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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 19

It was Friday evening and I was just putting the last few things in my suitcase. I was going with Jon and the team to Toronto tomorrow and we were leaving right after the game tonight. I turned around to see Jon in the doorway of the bedroom. “Hey,” I said. “Hey, you all packed?” he asked. “Yup, just a few more things to put in.” “You mean like this,” Jon smirked holding up my black lace lingerie. “You weren’t supposed to see that,” I said grabbing it out of his hands and putting it in my suitcase. “Well now I can’t wait to take it off,” Jon whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist. “You’ll just have to wait till we’re in Toronto,” I replied with a smirk, giving him a sweet kiss and then walking into the bathroom to get the last things that I needed. Once Jon and I were both packed we put our bags in the car and headed to the United Centre. We walked into the locker room to see some of the guys getting ready. “Hey Chels,” Jenn called from Kaner’s stall. “Hey Jenn, you excited about going to Toronto?” “Yeah! 2 ½ days away from Chicago and hanging out with the team, I’m so excited,” she exclaimed. “You forgot the best part about the trip,” Pat said. “Oh and what’s that?” Jenn asked. “Sharing a room with me obviously,” replied Kaner. Jenn and I both laughed. “Oh come on Chels, you know that’s the best part,” Jon said coming up behind me. “Oh and why is that?” “You know exactly why,” Jon replied raising his eyebrows suggestively. “Ok but at least try to keep it down this time. I don’t want to have to hear you two like on the last road trip,” Kaner said. My face turned red and I turned so my face was against Jon’s chest. “Just wear earplugs Kaner. It’s not like we didn’t hear you and Jenn on that road trip,” Jon said. Just then Coach Q came in so Jenn and I had to leave. I gave Jon a quick kiss and then left the locker room.

The Hawks were playing the Carolina Hurricanes tonight. In the first few seconds of the first period Sharp passed to Jon and he scored! Giving Jon his 26th goal for this season. Staal scored tying the game. Seabs had a shot that rung off the post and Bickell tapped it in giving the Hawks the lead. The Hawks had lots of chances in the second but neither team scored, giving the Hawks the lead going into the third. In the third period Johnson scored giving the Hawks a two goal lead. Bolland scores making the score 4-1 for the Hawks. A few minutes later Kaner scores with an assist from Sharpie. Skinner scored for the Hurricanes making the score 5-2. The Hawks won the game giving them their seventh win in a row. After the game Jenn and I waited outside the locker room till all the reporters left and then went in. I ran over and jumped into Jon’s arms giving him a kiss. “Great game babe! Nice goal.” I said getting off him. “Thanks,” he replied while getting undressed. Once Jon was ready we headed to the airport and boarded the plane.

We arrived in Toronto around 1am. We got off the plane and went to the hotel. Once we got to our room, we put our bags down, crawled into bed and fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of Jon’s phone alarm going off. I snuggled up close to him, “Let’s just stay here and sleep a bit longer,” I said sleepily. “I wish I could but I have to go to the morning skate. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to,” Jon said getting out of bed. “No I want to come,” I replied getting up out of bed. I showered, did my make-up and went to go find something to wear. I decided on skinny jeans, a light blue v-neck t-shirt and black hoodie. Once Jon was ready we headed down to the lobby and got on the bus. The guys went to go get ready for practice and Jenn, Sarah, Robyn and I went to go get coffees and then took a seat on the player’s bench.

We talked and watched the guys do drills for a while and then Coach Q said the guys could just mess around for the next 30 minutes. He skated over to the bench, “Girls you can go out on the ice if you want.” “Alright thanks, Q.” We then went out onto the ice being careful not to fall. I was sliding my way across the ice when I felt these arms wrap around me lifting me up. “Jon!” I giggled. He put me down and spun me around so I was facing him. He then leaned down and gave me a small kiss. “Hey Chelsey, come take shots on Crow,” Sharp said. I slid over to where Jenn, Sarah and Robyn were taking shots on Crawford. Jon handed me his stick which was way too tall for me but at least it was the right curve for me. “Come on Chels let’s see what you got,” Crawford said. “Hey I’m not that bad, after all I did grow up beside Jonny,” I said lining up to take my shot. I took a wrist shot and Crawford saved it. I took a few more shots which Crawford all saved. “UGH!” I screamed banging Jon’s stick on the ice. “Hey, it’s alright here do you want me to help you?” Jon said skating up beside me. “Sure,” I sighed as Jon stood behind me. He put his arms around me and put his hands over my hands. “Ok now, don’t look at the puck, look where you want it to go,” Jon said. I moved the stick back and brought it forward taking a wrist shot which sailed past Crawford into the top corner. “Yeah!!!” I screamed, dropping the stick and jumping into Jon’s arms. “See I knew you could do it,” he smiled giving me a kiss. We then headed off the ice and went back to the hotel once all the guys were changed. And the guys went through their pregame routine before heading to the rink.

I gave Jon a good luck kiss before going with Jenn, Sarah and Robyn to find our seats, which were right behind the Blackhawks bench. I was excited to watch the game, since it would be shown on Hockey Night in Canada, which I grew up watching. I knew that Jon was excited too, I could see it in his eyes. In the first period Hossa scored within the first few minutes. Frolik scored with assists from Brower and Dowell. Then Jon scored with assists from Kaner and Hossa. In the second period the Leafs scored first. Stalberg and Bickell also scored making the score at the end of the period 5-1 for Chicago. In the third period Toronto scored 2 goals making the final score 5-3, giving the Blackhawks their 8th win in a row. We waited for the media to come out of the locker room and then went in to congratulate the boys. “Great game! Nice goal,” I exclaimed giving Jon a hug and a sweet kiss. “Thanks,” Jon replied with a smile. “We’ll have to celebrate later,” I whispered in his ear. He raised his eyebrow suggestively and I just nodded and smiled.

We got back to the hotel and decided to go swimming. We got in our suits and headed down to the pool. Jenn, Robyn, Sarah and I were in the hot tub talking when Jon, Kaner, Duncan and Patrick came and sat down. “Oh that’s hot,” Kaner said as he sat down beside Jenn. “Are you talking about the water or something else,” Duncs asked. “The water, what did you think I was talking about?” Kaner asked. “Oh nothing,” Keith replied with a laugh. Jon slowly sat down beside me, getting used to the water. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders pulling me close and whispered, “I can think of something else that’s hot.” “Oh really and what would that be?” “You,” he replied kissing my check and pulling me on his lap. “Well you’re looking pretty hot yourself,” I smiled kissing his lips. Jon kissed back deepening the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hand slowly slid up my thigh. He slid his hand up my back to the bottom string of my bikini top. Before I knew what was happening the bottom string of my bikini came untied. “Jon!” I said pushing myself up against his chest so no one would see anything. “What?” he questioned. “There’s people here,” I said reaching back to tie my bikini. Jon groaned in frustration. “Come on let’s go,” I said taking his hand and getting out of the hot tub. “Be safe you two!” Sharpie yelled as we left the pool. We got back to our room and ‘celebrated’.

The morning I woke up in Jon’s arms. I smiled up at him and gave him a light kiss on his lips. “Morning,” I said. “Morning,” Jon yawned. “So what are we doing today?” I asked. “Well the team wanted to go to the CN Tower.” “Oh cool that’s gonna fun. What time are we going?” “Well breakfast is at 10 and then we’ll go after that,” Jon replied. “Alright well I’m gonna go get ready,” I said getting out of bed to go take a shower. I decided to wear dark wash skinny jeans, a light purple v-neck t-shirt that showed just a little bit of cleavage and a light grey with navy strips boyfriend cardigan. I did my make-up and put my hair up in a lose side pony. Jon came out of the bathroom wearing faded jeans and a black and white plaid shirt, with the top few buttons undone so that you could see a little bit of his toned chest and the sleeves rolled up so that his forearms were showing. We then headed down for breakfast and then went to the CN Tower. We rode the elevator up to the top floor. “Hey let’s walk across the glass floor!” exclaimed Kaner. They guys all agreed. We got up to the edge where the glass floor was and waited for some of the guys to cross. “Remember just don’t look down,” Jon told me. I started to walk across the floor my eyes looking straight ahead but then someone brushed passed me. I stopped dead in my tracks unable to move. Jon was already on the other side. “Come on Chels, you can do,” said Jenn. I didn’t move I just stood there, my eyes glued downward at the street below. “Why isn’t she moving?” Hossa asked. “Oh shit she looked down,” Jon said coming over to me. “Hey babe, come on you can do this,” he said. I shook my head, thinking ‘oh my god I’m going to die’. I then felt Jon’s strong arms pick me up bridal style and I clung on to him for dear life. Once we were on the other side Jon put me down. “Chels you’re alright, everything’s fine,” Jon said giving me a long hug and a kiss. Once I had calmed down we decided to go have lunch at the restaurant that was on the top floor. After we finished it was time for us girls to go back to Chicago. The guys took us to the airport and said their goodbyes. “I had so much fun,” I said hugging Jon. “Me too, I’m really glad you could come. I’ll see you when I get home from this road trip.” “Alright, love you,” I said. “Love you too,” Jon replied leaning down to give me a warm kiss. Sarah, Robyn, Jenn and I then boarded the plane and headed back to Chicago.