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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 10

It was Thursday afternoon, Jon left yesterday for the All Star weekend in Carolina. I was going today with Jenn, Sarah and Robyn. I finished packing the last few things in my suitcase and then headed downstairs to the lobby to wait for Sarah to pick me up. We arrived at the airport and waited for our flight to board at 4pm. “So where do you think the guys will go in the draft?” asked Robyn. “I don’t know, it will sure be interesting to watch,” I said, as I felt my phone vibrate. I looked and saw that it was a text from Jon ‘Hey are you on your flight yet?’ ‘Nope not yet just about to board,’ I replied. ‘Alright I’ll see you when you get here, love you,’ Jon replied. ‘Ok love you too,’ I replied turning my phone off and boarding the plane.

We got to the hotel that we were staying at in Carolina. We didn’t see the guys anywhere so we went to the front desk to ask which rooms they were staying in. Just as we got up to the front desk, we heard someone yell, “Sarah!” We all turned around to see Sharpie, Duncan and Pat standing there. Jenn, Robyn and Sarah ran over to them giving their men hugs and kisses. I walked over to where they all were wondering where Jon was. Just then I felt these arms wrap around my waist, picking me up and spinning me around. “Jonathan!” I squealed. He put me down and I turned to face him, standing on my tippy toes to give him a small kiss. “Hi,” I said smiling up at him. “Hi,” he replied wrapping an arm around my waist and leading me to where our room was. I put my bags down and crawled into bed, I was tired from the long flight and just wanted to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with Jon’s arms around me. I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, hoping not to wake him. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked pulling me closer to him. “I was going to go take a shower since we have to be down for breakfast at 10,” I replied. “I can think of something that’s better than breakfast,” Jon said while placing small kisses on my shoulder. “Jon we can’t do this right now we’re gonna be late,” I said as he rolled on top of me. “Sure we can,” he replied kissing the sweet spot on my neck. I slowly forgot about going for breakfast as Jonathan kissed his way down my neck.

Jonathan and I got to the restaurant in the hotel around 10:30. We got our food and went to go sit with Kaner, Jenn, Sharpie and Sarah. “You guys are late,” Sarah said as Jon and I sat down. “Yeah, we got distracted,” I replied looking at Jonathan. “Ah a little morning action huh,” Kaner said. I looked down at my plate and blushed. “Don’t be embarrassed Chelsey, you’re not the only one who got some,” Kaner replied. “Patrick!” Jenn exclaimed giving him a light slap. “What, it’s not like that it was a secret. They could probably hear us, being in the next room.” “Actually we couldn’t,” Jon said. “Oh well we could sure hear you two,” Kaner replied with a smirk on his face. “Oh my god,” I exclaimed burying my face in my hands. I was even more embarrassed now. Jon just laughed and shook his head. We finished eating and then decided to go explore the city.

It was 5:30pm so we were all heading over to the rink for the draft. Jenn, Sarah, Robyn and I went to go get seats while the boys were talking to the media. The draft started, Duncan went 4th overall to Team Lidstrom, Sharp went 15th to Team Staal and Jon went 16th to Team Lidstrom. Once the guys were done with all the media interviews we went over to congratulate them. “Congrats babe,” I said giving Jon a kiss and a hug. “Thanks,” he replied as we headed back on the bus to the hotel. “Are you excited about the skills competition tomorrow?” I asked. “Yeah it should be fun,” Jon replied, putting the hotel room key card into the slot and opening the door. I put on a Blackhawk’s t-shirt and pyjama shorts and crawled into bed next to Jon. “Good night,” I said lying down next to him. “Night,” he replied wrapping an arm around my stomach and kissing my forehead before drifting off to sleep.