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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 13

Jon and I woke up as we felt the plane start to land. It was around 1:30 in the morning when we got to Dallas. We got off the plane and went straight to the hotel. Jon, Pat, Jenn and I had to share a room since they Blackhawks staff had already pre-booked the rooms. We got to our room and put our bags down. We then all got ready for bed and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning around 9am. I looked over to the bed where Jenn and Patrick slept to find it empty. I rolled over to find the spot where Jon was empty as well. On his pillow was a note, ‘Morning babe, we’re all at breakfast so come down when you’re ready. Love Jon.’ I got up showered, got dressed and went down to meet them for breakfast. I walked into the dining room and saw Jon sitting at a table with Jenn, Pat, Crawford and Kopecky. “Hey,” I said as I slid into the seat next to Jon. “Morning,” Jon said placing a kiss on my check. We finished breakfast and then decided to go swimming since the guys had a day off before the game against the Stars tomorrow.

We went back to our room and changed into our swim suits. I came out of the bathroom and noticed that Jenn and Patrick weren’t ready yet. “Are you guys come?” I asked. “Um I think we’re gonna stay here and just relax,” said Jenn. “Oh ok,” I winked at her. Jon came out of the bathroom, “Ready?” “Yup let’s go,” I said heading to the door. “Aren’t you guys come?” Jon asked Pat. “No they’re gonna stay here and relax,” I said. “Oh ok, don’t forget to put the do not disturb sign on the door,” Jon laughed as we headed out the door. We got to the pool and saw Crawford, Sharp, Kopecky, Bolly, Hossa, Duncan, Brent, Campbell and Hammer. I took off my t-shirt and shorts so that I was in my red bikini. “Wow babe, you look so sexy,” Jon said moving closer to me. I could feel the guys watching and it was making me uncomfortable. “Jon they’re staring,” I whispered to him as he peeled off his shirt and I couldn’t help myself as my eyes roamed his toned chest and abs. He looked over at the guys and saw them staring. “Well let’s give them something to stare at,” Jon whispered seductively as he grabbed my hips and pulled me in for a heated kiss. I stood on my tippy toes and wrapped my arms around his chest as I felt his hands slide down my hips and grab my ass. “If you guys are going to continue then at least go back to your room,” Brent yelled. Jon and I pulled apart, “We can’t Kaner and Jenn are in there,” Jon laughed as we headed into the water.

After a few hours we decided to go back to the room and change. Jon knocked on the door as he opened it. “Is it safe,” he yelled. “Yeah you can come in,” replied Jenn. We walked in and went to go change. We then went into a room where the Blackhawks could relax. There were couches, flat screen TV’s and Wii systems hooked up to the TV’s. Jon and Pat went to go play Mario Kart while Jenn and I went and sat on one of the couches to watch TV. After talking with Jenn for a while I went to go see what Jon was doing. I walked up behind the couch were Jon was sitting and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. “Hey are you busy right now?” I whispered in his ear. “Not really why?” He asked turning around. “I need your help with a little something back in the room.” He looked at me and arched his eyebrows. I smiled and winked at him, grabbing his hand and headed back to the hotel room. I texted Jenn, ‘Jon and I are going back to the room to relax.’ Jenn replied, ‘Alright have fun you too. Don’t forget to put the sign on the door ;).’

The next day we woke up and went for breakfast and the guys went through their normal game day routine. We got to the rink and Jenn and I went to our seats while the boys got ready. In the first period Pat scored and then Seabrook scored with assists from Jon and Pat, a few minutes after. Sharp scored and Jon got another assist. The Hawks got a power play and Seabrook scored but it was called off. Making the score at the end of the period 3-0 for the Hawks. In the second the Stars scored 2 goals making the score going into the third period. The Stars scored within the first few seconds of the third period. Neither team scored after that causing the game to go into overtime. It was back and forth. Jon and Pat were out every second shift. I could tell Jon was exhausted, at one point he could hardly skate to the bench to get off. Overtime was over and it went into a shootout. The Stars shot first and scored. Jon was up next, he decked and scored. The Stars scored on their next shot, and then Sharp was up and missed. The Stars scored again making the final score 4-3 for the Stars. I waited for Jon to come out of the dressing room. Jenn and Pat had already gone to the bus so I was leaning against the wall. I heard the door open and saw Jon come walk out; he looked so exhausted and tired. “Hey babe good game it was so close,” I said giving him a hug and leaning up to give him a kiss. “Thanks,” he said wrapping his arms around me, holding me tight. We unwrapped our arms from around each other, Jon grabbed my hand and interlaced his fingers with mine as we made our way to the bus to go to the airport and head to Phoenix for the last game of the two week road trip.