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Walk Through Hell

Pictures of You

Pictures of you, pictures of me, hung upon the wall for the world to see; pictutes of you, pictures of me, remind us all of what we used to be...

“No, Addie, absolutely not,” Claire scolded, “Get your arse out of this kitchen.”

“Mum!” Addie complained, “Why can’t I help you set up? It is my birthday party, after all.”

Claire shook her head, looking up, like she was speaking to God, “The one day I don’t want her to help, she won’t leave me alone. I can never win...”

Addie stuck her tongue out at her mother mockingly, “What time is everyone coming?”

“Five,” she said, whipping her wand and gathering all of the ingredients for a cake, “but I requested that Harry, Hermione, and Ron all come as soon as possible because you are getting on my ever-loving nerves here, and I need them to provide you with some entertainment.”

“I am terribly sorry that I want to spend some quality time with my mother,” Addie said, causing Claire to nearly fall over from laughter, “Fine, Mum, don’t believe me!” she added sarcastically, “So dad’s not coming, I take it?”

“What? Oh, yes, of course he is coming. He is bringing the Lucius and Draco after their meeting,” Claire replied, matter-of-factly.

Addie’s eyes went wide. Was her mother insane? How could she not see that them coming would be a problem?

“Mum, they can’t come. Harry is going to be here!” she could just see the sadistic look that would surely form on Lucius’ face at the sight of Harry. How easy it would be for him to lift his sleeve and call Voldemort right there in the middle of Addie’s sixteenth birthday party.

“They are coming,” Claire said, as she charmed a spoon to mix the cake batter, “because Lucius is your father’s best friend. They are here every year for your birthday; this year will be no different--”

“This year is different! Times have never been so dark, Voldemort wants Harry finished now; what’s stopping Lucius from summoning him? The Malfoys are in horrible standing with him right now; handing over Harry would be a one way ticket back into his inner circle!”

Claire sighed, “Harry will be perfectly safe here. If Lucius does try anything, half of the Order will be here; he isn’t nearly that stupid. But I happen to know for a fact that he will not do anything.”

“How could you possibly know that?”

“I have asked your father for no funny business regarding Harry; Lucius is afraid of your father, he won’t try anything.”

“And how do you know Dad’s going to listen?”

“Oh Addie,” she said simply, “because with your father, what I say goes. Now,” she added, a poking her daughter in the stomach lightly with a spatula, “get out of my kitchen.”


“We don’t want to spoil your mood,” Addie heard Harry say from somewhere in her room; she could barely hear him from the depths of her expansive closet, where she currently stood with Hermione, trying to pick out something to wear, “but we really should tell you something.”

“What is it, Harry?” Addie called, deep from within, then added to Hermione, “What do you think, this sundress, or should I go with a pair of shorts and a nice blouse?”

Hermione pondered a minute, “I love that dress,” she finally decided, “you should wear it.”

“Okay,” Addie decided, “Do you want one?” she asked, after seeing how much her friend liked the dress. She had plenty of dresses and loved helping her friend out with her wardrobe once in a while. Hermione nodded happily, “Pick one.”

“It’s about Draco,” Addie heard Harry yell. Quickly she slipped off her cotton shorts and t-shirt and pulled the dress over her head.

“Can you zip me?” she asked Hermione, who had just changed into another one of her dresses, “Do you know about what he’s talking about?”

Hermione pulled the zipper up, and then turned around for Addie to zip hers, “I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. He’s convinced Draco is up to something. How do I look?”

“Awesome,” she replied, “Ron will be drooling all over you.”

“Oh stop,” Hermione said, blushing.

The girls walked out of the closet and out into Addie’s bedroom. Harry and Ron were sitting on her king-sized bed, and just as Addie suspected, Ron’s jaw dropped. She gave Hermione a little nudge and a wink.

“What is it that you’re blabbing about out here?” Addie asked, as the girls continued through the bedroom to the attached bathroom to fix their make-up, “Use this,” she handed some eye shadow to Hermione, “It will bring out your eyes.”

“I really think that Malfoy is up to something,” Harry said, “we saw him in Diagon Alley after you left, and he was looking very edgy, so we followed him to Borgin and Burkes and he seemed very interested in something in there.”

Addie held her breath a minute, as the memory of being in that very bathroom with Draco the other day flooded her mind. The Dark Mark, the mission, Draco was a Death Eater…

She felt ashamed; she was going to have to lie to Harry, and even worse, she had to lie to Harry to protect Draco. If Harry ever found out, Addie was sure he would never forgive her.

She walked back out into her room after reapplying some makeup, “He is always interested in something in that store; it’s his favorite.”

“He was talking about repairing something.”

“Come to think of it, I think I remember hearing something about an old family artifact being broken…”

“It sounded important.”

“They think everything is important.”

Harry looked at her very seriously, his green eyes looking deep into hers; it made it so hard for her to lie to him. She looked away from him, cleverly making it look like she was checking up on Hermione back in the bathroom, “Addie, do you know something? Please, it could be really important…”

“Harry, if he were up to something that important, he wouldn’t tell me,” Addie hoped to God that he would be happy with that answer and breathed a sigh of relief when he shrugged his shoulders, and nodded his head in reason.

Hermione finally made her way out of the bathroom, makeup freshly applied. The gulp that Ron made could have been heard all the way in the basement it, was so loud. Harry and Addie looked at each other, both with a devilish grin on their faces.

They were going to have fun pushing the two of them together all night.


Hermione looked at the banister apprehensively, “I really don’t want to do this. Why can’t I use the stairs like a normal person? If you guys want to slide, go ahead, I’ll walk behind…”

“How have you never slid down a banister?” Addie asked, “You’re a muggle!”

“A muggle that we love very much, however,” Harry added nicely.

“Indeed,” said Ron

“Just because I’m a muggle doesn’t mean that I go around sliding down banisters!”

The three others couldn’t help laughing at her flustered expression. Her face was red with exasperation and she was beginning to sweat off some of the makeup that she had just applied. She looked as though she was on the verge of crying.

“There’s a first time for everything!” Harry said cheerfully.

“Not when my first time is on a slippery, marble banister that’s five stories up!” The four of them had moved up to the top level of the Clayworth mansion and Addie had to admit, it was a long, winding way down, but what better to way to start off a party than this?

Addie couldn’t help but bust out in laughter at Hermione’s innuendo.

“Oh stop! That is not what I meant!”

“Maybe you should go with a partner then. Ron, perhaps?” Addie suggested, Harry smirked.

“I think that is a fantastic idea! Ron, hop on!” Harry said.

Ron happily climbed onto the banister, looking eagerly at Hermione, “No! No! NO!”

Hermione yelled, “I will not do it!”

“Hermione,” Addie said seriously, “I will not go down to my party unless you slide down this banister.”

Looking defeated, Hermione climbed onto the banister in front of Ron and he wrapped his arms firmly around her middle. They both blushed profusely; Addie raised her eyebrows at Harry, he gave her a wink.

“I’ll give you a push,” he said helpfully, “One…two…three!” Harry pushed Ron forward and the two took off down the banister, Ron laughing and Hermione screaming for her life. As they got farther away, her screams became fainter until they couldn’t be heard anymore.

“Well, let’s go,” Addie said, making to go down the stairs. Harry stopped her.

“I think it’s your turn,” he said, motioning at the banister.

Addie shook her head, “Are you kidding? I’ve never done that before. It was just a clever way to get them near each other…”

“You little sneak.”

Before she even knew what had happened, Harry threw her up on the banister, jumping up behind her, and kicking off with his foot. They were going fast and Addie screamed, partially in delight and partially because she was terrified. She had never noticed before how far the top floor of her house was from the bottom floor. If they so much as leaned the wrong way, they would fall, surely to their death.

What a horrible way to die…

But even in the possible face of death, she had never felt so alive. She was so carefree in that moment, it was as if nothing bad had ever happened to her; that night at the ministry never happened. She was still pure, she wasn’t a murderer.

She heard Harry roar with laughter as they rounded the third floor landing, and she knew that he was feeling the same carefree feeling as she was. If they could just slide down that banister forever, they would never have to deal with the troubles of the world ever again.

If only…

Soon, they flew off the end and soared through the air, landing face-down with two loud thuds on the foyer floor. After lying still for a moment, Addie rolled over on her back and broke out in a fit a laughter. Harry soon joined her, and Ron and Hermione stood over them, looking at them like they were lunatics.

“That was great!” Addie laughed, “Fantastic!” Harry got to his feet, and then helped Addie up.

“Our landing could use some work, though,” Harry replied.

“I do hope that you are having a good time,” a voice came from behind Addie. She didn’t need to turn around to know who it was; she rolled her eyes, he was not going to ruin this party for her, not before it even started.

She turned to look at her father, who was standing with Lucius and Draco. They were wearing identical robes: black and long, Death Eater robes; they could have at least changed before they arrived at the party, perhaps they had been planning on it, not expecting the four of them to be in the foyer.

“Don’t worry. I am.”

“Can I ask why the four of you are sliding down my very expensive pure marble banister?”

“Well for fun, obviously,” The three men scoffed at them, causing Addie to roll her eyes, “Of course, I wouldn’t expect any you to understand that.”

Her father glared at her, “I do not care that it’s your birthday, I will not have you disresp--”

A pop emitted from the fireplace in the sitting room, cutting her father off mid-sentence. It must have been time for guests to start arriving, spoiling whatever plan her father had for punishment.

“There’s my favorite girl!” A redhead exclaimed, walking into the foyer. Mitch, Lucius, and Draco all looked in disgust at the family who just walked into the Clayworth house. Addie smiled, knowing it was turning her father’s insides to have such people in his house.

Addie smiled, “There’s my favorite Weasley,” she heard Ron clear his throat behind her, “…twin. Weasley twin.” Ron looked pleased.

George scooped her up into a hug, swinging her around. Addie squealed in delight; she loved George.

He sat her down, “Happy Birthday, my love,” he said, kissing her hand. Addie felt herself blush a little, and she also saw a hint of jealously wash over Draco’s face, which strangely satisfied her. “Save me a dance?” he asked.

“Of course.”

George walked farther into the house, “My brother is quite in love with you,” Fred said, greeting Addie. She smirked to herself as more jealously crossed Draco’s face.

Deciding to play up his jealously she replied, “And I, with him.”


“Presents now, or later?” Claire asked her daughter. All of the twenty-some guests sat at a long table set up under large tent in the garden. The tent was decorated with purple and silver streamers. Thousands of twinkling lights lined the ceiling, illuminating everyone’s faces; everyone looked more beautiful in this light.

“Now, of course,” Addie replied happily. She was seated between Harry and George Weasley, chatting excitedly with them. Claire couldn’t help but notice the way Draco was looking at her daughter from down the other side of the table. So silly, that boy was, to think that her mother wouldn’t see it; a mother sees everything, even if she doesn’t admit it.

Claire waved her wand, and the desserts that everyone had been feasting on disappeared and Addie’s pile of presents appeared in front of her. It was such a large pile, and it was going to get even bigger, once the rest of her school friends got there; the dinner was for the adults and closest friends in Addie’s life. The after party was for everyone else.

Addie opened each of her presents with care, truly taking time to appreciate all of the gifts that she was being given. Claire was grateful for having such a caring, thoughtful child and smiled to herself as she watched her open each of her presents.

“Remus, two?” Addie asked, looking to her godfather quizzically. She knew Remus couldn’t afford to spoil her so much; he could barely take care of himself.

“You deserve it,” he smiled. He was such a good man.

She unwrapped the tiny box first. A small grey box emerged; Addie knew what it was, looking at the charm bracelet on her left wrist; he had been getting her a charm every year for her birthday since she was born.

A small, silver charm, shaped like a dog was inside. Addie smiled, “It’s Sirius…”

“I thought it was appropriate given everything that’s happened…” he trailed off.

“It’s beautiful,” she immediately added it to her bracelet, the fifteen other charms gleaming in the light.

“The next one isn’t much…I just though you would like it,” he said.

Addie unwrapped a brown album with gold trim. On the front, written in gold was Adrienne Lily. She traced her finger over her name, pausing over her middle name; she smiled at the tribute to her mother’s fallen best friend. Harry smiled next to her as well.

She opened the album, and Claire cast a charm, so everyone at the table could see the pictures. The first picture was a baby picture of her with her mother. There were a few more of Claire and her coveted baby girl. There was another baby picture of Addie with Remus. On the next page, a there was a photo of two children, a girl and a boy, in a kiddie pool, both looking to be about a year old. The girl poured a cup of water over the boy’s head, and in return, he pushed her over.

“That’s you and me, kid,” she looked at Harry, who was laughing at his one year old self.

“Pure evil, even then,” he joked.

Addie flipped through more pages. There were more pictures of her as an infant, in many of them she was with Claire, Remus, and Sirius; there were several more of her with Harry, Lily and James. All of the infant pictures seemed to be taken within a span of a few weeks the summer that she and Harry turned a year old.

In the next picture, they were at the beach. Addie sat in a pink swimsuit, facing Harry, who was wearing blue trunks. Sirius sat behind Addie, and James behind his son, and they laughed as Addie plopped a sand bucket on Harry’s head, who then took it off and slammed it to the ground, crying.

Addie nearly died of laughter, as did everyone else at the table.

“Evil, I’m telling you,” Harry said.

“That was the last time you saw them,” Claire said, who had come to stand behind her daughter, “They went into hiding the next day.”

Addie and Harry looked at each other, regretfully.

The pictures became more spread out after that, racing through the years; Addie could tell that Remus had to ask Hermione for some of them, as many were taken at Hogwarts.

Finally, she came to the last picture of the album. It was taken at last Christmas; she, Harry, and Sirius were laughing on the couch at Grimmauld Place. That was the last time either of them saw Sirius.

She felt some tears weld up in her eyes, and saw that Harry was having a difficult time choking back his own tears. Addie put her head on his shoulder, wiping away a few of her tears; he wrapped his arm around he shoulder, pulling her close to him, so he could bury his face in the top of her head, hiding his tears from everyone around them.

Draco glared at them from his spot at the table.