Generation Nothing

Chapter five

There was a soft knock on my door, and I mumbled a, 'Come in' before burying my head back into the pillow. I thought it was Mikey or the Doc at first, but when Frank spoke up I realized otherwise.
'Hey Party. How you feeling.' I sniffed, and turned my head to the side a little.
'Shit.' My voice was muffled through the pillow, but Ghoul got the idea. I knew he did when he put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it gently.
'Come on, man, forget it. We did our best, and so did they. With that many we're lucky we got out with nothing but that.' He gently pressed his fingertips to the burn I had unwrapped, and I shuddered softly.
'Does it hurt bad?' He asked, and I sniffed again, giving him nothing but a shrug as an answer. A silence slipped between us, but was hardly awkward. It wasn't broken until he noticed what I was holding.
'What's that?' He asked. I instinctively pushed it under the pillow.
'Just a letter.' I said, and shut my eyes as I began to sob. I had finally given in and thought of them, and I could barely control my own body. I felt ridiculous, crying like that in front of him. Here I was playing the tough guy out shooting Draculoids and fighting for justice, and now I was nothing more then a sniveling wreck.

'Hey, hey, don't cry.' To my surprised he laid down beside me, and pulled me into a hug. For a moment I did nothing, just let his arm hang over my back, until I finally rolled over and buried my head into his chest. With this I could stop my tears, and I began to cry hard. For a long time we just lay there, him rubbing my back and telling me it was alright, until I calmed down enough to mumble, 'I'm sorry.' into his shirt.
'Pardon?' He asked, pulling away from me and looking down at me with concerned eyes.
'I'm sorry.' I mumbled again, without making eye contact with him, 'Here I am crying my eyes out because I haven't seen my parents and I wasn't able to save a few unknowns, when your here with your dirty clothes, with no one, not even parents. Well, as good as.' I spoke thickly, reaching up to rub my eyes. He chuckled.
'Honestly, it's alright. It's good to cry sometimes. And I thought we settled this earlier? I don't have no one, I have you guys now.' I smiled up at him.
'You fight like a part of the team.' Suddenly, I felt a hell of a lot more cheerful, and I sat up.
'We would make the most awesome team, us three. Well, we do. Surfing the zones, kicking Drac butts. It'd be fucking amazing. And we could all have matching bandana's and be like, “Eat that, bitch”!' I couldn't help but giggle at myself and my own stupidity. Fun Ghoul just shook his head, mumbling a short, 'Oh god, what have I got myself into' sarcastically. I punched him softly in the arm, before lying back down.
'It'd be nice to have someone else. I mean, I love Kobra with all my heart, but you know what siblings are like. It's not all sunshine and rainbows. We have our fights, and we can both get annoying as hell to each other. Plus there's only so much two people can talk about, especially in this bland place.'
'May I point out Battery City for a moment. Now that is bland. This place is a fuck-load more livelier. I mean, you've got Dr Death, Kobra, yourself and now me. We have a car and a motorbike, a giant mouse head, ray guns, comics, music, a pirate radio station, shall I go on.' I smiled at him.
'Fine, fine. I get the point.'

'You hungry?' Ghoul suddenly changed the subject, and I shook my head.
'No, I'm more tired than anything. I guess I used all my energy crying.' I gave a halfhearted smile, and Ghoul ran his hands over my hair before pulling me into another hug.
'Hey, like I said; it's alright. I used to cry myself to sleep every night, it was so hard. Just as long as you stay strong the rest of the time.' I pulled him into a tighter hug for a moment, before resting my forehead against his neck. To be honest I was glad Ghoul was there right then. Apart from Mikey and the occasional hug from the Doc, I never really had human contact. Ghoul was lucky to have had a wife at one point, at least he had someone to love him, someone outside of his family. I had never had that. I was jealous to say the least. As I felt the tears prick against my eyes, I hugged Ghoul tighter. I felt him do the same, just as a snore came from his lips. I chanced a glance up him, and smiled to see he had already fallen asleep. Seemed he was more tired than I was. For a minute, I stared at him, before I pressed my lips softly against his jaw. He smiled, but didn't stir.