Generation Nothing

Chapter twenty-nine

'Thank god you boys are back and safe.' the Doc smiled as I walked over and hugged him. As I pulled back, he frowned.
'What's up, Gee?' I sighed, crossing my arms tightly over my chest.
'Korse thought Lady was back up so he nabbed her and the others, then they tried to get to Grace, and almost managed.' Dr Death sighed.
'That's not good at all.' I shook my head.
'Not at all. That's why we're going back after Korse.'

My uncle's eyes widened, but I spun around and walked towards Frank, who was leaning against the hood of the trans-am, fiddling with something. He looked up at me and winked, before turning his gaze back to the device in his hands. Mikey was with Grace, teaching her to use a vend-a-hack. A white ray gun slipped out, and Mikey gave Grace a high five before handing her the gun.

'Mikey, really?' I shouted at him, and he spun around with an innocent gaze.
'You let her fire a bazooka!' He argued.
'With Frank. A gun to her own is different.' I chuckled, shaking my head.
'How so different? She needs to be able to defend herself if we can't do it for her.'
'No she won't, because she's not coming.' Grace's face dropped, and Mikey arched his eyebrow at me. I rolled my eyes.
'And why exactly not?' I sighed.

'Mikes, you saw what we were up against. We could barely keep ourselves alive, let alone Gracie. Korse may not be so lenient on us next time. Do we want to risk her?'
'Gerard, listen. It's no safer here than it is with you. While you were gone a few Drac's came in. It was only thanks to Show Pony that I didn't get...' I shook my head.
'Don't say that. Just...don't. Look, she'd still be safer with you two here. With a veteran like you and Show Pony, she'd be a lot better off than in direct warfare with us.'
'Gerard, teach her how to shoot that gun. She can take care of herself.'

'Doc, I'm not putting blood on her hands, even if it is a Draculoids. She is too young to kill.' I growled at him, at everyone. Running my hands through my hair I become worried that I was defeated by their arguments, until Frank came to my rescue.
'I agree. There are things she can do, and things she can't. She can use a vend-a-hack to her little hearts content, she can help me fire a weapon, she can steal stock, for Christ sake she could swear, but I won't have her kill anyone. Not while she's so young and pure, not while there's still a chance and time on our side.'

Everyone fell into silent for a moment, until Grace broke it.
'I don't really want to swear.' We all laughed, and Mikey ruffled her hair.
'Alright, have we got everything? A full tank, spare battery packs, masks,' I counted on my finger. Frank held up his device.
'Bombs.' He said with a smile, and I raised an eyebrow.
'Bombs?' He nodded eagerly.

'I was just touching up the wiring on this one, but we've got seven in the car.'
'Whatever satisfies you.' I laughed, rolling my eyes as I started towards the drivers side.
'Gerard,' Grace piped up, 'please let me come. I want to come with you.' I sighed, pressing a clenched fist against my forehead. I shut my eyes for a moment, before opening them and looking over at Frank.
'What do you think?' I sighed. He shrugged.
'What choice do we have?'

Knowing he was right, that we stood no chance because to a degree they were all right, I sighed in defeat. I nodded towards the car.
'Come on then, get in.' I walked over to Dr D and wrapped my arms around him, 'See you when we get back. Show Pony.' I waved to him.
'See you soon, Buddy Boy.'