Generation Nothing

Chapter seven

From there Ghoul woke up more, but it wasn't until darkness had truly set in that we climbed down. I began towards the bike, but Ghoul hung around.
'We don't have to leave right now, do we?'
'there's no rush. We can stay as long as you like.'
'Good.' He smiled, and backed himself up against the tree. As Ghoul stood there, staring up at the stars, I couldn't help but thing of the last thing he had said in the tree. And we'll take as long as we need. I bit my lip softly, as I looked out towards the horizon. My stomach hurt, in a good way, and I was finding myself scatter brained and rather disillusioned. Suddenly, everything seemed to click into place, and I walked over to Ghoul. He looked up at me with an expectant expression.
'Ghoul,' I mumbled, before sighing. My stomach felt like it exploded, and I suddenly leaned forward, grabbing Ghouls cheeks as I pressed my lips to him. Almost instantly I felt a reaction from him as he wrapped his arms around my neck and deepened the kiss. We stood there for a moment, kissing under the stars, until Ghoul began to pull us to the ground without breaking the kiss. When we got to the ground, I ended up straddling the smaller man, and I really couldn't help the growing bulge in my pants. Ghoul finally broke the kiss to gasp for breath, before reconnecting our lips. This time, however, he let his tongue dart out to lick my lips, before he forced his way into my mouth. Not that I minded.

'Fuck.' I panted, when we both pulled away the second time. Ghoul chuckled, collecting his breath before speaking a complete sentence, something I was incapable of at the moment.
'So, if I may ask, where did that come out of?'
'I really don't know,' I chuckled, 'built up over two days I guess.' I said, before pecking his lips softly a few times.
'Is that so?' I nodded, before thinking up a decent retaliation.
'So, if I may ask, what's with no hesitation of acceptance?' I smirked. He returned the gesture and thrust his hips up into mine. Unprepared, I let out a quivered moan, digging my fingers softly into his scalp.
'Fuck you.' I growled, gritting my teeth.
'We'll see.' I swear, by the time the week was out I'd be sick of the smug little grin of his.
'Oh well, I'm the one pressed up against you one the way back, so if you give me a boner you'll just have to live with it.'
'Oh honey, believe me; I can live.' He pressed his lips to mine. When we broke apart, I stood up and held my hand out to him.
'Come on, we had better get back before Mikey punches me again. Next time he'll surely give me a black eye.' Frank sighed, taking my hand as I pulled him up. Not letting go of each others hand, we made our way over to the bike, before heading back to the diner.

The sky was dark, even with the aid of the moon and the few stars glimmering in the sky, and Ghoul had his headlight turned up onto high beam. He wasn't going as fast as he would in the day, because the nights out here are unpredictable, you never know when a Bl/ind vehicle or another Killjoy will pop up onto your path. However, we came across nothing on our way back, and we walked into the D IE to see Show Pony, the Doc and Mikey sitting watching the weather report. We walked in just to catch the phrase, 'Zone's 1-4 at an all time high,' and I groaned. We were currently sitting in Zone 3.
'Look's like it's sitting in front of a fan in a singlet for me.' I chuckled, as I walked through to my bedroom.
'Same for all of us. We're calling a day off for all but emergencies tomorrow.' Mikey and I both cheered, and I went about my room picking up a pair of pajama pants, some clean boxers and a fresh towel. I let the room and walked through the building, to where the staff bathroom was. I was in and out quickly, somehow having managed to lose the boner I had had back at tree. I hoped out of the shower, quickly drying down my body and pulling on the bottoms I had brought with me. When I left the bathroom, I went on the hunt for some food. Everyone had left the room by this point, except Mikey, who was sitting eating a can of beans.

'Hey, where did you disappear to?' He asked, cocking a suspicious eyebrow.
'Ghoul and I went out for a ride.' He laughed.
'Long fucking ride you went for.' When he realized his pun he laughed even harder.
'Oh shush you, go fuck a Drac.' He narrowed his eyes at me.
'Yeah, because that's oh so fun. Least their cum is normal, instead of your rainbow colored stuff.' I gave him a disturbed look, suddenly completely off food.
'Mikey, that's just sick.' I shuddered, and left the room. I heard him put down his can, before getting up and rushing after me. I ran off into my room, collapsing on my bed just as he jumped on me.

'Gee!' He whined, 'Don't be like this, you know it's true!' He proclaimed, before he started to tickle my bare sides. I screamed and thrashed about beneath him, trying to throw him off.
'And where was my invite into this slut-fest?' We both stopped and looked over at Ghoul, Mikey beaming innocently.
'Why are you just standing there; help me pin him down.' Ghoul gave me that damned smug look, and ran over to the bed.
'No!' I shrieked, as he wiggled my hands out from under me and pinned them down with his knees, before the pair of them began to tickle me. No matter how much I screamed, neither of them gave up. That was, until I started crying.
'Should we let up on him?' Mikey asked, and Ghoul sighed.
'Might as well, or else he might run to the Dr.' He pouted, and I stuck my tongue out at him, and he did the same right back at me.
'You're both so mean. Why do you pick on me like that?' I pouted, moving away from them.
'Awww, don't be like that, Poison. We were just messing with you.' I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest.
'So mean.' I mumbled. Mikey laughed, before hoping off the bed.
'Be like that, I'm going to eat my beans.' And he left the room, shutting the door behind him. Ghoul crawled over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
'You both suck. That wasn't fair!' I huffed. I was only faking it, but it was hilarious to watch Ghoul believe me.
'Look, I'm sorry. We were just having fun.'

'Fun is out blasting Dracs and reading comics together, not telling me my cum is rainbow and making me cry.' I blurted out, and Ghoul raised an eyebrow.
'Rainbow cum? And you were going to tell this to me when?' I shoved him away from me, and he laughed as he landed on his back. He reached over and grabbed my hands, pulling me down on top of him. Gently placing his hand on the back of my neck, he kissed me. Not roughly, like it had been earlier that night, but more passionate. I moaned softly into the kiss, as I pressed my lips against him. Suddenly, however, I broke the kiss. Kneeling above him, I cocked my head to the side slightly.
'Question. What are we?' I asked softly, licking my lips as I felt his breath tickle against them. He frowned with thought.
'You know what, I don't know. I mean, we kinda skipped the friendship and went from acquaintances to partners in a blur, but it's a bit to soon to actually be partners.' He murmured.
'Friends with benefits, and see how it goes?' He smiled, a genuine one and not his usual smug one.
'Sounds perfect.' He pulled my head back down into a kiss, shoving his tongue through my lips for the second time that night. I gently bit down on his tongue, earning an unexpected moan from the smaller man. With that he pulled his tongue from my mouth and broke the connection, hanging his head back with a groan.
'We should probably stop; I've never had good self control. And, well...' He looked down at himself and I chuckled. With one last peck I rolled of off him, laying my arm over his stomach. He tried to avoid pressing up against me, but his still managed to get his arms around my neck as he pressed his face into my chest.
'Night Ghoul.' I whispered against his forehead.
'Nighty night, Poison.'
♠ ♠ ♠
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