Generation Nothing

Chapter twenty-two

'Nice work.' I said, admiring Mikey's handy work. I tipped my head to the side.
'Could've brought out a bit more blood, but not bad at all.' It was a disappointment that the only blood staining the precious white jacket was that trickling a few centimeters down the front of the Draculoid's chest from where Mikey had pierced him with a bow to the side of the Better Living. I quickly fished the sharpie pen form my pocket and walked up to the side of the van.
Look alive, Sunshine! I scrawled in big messy letters to the left of the body, We're coming to get you, READY OR NOT to the right. Smiling, I put the pen back in my pocket, and Mikey and I made our way back to the Trans Am. As I slipped into the drivers seat, Frank tried to slip me a smile, but I let it slip. It had been two long days since the Dracs had been at the diner. Frank wasn't trying to make up for what he did, but he wasn't ignoring it either. I felt that he had accepted what he did, and knew there was no making up for it, but he wasn't giving up on me. I'm glad he wasn't, but I wasn't ready to forgive him just yet. No where near ready.
Sleeping arrangements had changed. I didn't want to talk to Frank, let alone sleep in the same bed as him, so he had moved to Mikey's room, and Mikey was now in my bed with me and Grace for a few nights. Jet Star had taken Mikey's bed, and Frank was on the floor in Mikey's room. Lady had agreed to go home for a few days, but no more than five. If she was going to be dating my brother, as she put it, she wanted to be in on the action.

In those two days, we had also made progress on Korse. We had slain a group of twenty odd Draculoids the first day in, and we immediately saw an increase to the exterminate posters. The plan was simple; we would offer Korse that chance to take us himself, in a one on one dual. Us four boys, verses him and three Draculoids. The Drac attached the van was just the second step to rile Korse up. That had been our plan of action. We would wind him up so much that he had no choice but to come and face us. Hopefully, it worked.
'Look alive, Sunshine. 109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit. You're here with me, Dr Death-Defying. I'll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter, pumping out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you live. A system failure for the masses, anti-matter for the master plan. Louder than gods revolver and twice as shiny! This one's for all you rock 'n' rollers, all you Crash Queens and Motor Babies. Listen up! The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary! It's time to do it now and do it loud; Killjoys, make some noise!' We tore off to the sound of heavy guitars and screaming vocals, riding the highway like there was no tomorrow. This drac was just the first stop today. Next on the menu was the explosion of a favored highway. We rode along in silence until we reached Guano, where we all slipped out of the car. Frank went over to the boot to collect the dynamite, Mikey helping him as he grabbed the detonator. I scanned the horizon, making sure it was clear.
'Alright, we don't have long. Let's hurry.' both boys dropped their loads on the ground, and we quickly hurried to set up the dynamite. We had managed to retrieve a timed detonator, which meant we had to be nowhere around when the thing went off.
'Set it for five minutes. Give us enough time to get a safe distance before it blows.' Mikey told Frank, who merely nodded. Once he had set the bomb, we all jumped up and ran to the car, hitting the gas and tearing off down the highway. A few miles down we stopped and stuck our heads, waiting to see the final explosion. I was glad we were so far away, as we saw chunks of bitumen flying for meters.
'Woo hoo!' Frank cheered, thrusting his in the air as I slipped back into the seat.
'Come on, Frank, get back in.' Mikey laughed, 'I want to go see my girlfriend.' I made kissy faces at Mikey, who punched me in the arm. I laughed, before driving off. The last stop of the day was to take Mikey over to Lady's for the night. Damn them, couldn't even last a few measly fucking nights without seeing each other?

I dropped Mikey off at the front of the old arcade, and while Frank climbed into the front seat we exchanged hugs and love.
'See you later, Gee.' Mikey waved, before heading off. I took a deep breath, trying to ignore Frank's presence beside me as I hit the gas and left my brother behind. The awkwardness between us was thick, but I honestly preferred it over breaking the ice.
'Gee.' I scowled when he used Mikey's nickname for me. He hesitated for a few moments, waiting to see if I would bite his head off again. He was testing the waters with me.
'Gerard, please.' He pleaded with me, and I heard him sniff. I tightened my grip on the steering wheel.
'Please just talk to me. That's all I want.' He whispered. I sighed.
'We did, the other night.' He shook his head quickly, eager to keep me talking.
'No, we didn't talk. You yelled at me.'
'Yell, talk. What's the difference, apart from the tone?' I mumbled.
'Please, just stop.' I just wanted to keep going, to reach home and retreat to the sanctity of my room,'Please?' I gave in, softly taking my foot from the gas to the brakes. I was tempted to hit the brakes as hard as I could, see if I could knock him out, but that was just me being vengeful.
'Alright, talk.' I said, only taking my hands from the wheel to turn the car off. Frank sniffed again.

'Gerard, why are you actually angry at me?'
'Because you took my mother's letter to me and Mikey without any form of permission, Frank.'
'Is that it?'
'Is that it? You realize that you could have destroyed it – it's old paper, Frank, it'll damage easily. It wasn't only my heart you were risking, but Mikey's too. Do you know how much that letter means to us?'
'I do-'
'No, you die. Don't fucking lie. You can't even begin to fathom how much that letter means to me and Mikey. Do you realize he told me to keep his half of the letter when he was seven, and I first showed it too him, because he was to scared that he'd lose it or wreck it? He hasn't asked for it once since then, for the same reason. He didn't want it damaged, and neither do I. Do you think I had it hidden? And then you fucking waltz in like you own the fucking place and take what you want and do what you want. I probably could have forgiven you if you had of left it by why the fuck did you take it?'
'I don't know why I took it, Gerard. I guess I wanted to talk to you about it, you know. Apart from this I haven't got anything left from any of my three girls,' he touched his necklace, 'at least you got a letter. All I've got is memories. I can't remember any of their voices, except Jamia's, but even that's so faint and distant I don't know if it's hers. It could be any of theirs, or I might just be trying to hold on so desperately to the past that I'm making up their voices and convincing myself they're really theirs. I also took it because deep down inside of me, I was scared that you weren't coming back, just like my girls never did. Gerard I was so scared that SCARECROW had you, and if they did, well...'

Frank trailed off, and I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see he had broken out into silent tears. I sighed, giving in. I stood up and climb through the gap between the chairs (awkwardly, might I add, due to my size), and reached back through to grab one of his wrists lying on his lap. He looked up at me through the tears, and I gave him a gentle tug to tell him to come back here with me. He stood up and followed my actions, needing a little help from me. Finally he collapsed between my legs, curling up against my chest as his tears turned into sobs. I wrapped my arms tightly around him, hushing him. I placed a soft kiss atop his head, before he started to choke out the rest of his argument through his sobs.
'Gerard, if they had taken you I would have come after you. But I was scared for the worst. I thought you had died, that I'd never see you again. I guess...I guess I took it because I knew how much that letter meant to you. It was important to you, and it was a part of you. I just wanted to carry a little piece of you around with me until I found you, and then I just forgot to put it back because we all got lost up in the celebrations and what not.' I sighed, leaning down to kiss him on the temple.
'Frankie, I'm sorry, honestly.' I whispered into his hair, 'I overreacted. I always do it.' He nodded into my chest.
'Apology accepted.' I murmured.