Generation Nothing

Chapter four

Frank and Mikey both took out the last Drac, sending him flying back against their white van. Better Living my Italian ass. With the battle won, I slumped down into the drivers seat and held my wound. Luckily, I was the only of us three harmed.
'Poison!' Mikey shrieked, maneuvering himself around the car so he had one knee on his seat, the other between my legs. He bent down as he moved my hand away, examining the damage.
'Shit Party Poison, why'd you go and get shot for?' Ghoul hissed through his teeth. I glared at him.
'Have to let em think this isn't too easy for us, hadn't I? Go check on the others.' He nodded and ran off. Mikey moved back over to his own seat, opening the glove box to retrieve the first aid kit.
'Dr Death is gonna kick your ass, you realize.' I chuckled.
'Bring it on, he can try. Gonna be a bit hard in a wheelchair, though, ain't it?' Making smacked my shoulder, before dabbing my burn with disinfectant before bandaging it. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut with the pain, and let out a heavy sigh when he finally finished.

'Guys, we've got a problem.' Fun Ghoul said, as he popped up at my door, 'She's dead, he's unconscious.' My eyes widened, and I pushed his chest away to let me pass, before I rushed over to the couple. Sure enough the girl was bleeding profusely from a wound to the stomach, the man not much better with a wound to the arm and leg. I crouched down beside the man.
'Mikey, CPR to her. See if you can get anything before bandaging. Frank, that container of water I used to fill the car, there should be some left. Bring it here.' They both nodded, and we tried for the next half hour to bring them both back to better health. Mikey had no luck with the woman, and the man eventually died in my hands due to blood loss. We had been too late.
'Fuck!' I screamed, getting up and beating against the BL/ind van. I barely made damage, but it felt good to take my anger out against it. With a sigh, I leaned my head against the cool metal for a moment, before getting Mikey to help me move the bodies over to the van. BL/ind would take care of them, I knew they would. They always did.

With the bodies resting against the van, I apologized to the deceased women before I pressed my fingers against her wound. With my blood as her ink, I wrote in bold letters You'll regret every body you take along the van before turning away and heading back to the Trans Am.
'Poison?' Ghoul asked softly, and I ignored him.
'Leave him,' I heard my brother speak to him, 'he just needs some time. He always does this when people die on our watch. Feels responsib-' I beeped the horn at them until the started towards the car, and as soon as all the doors were shut I spun the car around and rushed off. When we got back to the D IE, I let the pair out without a word. Once they were both out of the car I took off again.