Generation Nothing

Chapter two

The back of my boots gently hit the body of the Trans Am, as I bounced my feet back and forth. I had given up sitting in the car and feeling useless. At least out here I could stretch my legs or stretch out in the warmth of the sun. I had done neither of those things, just sat on the boot of the car, but it was a nice thought that I could if I wanted. With a heavy sigh, I laid down backwards and stared up at the crisp blue sky. Suddenly, my heart and my bladder both felt heavy. I quickly rolled off the car, choosing to empty my bladder instead of thinking about all those years ago, and walked over to the bushes behind the car. Call me crazy, but even with the knowledge that nobody would be around to watch me, I still felt like the privacy of a bush.

I took care of myself, before zipping my pants back up and spinning around. The zones were always so quite out here, always giving off the feeling that someone was watching you. Of course, someone could and more than like was watching me without my knowledge. That was probably why I was so uneasy. I knew what SCARECROW was like, and I knew I was probably in camera range. I had to get going soon or I would more than likely have a fight on my hands. With that I spun around and started back up towards the car. I opened the door and sat down, trying to start it only to get a few splutters from the engine. I reached over and grabbed the radio mic, pressing it a few times before slamming it back into place.
'Fuck.' I groaned, running my hands through my red hair. I slammed my head back into the seat, before sighing with defeat. I began to take everything I needed from the car; my ray gun, a spare energy pack, my cigarettes, my sun glasses, my hat. Just as I was about to get out of the car, I heard the sound of a motor. Grabbing my ray gun I sunk down into my seat, waiting to see whether or not it was a Drac coming my way. Of course it was a black bike headed my way, which made my heart race. That was, until I spotted the red skull and Frankenstein mask. I quickly threw open my door, rushing out and waving my arms in the air to hail the rider down. The bike pulled into a stop beside the car, and he cut the engine.

The man pulled his mask up over his face, and my breath faltered in my throat.
'Got yourself into a spot of trouble, I see.' The young man smirked.
'Yeah, I kind of over heated her. Do you have a bottle of water with you?' The man shook his head.
'Nah, man. Sorry. How far out are you? I've got nowhere important to be, I can take you back.'
'I'm out that way a bit. Are you sure? It's quite a drive.' He shook his head.
'Not a fucking problem. Come on, better not stand in one place for too long. Name's Fun Ghoul.' I smiled, walking over to the bike.
'Party Poison.' I threw my legs over the seat and he turned the engine on.
'One tap either shoulder to tell me which way to turn, two to stop.' He said, as I wrapped my hands around his waist, and with that he picked his feet up and let the bike tear off. My heart faltered at the velocity, and I gripped on tighter to the young man, squeezing my eyes shut as I sung softly to myself.
'If my velocity starts to make you sweat then just don't let go, and if their heavens got no vacancy, then we just, then we just, then we just, then we just get up and go.' Feeling calmer, I opened my eyes and rested my chin on Ghoul's shoulder. I could barely hold open my eyes with the speed we had going, so I gave in to the gravity and shut my eyes. For the time being I felt content, riding the zones with another motor baby, and when I finally saw the D IE on the horizon, I couldn't help but feel disappointed. I taped his stomach twice, and he slowly pressed the brakes on, til he was going no more than twenty. He got the hint that it was the dinner I was headed, and pulled in without mention. When he killed the engine and kicked down the stand, the doors flew open and Mikey ran out. I slowly hoped off and approached him, expecting him to embrace me. Instead, I got a slap.

'Fuck.' I whimpered, as I brought my hand to my cheek and touching it gingerly.
'Where the hell have you been, Poison? God, you bastard, don't just run off with no contact for hours. We've had reports of SCARECROW and we thought we'd lost you.' This time he couldn't contain himself, and punched me in the eye. I stumbled backwards, but he stopped my from falling as he brought me into a hug.
'Where were you, Gee?' He whispered into my throat.
'The Trans Am overheated and I couldn't get her started.' I mumbled, before hugging Mikey back, 'I'm so fucking sorry, Bro. I didn't mean to scare you, honest. I did try to contact WKIL but my radio doesn't work without the engine.' Mikey sniffed, nodded, and let me go. I looked over at the entrance to see the Doc sitting there, Show Pony behind him. I walked over to them and hugged the Doc.
'I'm sorry for being such a bitch before.' The Doc nodded.
'It's fine.' He looked passed me, 'Who's your friend?' I spun around, looking back at Fun Ghoul as he bounced awkwardly on his feet.

'Guys, Fun Ghoul. Fun Ghoul, this is Kobra Kid, Dr Death-Defying, and Show Pony.'
'From WKIL? Oh god, it's an honor, all of you. I thought I recognized your name.' He mused, 'Now I don't like to be a killjoy to anyone but BL/ind, but what are we going to do about your car? Do you need a ride back out.'
'That'd be awesome, if you don't mind.' He shrugged.
'I really don't care. Like I said, no where important to be. Oh, and one more these pumps give gas? I'm cutting it close.' the Doc cut me off.
'Of course. Take what you need. Party, I've got a show to do so you know where to find me.' I nodded, and he and Show Pony left.
'I'll be right back, I just need to grab some water.' I went inside and fished a few liters of water out from the fridge, before carrying it back outside. I put it on the back of the bike, and went over to hug Mikey.
'I'll be back soon, bud.' I said, and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled, before waving goodbye and running off into the dinner. Frank hoped onto his bike and started it, revving the bike before calling out to me. Slipping my leg over the bike and my arms back around him, Fun Ghoul tore back off into the desert.
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote the return to D IE to the end of sing, so of course it's a bit emotional. Also, to clarify, the WKIL HQ's are in a secret room in the D IE dinner, which can be accessed from either inside or outside, both through secret pannels. The outside panel is the one Show Pony skates through in Na Na Na