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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 17

After wondering around Navy Pier for a while we decided to go back home. When we got home we decided to just watch a movie and relax. Jon had a game tomorrow afternoon and Shane and David were going back home to Winnipeg, so we decided to go to bed early. I woke up the next morning with Jon’s arms around me. I looked at the clock to see that it was 8:15. I rolled over to see that Jon was awake. “Sorry did I wake you?” “No you didn’t, I should be getting up anyway,” Jon said giving me a kiss and getting up out of bed. I got dressed and headed out into the living room to see Shane and David watching TV. “Hey guys,” I said sitting down on the couch. “Hey,” they replied. “Are you guys ready to go?” Jon asked. “Yup,” we replied getting up off the couch and heading towards the door. We got to the airport and said our goodbyes. “Bye Shane,” I said to my brother giving him a hug. “Bye Chels, I had a good time, see you soon okay,” Shane replied. I said goodbye to David, “Bye brother-in-law,” I said giving him a hug. “Future brother-in-law,” David said with a laugh. We watched them go through security and then Jon and I headed to the rink.

“Hey Jenn,” I said as Jon and I walked into the locker room. “Hey, Chels how are you?” “I’m good, how are you?” “Pretty good,” Jenn replied going over to where Patrick was. “Alright babe well I’ve got to get ready,” Jon said. “Alright well good luck,” I said as Jon leaned down for a kiss. Jenn and I then went to go find our seats. In the first period Sharp scored with an assist from Jon and Hjalmarsson. Pittsburgh scored in the second making the scored tied going into the third. Brian Bickell scored within the first few minutes of the third giving the Hawks the lead. With a few minutes to go Pittsburgh scored ting the game making it go into overtime. The Hawks had lots of chances but just couldn’t put the puck in, so the game went into a shoot out. Jonathan was up first, his shot was saved. Crawford saved the penguins shot, then it was Sharp and his shot was also saved. The penguins shot again and Crawford saved it. Kane was up next and he scored. The penguins were up again, the shot was stopped by Crawford giving the Hawks the win.

Jenn and I waited for the guys by the doors of the locker room. Jon and Pat came out at the same time. “Hey nice game guys,” I said giving Jonathan a kiss. “Thanks, you girls ready to go?” Jon asked wrapping an arm around me. “Hell yeah!” Jenn exclaimed as we made our way to the parking lot and drove to the airport to go to St. Louis. We got to the hotel and went to our rooms. Jenn and I were sharing a room, and Pat and Jon were sharing a room. I went into our room and put my bag down. “So what do you want to do?” Jenn asked. “I’m not sure, want to see what the guys are doing?” I asked. “Sure.” Just then we heard the door opening and Pat and Jon came into our room. “How did you guys get in here?” Jenn asked. “We got a key from the front desk,” Pat said waving the key card in the air. “So what are you guys doing?” I asked. “Well Oshie invited us to hang out at his place, do you want to come?” Jon said. “Yeah sure,” Jenn and I replied. We then left for TJ’s house.

We got to TJ’s house and rang the door bell. “Hey Jon, glad you could make it,” TJ said letting us inside. There were other Blues players there, some Blackhawks and lots of girls. Most of them looked like puck bunnies. “Whoa look at all the girls,” exclaimed Nick Leddy. “Yeah take your pick dude,” Oshie said to the guys. “I’ve got mine right here,” Jon said pulling me close and giving me a kiss on the check. “So do I,” Pat said pulling Jenn closer. “Oh yeah that’s right, you’re engaged now huh Jonny,” TJ said. “Yup,” Jon said smiling down at me. “Congrats, well I’m gonna go mingle,” TJ said as he walked away. “We’re gonna go see some of the guys are you two gonna be okay on your own?” Jon asked. “Oh yeah we’ll be fine,” I said. “Alright see you later,” Jon said giving me a kiss as Pat did the same to Jenn. A few hours had past and Jenn and I were sitting on the bar stools in the kitchen when Pat came up to us. “Hey how are you guys doing?” he asked putting an arm around Jenn. “Pretty good, where’s Jon?” I asked looking around. “I think he’s over there,” Kaner said pointing to the couch. There was Jon with a bunch of girls surrounding him. They were flirting with him and touch him. He looked really uncomfortable. I walked over to him, his eyes showed a sign of relief when he saw me. I sat down on his lap, “Hey babe,” I said while putting my arms around his neck. “Hey,” he smiled. “I need you to help me with a little something,” I whispered. “Oh and what would that be?” Jon asked raising his eyebrows. “This,” I said leaning forward to kiss him. Jon was surprised at first but he quickly caught on to what I was doing and kissed me back, wrapping his arms around my waist. I could hear the girls walking away. I pulled away and looked up at Jon. “Thanks,” he whispered. “No problem,” I said kissing him again. Our kiss grew more heated, almost on the verge of beginning a make session. “Alright Tazer!” Kaner yelled everyone turned to stare at us. Jon and I pulled away and I buried my face in his chest. “You ready to go?” Jon whispered. I just nodded as we stood up and said goodbye to TJ and went back to the hotel.

We got back to the hotel and everyone went into their rooms and went to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up to these arms wrapping around me. I turned around to see that it was Jon. “Jon what are you doing here?” I whispered. “I couldn’t sleep,” Jon whispered. I smiled and gave him a kiss. “Go back to sleep,” Jon whispered closing his eyes. I laid my head on his chest and drifted off to sleep. I woke up to the sound of the alarm the next morning. “It’s too early go back to sleep,” Jon said pulling me closer. “You have to get up, babe,” I said placing a light kiss on his lips. “Chelsey who are you talking too?” Jenn asked as she got up out of bed. “Jonathan,” I replied. “Hi,” Jon said to Jenn who was standing at the foot of my bed. “Oh my god you guys didn’t have sex did you?” she asked with a disgusted look on her face. “No! I just couldn’t sleep so I came over here,” Jon said. “Oh ok,” Jenn said as she went into the bathroom. “Guess I should go back to my room,” Jon said. “Alright,” I said giving him a long warm kiss. I watched him get up out of bed and head towards the door. He was only wearing black shorts; damn he looked so sexy though.

Jenn and I got ready and headed down to the lobby with the rest of the players to go on the bus and head to the rink. We were walking with Jon and Pat towards the locker room and Jenn and I stopped just before the doors. “What no good luck kiss?” Jon asked with a smirk. “Oh I guess if I have too,” I laughed and leaned up to give him a soft kiss on the lips. The guys then headed into the locker room and Jenn and I went to go find our seats. In the first period the Blues scored 2 goals. In the second Stalberg scored with assists from Kopecky and Johnson. Then Dave Bolland scored with assists from Hossa and Bickell. Kane scored with assists from Jon and Sharp. Then Jon scored with assists from Kaner and Seabs. The score going into the third period was 4-2 for the Hawks. In the third the Blues scored making it a one goal lead for the Hawks. The game was pretty intense for the last half. The Blues pulled their goalie near the end of the period and Hossa scored with assists from Seabrook and Johnson, making the final score 5-3 for the Hawks. Jenn and I were waiting on the bus with a few of the guys for Jon and Pat. Pat came on the bus first and went to go sit with Jenn. Jon came on a short time after. “Hey good game babe, nice goal,” I said as he sat down next to me. “Thanks,” he said leaning in for a kiss. We then went to the airport and headed back to Chicago.