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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 1

I walked into the rink at the United Centre Friday night and stood by the boards. It was 8:30 and practice was just ending. I searched the players on the ice for my fiancé Jonathan. I spotted him in the far corner of the ice gathering up pucks. ‘Does he ever look good in his equipment’, I thought to myself. Jonathan started to skate towards the bench and gave a little smirk when he saw me. “Hey,” he said as he came off the bench dripping with sweat and bent down to kiss me. “Hey,” I said, “how was practice?” “Good, coach worked us pretty hard today,” Jon replied as we headed towards the dressing room. “I’ll see you when I get out,” said Jon. “Alright,” I replied. About 45 minutes later Jonathan appeared from the dressing room his hair still damp from his shower. “Where to?” he asked. “Back to the condo,” I replied. “Ok,” said Jon. A cool breeze hit my face as we walked out of the rink and towards Jon’s Chevy Tahoe.

Jon opened the door to the condo and stepped inside, I followed behind him taking off my shoes and grabbing a blanket and sitting down on the nice big comfy sofa that faced the 12 foot high wall of windows that over looked the downtown and river of Chicago. Jon came and sat down next to me and he turned on the TV. “So what movie do you want to watch?” asked Jonathan. “Doesn’t matter, I’m fine with anything,” I replied. “How about ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’”, Jonathan asked. “Sure,” I said. The movie started and I moved closer to Jon putting my head against his chest as he put his arm around me. I closed my eyes breathing in Jon’s scent. He smelt so good. “You can go to sleep if you want,” he whispered kissing my forehead. “That’s alright I’m not tired”, I said but within a few minutes my eyes slowly started to close.

I woke up, still lying on Jonathan’s chest, to the credits of the movie. “It’s over”, I said sleepily. “Yeah you were out within the first 5 minutes of the movie starting,” he laughed. I smiled and sat up placing a soft kiss on his lips. “I love you,” I breathed. “I love you too”, Jon answered kissing me with passion this time. Jonathan pulled slowly away saying with a smirk, “We should probably take this to the bedroom.” I smiled and nodded starting to get up off him. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked pulling me back on top of him. “To the bedroom,” I replied looking a little confused. “So am I, but I didn’t ask you to get up off me,” he replied with that adorable grin of his, picking me up as he got off the couch, his arms around my waist. My legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. I giggled as he carried me to our bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed kissing me and removed my shirt. I then sat up and took off his shirt kissing down his neck to his chest. He let out a small moan in which I smiled at and moved my hands from around his neck to the waist of his pants and began unbuckling his belt and taking off his pants so that he was just in his boxers. Jonathan then slid his hands down to my waist and undid the button and zipper on my jeans and slid them off. Both now fully unclothed we moved our way so that we were lying on the bed, Jonathan on top of me. Kissing my neck he slowly moved down to my collarbone. His hands caressing my breasts ever so lightly. I moaned with pleasure, begging him to take it further, in which he gladly did.

I woke up the next morning and turned over to find the pillow next to me empty. I got up put on Jonathan’s t-shirt and some pyjama shorts and went out of the bedroom. I found Jonathan in the kitchen standing over the stove making chocolate chip pancakes in just his boxers. I smiled he looked so damn cute. Jonathan looked up from the stove and saw me standing there. “Morning babe,” he said coming over to me wrapping his arms around my waist, lifting me up on my tippy toes and kissing me. “Good morning,” I smiled, “It smells really good.” We then filled our plates with pancakes and started to eat. After we finished we both went and got ready to go to Jon’s practice. We got to the United Centre and walked down the long hallway to the locker room our fingers interlaced as we held hands.

We entered the locker room to see Patrick Sharp and his fiancé Sarah, Brian Campbell, Duncan Keith and his fiancé Robyn, Troy Brower and his wife Catherine, Brent Seabrook and his girlfriend Jessica, and Patrick Kane and his girlfriend and my best friend Jenn. Jonathan walked over to his stall which was next to Patrick Kane’s and started getting ready for practice. I went over and talked Jenn. “Tazer you look all smiley today what’s up?” asked Pat. “Nothing much,” Jon replied looking over at me smiling. Pat followed his gaze and then with a smirk said, “Oh so you got some last night huh.” “Meh,” Jonathan replied but he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. “Looks like Tazer got some action last night,” Pat said loudly so everyone in the locker room could hear. Everyone turned to look over at Jonathan. “KANER!” Jonathan yelled his face getting red with embarrassment, “You don’t have to tell everyone!” I walked over to Jon and put my arms around his waist. “That’s alright babe he’s just jealous that he didn’t get any last night,” I said standing on my tippy toes to kiss him. “Oooohhh burn!” said Troy laughing. Kaner glared at him and turned back to his stall. “Guess I should go and let you finish getting ready,” I said. “Alright,” Jonathan replied bending down to give me a long warm kiss. “Geez, Tazer didn’t you get enough last night,” said Brent. “Shut up Seabs!” replied Jon. With that Sarah, Robyn, Jessica, Catherine, Jenn and I all left the locker room and went to go get seats to watch the practice.

After practice Sharpie, Sarah, Troy, Catherine, Seabs, Jessica, Duncan, Robyn, Pat, Jenn, Jonathan and I decided to go out for lunch near the pier. “So are you excited for the banquet dinner tonight?” Jenn asked me. “Yeah I am, but I’m kinda nervous too,” I replied. “What’s there to be nervous about?” asked Jonathan putting his hand on mine. “I don’t know, I’m just worried what people will think,” I said. “Don’t worry everything will be fine, I’ll be with you the whole time,” Jonathan reassured me. I smiled and placed a kiss on his lips. “Again with the PDA,” Seabs said shaking his head. “Relax Brent, they’re in love. I personally think it’s cute,” Catherine smiled at Jon and I. We finished our lunch and everyone went to go get ready for the banquet dinner.

Jonathan and I were back at the condo getting ready. I showered, did my hair and makeup and got into my royal blue strapless dress that came down to just above my knees. I loved the little diamond pin on the hip of my dress it was the best part. “Are you almost ready?” I heard Jonathan call from the living room. “Almost,” I replied. I gave on last look in the mirror and decided that I was ready. I walked out of the bedroom and saw Jon sitting on the sofa. He looked over at me and his eyes grew wide. “Wow you look amazing Chels,” he said standing up and walking over to me. “Thanks you look pretty handsome yourself,” I said. Jonathan put his arms around my waist and I put my hands on his chest. “Maybe we should just skip the dinner and stay in tonight,” he said with a smile bending down to kiss me. I smiled, “No we can’t do that, beside then we’ll have nothing to look forward to after the banquet.” He laughed and placed a kiss on my forehead. We then headed out the door to the dinner banquet.

At the banquet after everyone was done eating and speeches were all over people started to head to the dance floor. Jenn and I were dancing to ‘Take Me on the Floor’ by The Veronicas. While Pat and Jon where talking to some team mates. “Take me on the floor I can't take it any more I want you, I want you, I want you to show me love just take me on the floor I can give you more you kill me, you kill me, you kill me with your touch,” we both sang. When the song ended the next song that came on was ‘Thank You for Loving Me’ by Bon Jovi. I felt a hand on my waist and turned around to see Jonathan. “Dance with me?” he said. “Of course,” I grinned. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me close. I reached arms around his chest since I my short 5’1” frame wouldn’t reach around his neck. I put my head against his chest and we just swayed back and forth to the song. I looked up at him into his dark chocolate brown eyes, oh how I love those eyes. Jonathan looked down into my eyes. “I love you so much,” I whispered. “I love you too,” Jonathan whispered back and kissed my lips.