Generation Nothing

Chapter twenty-eight

We thought we were out of the clear, with Korse disappearing in the distant in a cloud of dust. We all hung around for a few moments, making sure no more Drac's were about to pop up out of nowhere on us while we had our backs turned. Once we were satisfied that we had dusted them all we headed back towards the car and slipped in.
'Gee, we need to find Lady.' Mikey spoke softly from behind me, a note of urgency clear in his voice. I nodded, pulling off the mouse head and passing it back to Grace. I hit the gas, making each of us sink back into our seats as the car picked up speed rapidly.

Lady and her gang had decided to park further up from where we had met Korse. Their reasoning had been so that they could see when Korse had come back passed, so they knew when to come in. I guess that's why Korse had reacted so badly, he thought we were going to try and sneak up and take him from behind. Of course we weren't that stupid, not to mention the only person I wanted to take from behind was Frank. I wasn't that stupid, I knew how Korse would react if we did that, and that's what had us all scared for Lady and her crew.

For a long time we saw nothing, but Jet Star soon pulled us to a halt, having spotted the hood of Lady's car sticking out from behind a large rock. Frank and I exchanged glances as Mikey bailed from the car and Jet followed him. The smoke coming from the hood was thick and constant, definitely not a good side. We only hung back for a moment, before we both clambered from the car.
'Come on, honey.' Frank ushered Grace from the car and picked her up, and we both ran to catch up after my brother. When we reached him he had his hands weaved through his hair, a panicked look across his face.

'She's not here. She's not here.' He whimpered. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. I rubbed my hands along his back, trying to soothe him.
'Hush, Mikey. Come on, we'll find her, I won't let him hurt her.'
'But what if they already have? Or worse? What if they're just carrying dead weight?'
'Shush, come on, don't think like that.' Frank walked up to us, and put his hand on Mikey's shoulder. He gave it a gentle squeeze as he smiled weakly.

'Come on, Mikes, she'll be alright. Korse doesn't work like that. He wouldn't kill her like that, he'd keep her alive so that he'd have a way to lure us back in.' Mikey nodded softly, but didn't say anything. I let go with a smile and patted his back, looking over at Frank with a grateful smile. He returned it, but suddenly frowned.
'Where's Grace?' He whispered, as his eyes went wide. I spun around and searched the landscape. Jet had his head stuck through a window of the car, but Grace was gone.
'Over there,' Mikey suddenly choked. I looked over my shoulder to find where he was pointing, before looking away. In the distance Grace's small, colorful body stood out beside the tall white figure beside her.

'How did she get over there?' I screamed, as I began running towards them. My hand twitched towards my ray gun, as Frank shouted from beside me.
'I don't know, I put her down next to Jet.' The poor boy sounded close to tears, and I glanced over at him. I shook my head and ran on, grabbing my ray gun and focusing on the figure leaning down beside her. I fired a shot and missed, though my second shoot hit my target clean. Grace ducked a little, but looked up once she was sure no more shots were coming her way.

'Gerard! Frank!' I heard her cry, as she began towards us. I picked up my speed to meet her, picking her up and pulling her into a tight hug.
'Gracie, how'd you end up all the way over there?'I asked her, as I put her down.
'I saw something and thought it was Lady. I went over to see what it was and a Draculoid jumped out and grabbed me. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth and pulled me away.' I pulled her tight before letting her drop to the ground, and she took a hold of the hem of my jacket.

'Gerard,' she looked up at me, and her eyes glistened with tears, 'will this ever be over?' I sighed, crouching down next to her.
'I don't know, honey. I hope like hell it will be.' With that I picked her up and started back towards the care. I could hear the footsteps of the others as they followed behind me.
'Gerard, what are we going to do?' Mikey piped up.
'We're going back to the diner, we're stocking up, and we're going after Korse.' I growled, as I hugged Grace tighter into me.
♠ ♠ ♠
So I'm thinking there'll most likely be a sequel to this. Not to sure. I feel like writing one, to say the least