Generation Nothing

Chapter twenty-seven

'Ah, the killjoys. I'm so glad you could make it.' Korse chuckled.
'Don't flatter yourself, Korse, this isn't some sort of family reunion. We're just doing what Killjoys do best.' I was surprised by Jet Star's input, but I honestly couldn't have put it better myself.
'Of course. Now, there was one thing I couldn't help but notice, and that just happens to be something I'm sure you would miss. Now I thought we agreed no back up?' My stomach fell, 'Good thing I had no faith in you, cause I've got some of my men taking car of them.'
'You bastard, they weren't back up.' Mikey suddenly screeched, 'They were the clean up team, they were on hold so they could clean up whatever mess we left behind.' Mikey suddenly wiped out his weapon. Korse raised a finger, and clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth.
'I wouldn't do that if I were you?' He suddenly pointed towards us, and we all spun to look behind us. There was a couple of Draculoids on either side of the Trans Am, and Grace seemed completely unaware as she poked her little head around the corner of the passengers seat. I clenched my hands into fists, the nails leaving deep imprints. Behind me Korse chuckled.
'Get away from her!' I screamed through the mouse mask, and reached for me ray gun as I started towards my car. The Draculoid closest to me took a step towards me, but didn't make a move for his weapon. The one positioned behind the car did, and aimed it straight at me. I turned my weapon on him and before he could fire I shot him in the shoulder, a second shot landing on his face. Suddenly the first Draculoid charged at me and I followed lead. I managed to land a fist to his face, another in his stomach, before placing my gun to his temple and firing. I gave him a final kick before I rushed to the door of the car and opened it.
'They know you're in here now. If they come for you just scream, alright?' She nodded weakly, and I shut the door and rushed off. Korse had disappeared, and several more Draculoids had come out of hiding to aid their men in killing my boys. I rushed over, my weapon raised, as I began to fire at the Dracs.
'He's got Dracs all through the country side, you can see their white outfits through the landscape if you look hard enough. But we haven't spotted Lady yet, or any other killjoys for that matter.' I nodded, and a shot barely missed my elbow. I felt my mask move as a shot hit it, but it had no affect to me.
'Party Poison! Fun Ghoul!' I growled as I heard Grace screech, and I spun around to see a Drac dragging her out of the car and off into the desert.
'Cover me.' I warned Frank, as I took a few steps away. I raised my gun, biting my tongue as I tried to take a steady aim. Grace was in such an awkward position that I didn't want to hit her. Finally he let her go, and began to taunt her as I took my shot. She huddled down, and I rushed to take her hand.
'Hold onto my clothes, don't leave me sight, and tell me if anythings coming up from behind us.' She nodded, and I returned to find the Draculoids growing in numbers and closing in on the others. I fired almost blindly in my desperation to help the others, but it seemed a miserable attempt.

A few Dracs jumped Frank, and I choked on a cry. I was about to start running towards him when he the Dracs fell limp, and he pushed them all of him. Standing up, he spotted me and gave me a smug grin. I shook my had.
'Don't scare me like that. Now where's Korse?' We both looked around. At first we couldn't see anything, but it was Jet Star who spotted them.
'Over there, in the desert.' he said, coming up behind me. I looked over to see he had lost his eye patch, and the left side of his face was bleeding lightly.
'What the hell happened?' I gasped.
'Fucking Drac smashed a bottle across my face, then Mikey chased him off.' I looked around for my younger brother, spotting him atop a rock.
'You good, Kobra?' Frank laughed, and Mikey made a few karate moves.
'Ain't no Drac gonna stand a chance against me!' He cheered.
'Alright, Kid, get down here before you hurt yourself.' He pouted and started down the rock.
'Trust Korse to get out of the line of fire. Bet he was expecting them to at least take one of us out.'
'Well, he's dreaming. Killjoys never die.'