Generation Nothing

Chapter twenty-three

Grace stood on the bed, looking down at Frank and I sceptically. She crossed her arms over her chest.
'Have you two stopped fighting?' She asked, raising a tiny eyebrow. My mouth dropped, and Frank laughed.
'Grace, are you kidding me?' I demanded, 'I'm the adult here, and you think you can just hijack my bed?'
'I'm not hijacking it. I just don't want to have to wake up to you two arguing. I have to sleep in here too.'
'May I remind you of the empty bed in Mikey's room. If you don't like it, I'm sure you can go sleep in there.'
'So you haven't stopped fighting?' I groaned.
'We've both answered this three times already tonight; no, we're not. We were mature adults and talked it over.' Frank held up a finger and went to speak, but Grace cut him off.
'Responsible adult? May I point out who slept on the roof, who went and blew up a street, who ran away from Mikey in the blistering heat and passed out? Shall I keep going.' I glared at her, then at Frank.
'Alright, alright, I get your point. Now can I please hop into my bed, the bed I've been sleeping in for almost seven years?' Frank and Grace both scoffed.
'Well, someone's possessive of their bed.' Frank snorted.
'Fine. Frankie, let's go. Clearly, he's trying to tell us something.' The pair both started towards the door. I groaned, grabbing at my hair and tugging.
'Guys. Come on, I didn't mean it like that!' Frank looked over his shoulder, and eyebrow raised.
'Oh? And how did you mean it?'
'I meant it like I want to go to sleep without having my bed hijacked by a ten year old. Please, Frankie, come on! Why are you siding with her?' I pouted.
'Because she's cute.' I feigned hurt, looking down at me feet.
'Fine then.' I slipped down into the bed, pulling the covers up over my shoulders and turning my head into the pillow. I heard Frank sigh, and I smiled into the pillow.
'Nope. Nope. She's cute, I'm not, I get it. Just leave me in my misery!' I spat melodramatically. I felt the weight on the bed shift and Frank crawled over to me, straddling me.
'Gee, come one. You're cute,' he placed a kiss on my cheek, 'adorable,' below my ear, 'amazing,' on my temple, 'beautiful,' on my nose, 'and all around sexy. Don't make me smother you to prove me point.' The weight on bed shifted again and Grace sat down. I suddenly sprung up from under the covers, flipping Frank over so I was the one on top. With one hand I searched his body for a weak spot, praying he had one. I quickly found it along his stomach, and he began to scream and writhe beneath me. With my other hand I pulled Grace onto the bed and did the same to her. She was just as easy as Frank, but I didn't have the advantage of pinning her down, and she managed to wriggle out of my grip.
'Grace,' Frank shrieked, trying to throw me off him.
'Alright, alright.' I said, moving my hands to pin Frank's wrists down, 'Truce, guys? I'll stop, I get the bed back, we all get in and go to sleep? No arguments just sleep.' Frank pouted up at me, and I smacked his wrist with a chuckle. He smiled innocently and I shook my head. Grace accepted, and I rolled off Frank onto my back. We both moved over a bit to give Grace more room, and she climb in, pulling the covers up.
'Shit. Grace, light?' I asked, pouting. She frowned at me.
'Make Frank do it!' She pleaded.
'Nope, asleep.' Frank grunted from beside me. I gave her a pleading look and she got out to flick off the light, shuffling back in beside me. I felt Frank's arm snack through the dark around my waist, and I put both my arms around their necks. Laying there, both their heads against my shoulders, I couldn't help but feel complete. We had become like some tiny, messed up family and I looked it.

That feeling didn't last for long, though.

I was awoken in the night by a crash in the dark. I yawned, sitting up slowly. Frank and Grace had both unraveled themselves from me. Frank lay at my side, snoring. I reached over and brushed his hair back, before laying down and reaching over to pull Grace towards me. Only problem was Grace wasn't there. I was quickly brought wide awake. I jumped from my bed, grabbing my jacket and pulling it on as I left the room. The dinner was dimly lit, the sun slowly coming up on the horizon. I looked about the kitchen, seeing nothing of Grace.
'Grace, honey? Where are you?' I asked. I was about to start down the corridor when someone left Mikey's room. My eyes widened, and I took a few faulty steps back.
'Korse.' I spun around and ran back towards my room. Behind me I could hear Korse chasing me, and I had barely made it into my room when his fingers caught my jacket. I was pulled back, choking as my collar caught my throat. Korse pushed me up against the wall, grabbing my head as he sneered down at me.
'I'm going to have so much fun destroying you.' He hissed, and from in the diner I heard Grace's tiny scream, mixing Dr D's name into it. My uncle and Grace were both in trouble, and I couldn't even go and help them. That's when I spotted the terrified expression on Korse's face.
'I could say the same to you, Korse.' Frank sneered, 'Let him go.' Korse's tight grip loosened on my face, before he let go completely, 'I don't take joy to betting an unarmed man, however, in unfair situations. This, is an unfair situation. Let's make a date, then, shall we? One weeks time from now we meet up at Guano. You know, where the road gets a bit...rough. You bring three Draculoids and yourself, we'll bring us four. Showdown. And don't bother trying to bring back up, because we can dust any amount you throw at us, you've seen us do so with your own eyes. We'll play this fair. Think you can manage?' Korse nodded, 'Good, now get you and your fucking Dracs out of this building and don't show your faces around here again until we've had our showdown, or believe me, I will take all the pleasure I want from giving you a slow, painful and dramatic death.' Korse left the room, terror filling his eye. Frank kept his gun to Korse's head, watching carefully as he recalled his Dracs and left the room. When we had sent them down the road, I wrapped my arms around Frank, squeezing him tight as I placed a rough kiss on his lips.
'My hero,' we both laughed, 'but why didn't you make our jobs and life in general a thousand times easier and just shoot him on the spot. I would've, if I were you.' Frank gave me a lopsided smile as he raised the gun to the roof, firing. I flinched, before realizing the gun was dead.
'Oh.' I murmured, frowning.
'Yep. Oh.'
♠ ♠ ♠
Alrighty, now, there is one chapter between you and me. Why? Becuase I've been fucking pumped. I'm heading down to Sydney for Christmas, and my flight is coming close. In fact, it's in three/four days. Three if you don't count the day of the flight. now, I don't know how this shall affect the story. Hopefully I'll have a neighbour whose stupid and leaves their internet unlocked so I can hack it, but if they've wisened up since last Christmas then you'll be left without an update for a month. I leave the 16th, return the 16th. So I've been uber excited and haven't been able to focus on writing. Not to mention we got our wii back after eight months and I got a new fucking phone, so I've been grossely obsessed with them. So I shall try and post as much as I can between now and then, but no promises.

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