas pump and hoped back in their van, going on their way. I watched them disappear into the horizon before I jumped up and dashed from the roof, making my way out side.
'Ohhh, shit.' I mumbled, as I tore one of the fliers down. That was my face, alright, and the black bar across my eyes with the command “exterminate” couldn't make me feel uneasy. What was worse, however, was the three other posters taped beside where mine had been. One to each of the Killjoys that had fought at my side once. I began to pant, as I ripped each of them down and ran inside, dumping them on the floor as I began to wake everyone up.

'Guys!' I screamed, as I banged against my own door to wake up Frank, 'guys, get up!' I said, moving over to hammer on Mikey's door. I kicked the door open to see the three of them looking quizzically at me.
'Fuck, what's your problem, Gee.' Mikey groaned.
'We got a fucking problem.' I said, spinning around and rushing from the room. I collapsed into one of the chairs at the table, staring at the posters incredibly. Frank was the first out, zipping up his jacket as his eyes caught sight of the paper.
'What's thi...oh god.' He picked up his own picture staring at it. The others eventually trickled in.
'Gerard, what's up?' Mikey asked, before he too spotted the posters. He rushed over, picking his own up as he stared at it with wide eyes. Jet Star looked over Frank's shoulder.
'Damnit, why don't I get one.' Lady furrowed her eyebrows, as she picked my own up, 'I bet I've killed just as many damned Draculoids as you all have.'
'Question is have you ever come close to killing Korse?' I mumbled, maintain my gaze at the table. She gaped at me, before looking at the other three in turn.
'Y-you''ve battled Korse before?' We all nodded.
'Right before you found me. Almost nabbed the bastard. Almost.'
'Wish we had of.' Frank murmured, 'Would've made all our lives that much easier.' I could feel Frank's gaze on me, pleaded to me, but I ignored it and he eventually gave up.
'Shit,' Lady finally whispered, 'No wonder you guys are wanted. What are you going to do?' We all fell into a silence at that question. What could we do? Well, one thing was certain. We would have to move on. It wouldn't be long before they realized we were here, thanks to the showdown Jet Star had brought to our doors. But did we seriously want to be on the run forever? Now there was no stopping this. We would hardly be able to settle down for very long. Once BL/ind got wind of our whereabouts, we were screwed.
'Weren't you supposed to be going back to your gang?' I asked Lady. He question had annoyed me greatly. All she did, however, was simply shrug.
'I decided I'd camp out here for a few days.' She answered, 'Now, back to the problem at hand.'
'I have an idea...' Mikey piped up, 'but I don't know if your all going to like it.'
'Just spit it out, Mikey.' Frank laughed. Mikey bit his lip, frowning. I knew he was thinking. Probably how to best explain his idea without us jumping to conclusions.
'Well,' he started, 'it's just an idea but what if...well, all the Killjoys have ever aimed for is to bring down BL/ind's reign. Well, clearly we got to him, if he's making us wanted after that encounter. Maybe it's because he realizes that if he's gone, Better Living will lose it's control. Maybe that's why he's stepping up security on us. He knows we almost did it once, and second time he might not be so lucky. What if we try and end this all. Right here, right now. Why don't we break into the SCARECROW unit and exterminate him?'

There was silence. We were all seriously considering it. If it had of come out of my mouth, I doubt everyone would be contemplating it so much. After all, I had a tendency to be quite dramatic and risky. However, the idea coming from my brother's mouth made it sound less like a leap of faith and more like a sensible suggestion. And why shouldn't it? Mikey was the sensible one between the pair of us.
'You jackass.' I laughed, 'I thought I made it clear that it's my job to come up with crazy life threatening stunts!'
'Ah, but that's where you're wrong, Gerard. If we plan this out, not just run in headfirst, then we'll have the advantage. If we keep our heads we should be able to pull this off.'
'Alright, I'll give you that one. But how do you propose we do such a thing.' Mikey just smirked.
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