Generation Nothing

Chapter eight

I woke up with Fun Ghoul face down, stretched across my bed, as he snored softly. His right arm was over me, his thumb somehow hooked under the hem of my pants, his left leg entangled between my own. I laughed at position, and he shook his head into the pillow, mumbling something before going back to sleep. I reached over and swept his hair back, before shutting my eyes. I was about to fall back asleep when I head the sound of Ray guns firing. Ghoul and I both sat up, looking about the room.
'What the?' Ghoul spun around. His hand missed the bed and he tumbled off. My eyes widened, but with the sounds of shots still heavy in my ear I had no time to check if he was okay. I grabbed my own ray gun and mask, pulling the latter on as I rushed from the room. I knew Ghoul wasn't to hurt, because I could hear him following me.

I burst from the diner to see a man hiding behind a column, a helmet covering his face from view. Three Draculoids had open fire on him, and he was clearly in need of help. I raised my own ray gun and opened fire, hitting one in the throat with my third shot. Behind me Ghoul managed to hit the second one, and the man in the helmet got the third.
'Shit.' I heard Mikey behind me, and I looked over my head to see him running his hand though his hair. I turned away from him, and followed Ghoul as he ran out.
'Hey, Bud, you good? Hurt at all?' the man flicked open his visor, and gave himself a quick look over.
'Nah, I think I'm good. Thank you guys so much.' He held his hand out, and we shook it in turn.
'No problems, it's what we're here for. I'm Party Poison, this is Fun Ghoul, and over there is Kobra Kid.' Mikey waved slightly, and the man nodded.
'Jet Star.' He pulled off his helmet and held it at his side, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, 'It's not even nine and it's boiling.' He laughed.
'Come inside, then. A lot cooler in there, I can promise you that much.'
'As long as it's not an inconvenience.' I shook my head.
'Believe me, no problem at all.' The three of us headed back inside. Mikey stepped to the side to let us passed, but when I came within reach, he pulled me over to the side.

'Gerard, they'll know we're here now!' He breathed. I bit my lip.
'What can we do, Mikes? They're gonna know where we are wherever we go.'
'Let's pack the cars and head out for a bit, until they lay off the place.'
'Oh come on, Kid, open your eyes. We've made a fucking home here, you think they're gonna come out, see where no here and move on? Fuck no, they're gonna either torch the place or hold up camp. They'll know we'll come back. The Dracs may be stupid but Korse ain't. There's six of us, three of us renowned, and a legion of Killjoys at the feet of Dr Death-Defy, who'll come at the first call. If you're that paranoid, go charge some battery packs and get ready for a war. I, on the other hand, am going to relax while I've got the chance. It's not every day we get a day off.' I left Mikey with a tousle of his hair, joining the boys in the kitchen as Frank handed me over a beer.

'Ta lovely.' I smiled, opening the can and sitting down at the table, kicking my legs up. Jet Star was opposite me on the table, and when Ghoul sat down it was at my left.
'God, I am so over all this fucking running. Seriously, I've considered just heading back into Battery City and acting dumb, but it's too late for that. They'd wipe me out as soon as they got wind I was coming back.'
'Don't give in, Bud. It's hard as fuck, but it's worth it. What's got you fighting?' He sighed.
'That's the thing; I've got nothing worth fighting for. I have no family, no friends, not even in Battery City.'
'Fuck,' Ghoul bit his lip, 'that's harsh, man. I feel for you, I really do. It must be hard.'
'Very.' He nodded. And with that, another had been added to our numbers.