Generation Nothing

Chapter six

I put me head back, as I chugged a few mouthfuls of Corona and lemon.
'Slow down, Bud.' Ghoul laughed, and I stuck my tongue out at him.
'The sun's fucking blistering, alright. I'm sorry I'm thirsty.' Ghoul's mouth dropped, his eyes widening.
'You tool, take off your fucking jacket then. Oh my god.' I rolled his eyes and I blushed. It honestly hadn't occurred to me to take my leather jacket off. I was just so used to wearing it that I never really took it off, except for showers and bed. Speaking off bed, Ghoul and I had spent the entire night asleep together. When he woke up and went to have a shower, before changing into some fresh clothes I gave him, it occurred to me that we didn't have any spare beds. I still hadn't voiced this to him, and since we were lacking for conversation at the moment I decided to speak up now.

'Hey, Fun, if you're gonna be sleeping here from now on, well, you're gonna have to crash with me for a little until we find you a bed. I mean, it's either me or the Doc, take your pic.' I teased.
'Oh, god, give me the Doc's bed, please. I'd prefer to sleep with him any day!' My mouth dropped as I feigned hurt. I shut my mouth and pouted, turning my gaze from him.
'Fine, just fine. Be like that. And maybe you'd like Mikey's clothes, too.' I joked.
'That'd be great, thanks. Save's me wearing these ugly things. I have a reputation as a snazzy dresser to uphold.' I stuck my tongue out at him.
'Fuck you, Ghoul.' I growled, taking another sip from my glass.
'Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you?' He laughed, giving me a smirk. I flipped him off, and grabbed my ray gun.
'How'd you like me to shoot that smug grin off your face, yeah? Wouldn't be such a Fun Ghoul then, would you?' We both laughed, and I put my gun down.
'But seriously, I don't care. That's the first time I've slept in a real bed for almost four years.' I choked on my mouthful, spitting it out before I started choking. Ghoul jumped up and came over to clap me on the back. When I finally regained composure, I mouthed my disbelief.
'Are you serious? How have you been living this whole time?' He shrugged.
'Mainly in my jeans and jacket under the stars, and always with a ray gun at hand.'
'Didn't you come across anyone else?' I asked dismally.
'A lot of people are in the same boat as me, Poison. Sleeping in cars, always on the go. Everyone's to scared to settle down in once place. I'm amazed you guys have.'

I suddenly felt guilty. I knew just how many people were out there in the zones, I had seen how many people listen to the Doc on WKIL, and I was sure there were more people out there. I suddenly stood up and left the roof of the diner, going down into the main parlor and through the building to the station. The Doc was halfway through a transmission, and I collapsed in a spare chair as I let him finish.
'That's the word out there in the zones gentlefolk and ladygirl's. Spread the love while you got it, and don't hold back. Dust the dusters and keep on grinning.' He flicked a switch and hit the play button on his computer, and with that he was off air.
'What's up Gee boy? Your lookin' a little glum.' I sighed.
'Fun Ghoul just told me something shocking. Apparently he's spent the last four years sleeping on the dirt, and so have a hell of a lot of other killjoys. I'm just in shock to say the least.'
'Buddy, what do you want me to do about it? I know that. Believe me, I've seen the darker side of the zones. I know what a lot of people go through, and sleeping on the run is honestly the least of their worries. I do this radio station to keep their spirits lively and their hopes up high. After all, they all have something to fight for, and deep down we all love what we do, it just has a few downs along the way. Think of what Fun Ghoul's been through, only to end up meeting you. Fate and good fortune on his behalf, if you ask me. And each and every other one of our listeners and Killjoys are gonna get the same, Party. When we overcome Better Living, they'll get their family, and if they die trying, they died doing what they believed in and helped that little bit more to those who'll eventually get their families back. There's nothing you can do, Gee, 'cept defend your belief's and think of the bigger picture.' The song finished, and the Doc was put back on air.
'Party Poison sends his love to each and everyone of you crash queens and motor babies, and hopes each of you get what your fighting for.' The Doc raised his eyebrows, and I knew it was my time to leave. I got back up and went to find Ghoul. I found him still up on the roof, except this time he was sitting on the ledge, legs dangling over the edge as he watched the sun glisten across the desert, low on the horizon. I want and sat down beside him, watching the same view as him for a minute before I turned to him.

'Frankenstein, I've got something to show you.' He seemed to tense up at the name, but smiled anyways.
'Yeah?' He asked, looking me up and down expectantly.
'Nah, not here. We're going for a drive.' We both stood up and made our way out to the front. Ghoul headed towards the Trans Am, but I shook my head.
'Let's take the bike. Is she full?' I asked, and he nodded.
'Yeah, she's topped up. She should get us a fair distance.' I nodded, and we both mounted the bike.
'Out that way.' I pointed left down the highway, and as I wrapped my hands back around his waist he tore off. I buried my face into his shoulder again, and smiled at how content I was.

When we reached our destination the sun had just begun to set.
'Wow,' Was all Ghoul could managed, as he looked out over the view. I had brought him to the spot where I came to think, a spot I had come just earlier yesterday after the shoot out with the Drac's. Atop the hill was the only living tree I had ever seen, and it overlooked a stretch of desert before the desert ended, meeting up with a mass of water that stretched out to the horizon. Ghoul kicked the bike stand down, and hoped off the bike, as he walked over to the tree. He ran his hands along the rough bark, letting his hands brush over the branches. Then, with a childish laugh, he hoisted his leg up and began to climb. I laughed, hoping off the bike and walking over to stand below the tree.
'You can see everything in every direction from up here. I think I can even see the diner.' Ghoul squinted, before looking down at me with a smile, 'Come on, come up!' I sighed, but gave in. I pulled foot up, and with a small amount of effort got my entire body into the tree. The rest of the climb was easy, and I eventually got to Ghoul's branch. I sat down against the trunk, as he walked out a little way and grabbed a handful of leaves. He balanced his way back over to me, and sat down with his back to the sunset. I watched with amusement as he rubbed the leaves between his fingers.

'It's amazing how much you miss the little things, like leaves. I haven't seen a leaf for so long I all but forgot them.' He looked up at me, and gave me a soft expression, 'Why did you bring me here.' I shrugged gently.
'Who knows how long either of us are going to be around? This place always brought me happiness, no matter what was on my mind. I thought that you deserved to share this.' Frank gave me a smile, dropping the leaves to the ground as he spun himself around and the branch and put his back against my chest. He grabbed my hands and put them around himself, and I took up the embrace.
'Thank you, Poison.' I smiled.
'You're welcome, Ghoul.'

We sat like that as we watched the sunset disappear, and somewhere along the way Ghoul ended up falling asleep. His head gently lolled to the side, and I smiled softly to myself.
'When the lights go out, will you take me with you? And carry all this broken bone? Through six years down in crowded rooms and highways I call home is something I can't know till now, till you picked me off the ground. With brick in hand, your lip gloss smile, your scraped up knees, and if you stay I would even wait all night. Or until my heart explodes. How long, until we find our way in the dark and out of harm? You can run away with me, any time you want.' I sung softly.
'You have a nice voice.' Ghoul whispered groggily.
'Hmm? Oh, thank you.'
'And we'll take as long as we need.'