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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 18

It was Thursday afternoon around 4:30; I had just finished work and was heading home. Jon was in Nashville since the Hawks had a game tonight. I got home took off my coat and shoes and went to go change into something comfy, grabbed my laptop and went to go sit on the couch. I decided to text Jon telling him good luck tonight. Jon replied saying thanks and that he would see me when he got home. I decided to go make myself something to eat before the game starts. I looked in the fridge and in the cupboards and chose to make some KD. I took my bowl of KD and went back to the couch. I checked my emails and went on Facebook for a while and talked to my friends back in Winnipeg. I saw that it was close to 7, so I logged off my laptop and turned on the game. It was pretty close game but the Hawks won 3-0, giving Cory Crawford his 3rd career shutout and claiming 7th place in the standings, giving them a playoff spot. I texted Jon saying congratulations on the win and then headed off to bed. I woke up a few hours later to Jon wrapping his arms around me. I rolled over and looked at him sleepily. “Sorry didn’t mean to wake you,” he whispered. “That’s alright, good game by the way,” I whispered. “Thanks, now let’s go to sleep,” he replied kissing my forehead. I snuggled up closer to him resting me head on his chest and fell back asleep.

I woke up to my alarm going off at 6am; I quietly crawled out of Jon’s arms and out of bed, hoping not to wake him. I turned around and saw that he was still fast asleep. I went into the bathroom, took a shower, did my makeup and got dressed for work. I went into the kitchen made myself a cup of coffee and then left for work. Work wasn’t that bad, sure there were a few issues but nothing out of the norm. I was glad to be done work and heading home so that I could see Jon. “Hey Jon I’m home,” I said walking in the door and taking off my coat and shoes. “Hey,” Jon said coming out from the kitchen towards me. “Jon! What’s gotten into you,” I giggled as he spun me around. “I’m just happy you’re home,” Jon said leaning down to give me a kiss. “Why didn’t you wake me before you left?” “I wanted to let you sleep since you got in late last night.” “Oh well, thanks,” he said kissing my check. “So what are we doing tonight?” I asked as we made our way from the front entrance. “Well Seabs invited some of the guys over, do you want to go?” “Sure, what time do we have to be there?” “Um...Seabs said around 6:30.” “Alright well I’m gonna go get ready,” I said going into the bedroom to find something to wear. I chose a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, a navy blue floral racer back tank top and a grey boyfriend cardigan. I reapplied my makeup and ran a brush through my hair. I walked out of the bedroom and saw Jon with faded jeans on and a blue and white plaid button up shirt. “Hey you look good,” Jon said giving me a hug. “Thanks so do you.” “Ready?” he asked. “Yup let’s go,” I replied putting on my black flats and coat. We left the condo and headed over to Brent’s.

When we got to Brent’s we saw Sharp and Sarah, Kaner and Jenn, Duncs and Robyn, Campbell, Turco and his wife, Brower and his wife, Kopecky and his wife, Hossa, Dave, Hjalmarsson and their girlfriends. “Hey glad you guys could come,” Brent said as we took off our coats. “Yeah well we weren’t doing anything so we figured we come,” Jon said with a laugh. “Oh thanks,” Brent said sarcastically. “Hey Chels, come here!” Jenn called from the kitchen. I went over to where her, Sarah and Robyn were sitting on some bar stools. Jon went to talk with some of the guys. We talked for a while and somehow the conversation went from how are days were to the topic of our sex lives. I have no idea how that happened. “Marty and I defiantly don’t have sex as much as we did before the kids came, there’s just no time,” Turco’s wife said. “I know what you mean, Troy and I don’t have sex as often as we did when we first got married,” Troy’s wife agreed. “So Chelsey, how often do you and Jonny have sex?” “What!?” I coughed choking on my drink a little bit. Just then Kaner walked up and put his arms around Jenn. “So what are you lady’s talking about over here?” he asked. “Oh we just asked Chelsey how often she and Jon have sex, but she’s not telling,” Turco’s wife said like it was nothing. “Well if they’re anything like Jenn and I it’s probably 2-3 times a week,” Kaner said. “Patrick!” Jenn yelled. “What it’s true,” Kaner said with a shrug. “Here I’ll help you find out. Yo Tazer!” Kaner yelled. Jon came over to where we were and put his arms around me. “What Kaner?” he asked taking a sip of his beer. “How often do you and Chelsey have sex?” “What!?” Jon coughed. “You heard me, how often do you two have sex?” Kaner asked again. “None of your business,” Jon said. “Why not?” “Because how would you like it if someone came up to you and asked how many time you and Jenn have sex?” Jon asked annoyed. “I wouldn’t care,” Kaner replied. “Ok well how many times do you have sex?” Jon said. “2-3 times a week.” “Seriously!?” Jon asked. “Yeah, why is that more than you and Chelsey?” “No” “Less?” Kaner prided. “No,” Jon snapped. “Whoa someone sounds frustrated, have you had sex at all this week?” “Oh my God Kaner just shut the fuck up!” Jon yelled his face red with anger. I pulled Jon away from the group. “Who the hell does he think he is? Who asks other people about their sex life? It’s none of his business” Jon said angrily leaning up against the wall. “Babe, calm down,” I said running my hands up and down his chest. “Sorry it just really pisses me off,” Jon said wrapping his arms around me. “I know me too but you can’t let him get to you,” I said leaning up and giving Jon a warm kiss. “I know he just knows which buttons to push to get me really mad,” Jon sighed. “Well how about I help you release some of that anger,” I whispered kissing him with more force. Jon smirked and kissed me back. We had been making out for a while when we heard Kaner say, “Well it looks like someone’s not angry anymore.” Jon and I pulled apart to see the group at the kitchen counter staring at us. “Ready to go?” Jon whispered. I nodded and grabbed his hand. We said goodbye to everyone and then headed home.

We got home took off our coats and shoes. Jon wasted no time; he kissed me, picking me up and carrying me to our bedroom closing the door behind him. He put me on the bed and took off my cardigan and tank top and unbuttoned and slid off my jeans. I then unbuttoned his shirt, running my hands down his chest towards his jeans, unbuckled them and took them off. I could see that he was already hard. I stroked his member through the fabric of his boxers. He let out a moan and then pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me. He kissed his was down my neck and nibbled on the skin near my collarbone while taking off my bra. He then moved his way down to my breasts sucking on each one and flicking each nipple with his tongue. His hands wandered to the waistband of my thong and slid it off. He then took off his boxers. I gasped as I felt him enter me, going slow at first. He got faster and harder with each thrust, until we both came. Jon collapsed on the pillow beside me out of breath. “That was amazing,” I said as I moved closer to him and laying my head on his chest. “Mmmhum it sure was,” Jon replied wrapping his arm around me and giving me a kiss on the forehead, both of us slowly drifting to sleep.