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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 14

I woke up the next morning and saw that it was 7:30; Jon had a morning skate at 9. I rolled over to find him sound asleep. “Jon you need to wake up,” I whisper in his ear, he doesn’t move. I place small kisses on his checks and still no movement. I then make my way from his check to his lips giving him a light kiss. I feel Jon kiss me back and wrap his arms around me, now I know he’s awake. I pull away to see his eyes flutter open. “Good morning.” “Morning,” Jon replied leaning up and kissing me again. “Jon,” I said pulling away, “You have to get up for practice.” “I’m too sore to practice,” Jon replied lying back down. “You know you have to go,” I said. “Yeah I know,” he sighed and slowly got out of bed. I got up to get dressed; I decided to listen to my iPod while looking for something to wear. I was dancing around in my bra and underwear singing, “I had a barbeque stain on my white t-shirt, she was killing me in that mini skirt, skipping rocks on the river by the rail road tracks,” when Jon came out of the bathroom. He laughed and I turned around. “What’s so funny?” I asked walking up to him removing my headphones from my ears. “Oh nothing, you just look so cute when you dance,” he laughed. “Shut up you know you like it,” I smiled giving him a light slap on his chest. “You’re right I do,” he said giving me a quick kiss. We got dressed and went down to the lobby where everyone else was waiting for the bus to go to practice.

We got to the rink and the guys went to go change. Jenn and I went to go sit in the player’s bench to watch the practice. Coach Q didn’t work them too hard. After about an hour he let the guy’s just fool around on the ice. “Hey Chels, Jenn come out here,” yelled Keith. Jenn and I slowly made our way out onto the ice, not wanting to slip and fall. Jenn made her way over to where Kaner was and I slowly made my way over to where Jon was. I was more than half way there when Sharpie decided to speed past me putting a hand on my shoulder as he passed, which being the clumsy person that I am, caused me to lose my balance and fall flat on my ass. “PATRICK!” I screamed. “What,” he said while skating over to me. “Nice going Sharpie you made her fall,” Jon said skating over to us. “Hey it’s not my fault she would have fallen sooner or later, with her being as clumsy as she is, I just helped speed up the process,” Sharp laughed. “Oh thanks Sharp,” I said sarcastically. Jon laughed and helped me up; he towered over me with his skates on, even more than he does without them on. I stood on my tippy toes for a kiss but lost my balance and started to fall. Jon caught me before I fell onto the ice again. “Well that didn’t work like I planned,” I laughed. Jon laughed, “What if we try it like this,” he said picking me up causing me to wrap my legs and arms around his waist and neck. He leaned his head closer to mine and brought his lips to mine. I pulled him closer to me, depending the kiss. “Awww isn’t that cute,” Jenn cooed. Jon and I pulled away smiling at each other. “No you were supposed to stay like that, I wanted a picture,” Jenn exclaimed holding up her phone. Jon laughed and leaned his forehead against mine. His lips met mine for a short warm kiss and I heard the camera on Jenn’s phone click. “Now that’s a cute picture.” Jon put me down and held my hand, so I wouldn’t fall, as we made our way off the ice.

We went to go eat lunch and then the guys went to go take their pre-game nap. Jenn and I went to go sit in the lounge while the boys slept. It was 2:45pm and I decided to go see if Jon was up. I put the key card in the door and slowly and quietly opened the door. I saw that the bathroom door was closed and I could hear the shower running. I opened the bathroom door step inside and closed the door behind me. I saw Jon’s clothes lying in a pile on the floor. I decided that I would surprise Jon; I stripped out of my clothes and slowly opened the shower curtain just a little so that I could get in. Jon’s back was turned to me so I moved closer to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Hey baby,” I said seductively. Jon turned around a smile plastered on his face. “Hey, what are you doing here?” He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist. “Well I thought I could give you a little pep talk before the game,” I said while running my hand down his chest and abs. “Oh I think that can be arranged,” he said while pushing me up against the wall. He leaned down and kissed me while running his hand up my stomach and cupping my breast. He lifted me up so my legs wrapped around his waist. His hand slowly made its way up my thigh and I let out a small moan. “You like that huh,” he whispered huskily in my ear. “Mmhum,” I was all I could mumble. His lips kissed their way down my neck towards my breasts. He flicked each nipple with his tongue which sent shivers down my spine. “Jon, just do me now, please,” I begged, not know how much longer I could take it. I gasped with pleasure as I felt Jon enter me. He moved slowly at first, teasing me by pulling out, then just going in a little bit. “Jon,” I groaned, “Stop teasing me!” That’s all I had to say. Jon went faster and harder, grunting and moaning with every stroke. We climaxed at the same time, pleasure over coming both of us. We stood there just clinging onto each other out of breath and unable to move. The water had turned cold. “That was the best pep-talk I’ve ever had,” Jon said as we got out of the shower. “Well maybe we should do that before every game,” I replied as we got dressed and headed down to the lobby.

Jenn and I sat with the guys in the locker room until they had to start getting ready for the game. We went to our seats and waited for the game to start. In the first period Jon had a great chance to score and just missed. The Coyotes scored the only goal of the period. In the second, the Coyotes scored within the first few minutes. The Hawks got a power play and Brower scored! Making the score 2-1 for the Coyotes at the end of the second. In the third Keith scored, making the score tied going into overtime. Overtime was intense; Kaner and Keith both had break-a-ways but didn’t score. Time expired and the game went into a shoot out. Coyotes shot first and Crawford stopped it, then Jonathan was up and his shot was saved. The Coyotes scored on their next shot. Kane was up next and his shot was also stopped. The Coyotes next shot was saved by Crawford, Hossa was up next and his shot was saved also, the Coyotes were up again and scored making the final score 3-2. Jenn and I waited for the boys to come out of the locker room. About half an hour later the door opened and out walked Pat and Jon. “Good game, it was so close baby,” I said giving Jon a hug. “Yeah, thanks babe,” Jon sighed with frustration, leaning down for a long warm kiss wrapping his arms around me pulling me close. We just held each other for a while. “Ready to go home?” I asked as we parted from each other. “So ready,” Jon replied grabbing my hand and I placed a kiss on his check as we headed for the bus to go back to Chicago.