Status: Trying to introduce all the charactors in their own chapter. Except for Sokka and Katara, and the fire nation chick trio.

Ba-Sing-Se High

Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee: The queen, the goth, and the cheerleader.

Azula perched perfectly on her father's throne. She wanted to look majestic, even though she was only sitting there while her father, Fire Lord Ozai, was of on Ember island for a meeting with his advisers.

She knew she would be the one to rule, even though she was the younger of the Fire Lord's two children, and her older sibling was a boy. Everyone knew that boys were always the heir.

Never the less, Azula was stubborn.

"You there, hand servant!" the Princess called to a servant passing by.

"Yes, milady?" he said humbly, while bowing.

"When does my father return? I have things to discuss whith him." she stated, while looking at her nails.

"His majesties' plane lands tomorrow, Princess." the servant said, and bowed as he walked away.

"Good, this cannot wait any longer. I want the birthright." she said, clenching her fist.

Azula loved her brother, but she thought him not fit to rule. He would rather live with his Uncle than with his own father.

Zuko left with his Uncle after his mother died, like being around any other part of his family reminded him of the woman to much.

She was glad he wasn't here right now, or he would put a stop to her trying to get his birthright.


Mai sighed dramatically. Of course one of her knives she was throwing went out the window.

She stepped out onto the ledge to see where it went, thinking the whole time.

"Ugh, why does everything bad happen to me? Nothing goes right. My dad gets promoted, so I have to move to a place where I don't know anyone. My little brother, even though I love him dearly, takes up all my mom's time. Zuko moved away, and I don't love him anymore. Azula, or Ty Lee hasn't called in-- Oh, hey! There's my knife!"

She jumped to the building across from hers, and slid down the wall until her hand grabed on the hilt. It wiggled free, and she landed on the ground perfectly.

"Great, now I have to get back to my room." she mumbled.

Mai looked back up, them walked to the front of the building, and took the elevator.


"Ready? Okay! One, two, three, four! Let's all scream some more! Go, Dragons!"

Ty Lee was in her skimpy, red and orange cheer outfit, practicing for the next game in her room, when her mom knocked.

"Tyra? You have clarinet class."

"Mom, I'm Ty Lee! Would you get our names straight?"

"Oh, you have gymnastics, Ty Lee."

"Fine, mom." she grumbled, and started packing all her equipment up. She wanted nothing more that to move away, and go somewhere where her five other sisters, who looked exactly like her, would never go.

Ty Lee was miserable, her peppy exterior might not show it, but she was. She felt like she was nothing special, a no-name. Her sisters were everywhere she was, and it made her want to scream.

"That's it!", she said to herself, "I'll apply to Ba-Sing-Se High, and get out of here!"

She excitedly packed the rest, and ran out the door.


Azula was nervous, her father was coming home soon.

She paced back and forth, thinking of how to ask him for the birthright, when he walked I to her room.

"Azula, my dear daughter, I have a gift to you, and your friends." he said, causing her to jump.

"What is it, father?" she asked with anticipation.

"I've gotten you into Ba-Sing-Se High School. You, and your two friends."

She danced with glee, hugged him, then called up her friends.


Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee stood with their arms over each other's shoulders, posing for the thousands of photographers that were out there to see them off.

"I wonder if there are any cute boys there!" Ty Lee giggled.

"Is that all you think about?" Mai chuckled, then rolled her eyes.

"No, Ty Lee's right: Earth Kingdom guys are cute." Azula stated.

The three chuckled, and boarded the plane.