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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 21

I ran to the bathroom for the second time this morning, and emptied the contents of my stomach. I knew something wasn’t right. This was the seventh time I’d thrown up this week. I decided to phone Jenn, “Hey Jenn can I get you to pick something for me?” About half an hour later I heard a knock on the door, I opened it to see Jenn standing there with a plastic back and a small jug of chocolate milk. “Okay so I didn’t know which one to get so I got five,” Jenn said handing me the bag. “Thanks,” I replied nervously. “So do you think you’re....” “I don’t know.” “Well chug that milk and pee on those sticks woman!” Jenn said. I chuckled and started to drink the chocolate milk. A few minutes later I came out of the bathroom. “Well?” Jenn asked. I looked up from the stick I was holding, with tears in my eyes. “I-It’s positive,” I said still in shock. “Wow, what are you going to do?” “I don’t know, talk to Jon I guess. We always talked about having kids one day. I just never thought it would be this soon.”

I decided to talk to Jon when he got home. I heard the door open, “Hey babe I’m home,” Jon called. “I’m in here,” I called from the bedroom. “Hi,” Jon said giving me a kiss. “Hi,” I replied looking at the ground. “What’s wrong Chels?” “Well I have something to tell you. I don’t really know how to say this so I’m just gonna say it. I’m pregnant,” I said looking up a Jon’s shocked face. “What!! How the hell did that happen?” Jon asked angrily. “How do you think it happened Jon,” I snapped back. “Well I know that, I mean we used protection. Right?” “Yes of course we used protection! But condoms are only 97% preventable even with birth control.” “So what are you going to do?” “I don’t know.” “You could always get an..” “Don’t you dare! Don’t you even fucking say that! There’s no way in hell I’m going to do that!” I yelled. “You know, none of this would have happened if you had just been more careful,” Jon spat back. “ME! You had just as much to do with this as I did,” I yelled back. “I can’t deal with this right now,” Jon said walking out of the bedroom. “Where are you going?” I yelled following him. “Out!” Jon yelled slamming the front door. I broke down crying, what was I going to do? Jon wasn’t ready for kids. I didn’t want to have to do this on my own. I was so scared.

It had been 3 days and Jon still hadn’t come home. I tried calling and texting him but he didn’t respond. I called Kaner, Sharpie, Seabs and Duncan but nobody would tell me where he was. I was sitting on the couch in sweatpants and one of Jon’s Blackhawks hoodies, when I heard the door open and saw Jon. He looked like shit. His eyes were all red and puffy, like he had been crying and he had dark circles under his eyes like he hadn’t slept in days. “Jon,” I said getting up off the couch. “No, let me talk,” Jon said sitting down on the couch. I sat back down and waited for him to continue. “Look, I’ve done a lot of thinking these past few days and realized that I overreacted. The truth is I’d love to have this baby with you. You’re the only one I want to have babies with. I’m so, so sorry. I was an ass. I love you so much, is there any way you can forgive me?” He said tears running down his checks. “Do you really mean that?” I asked. “Of course I do,” he replied. I thought for a moment and looked into his pleading eyes and smiled. “Okay I forgive you,” I said giving him a hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Jon exclaimed kissing me. I smiled and rested my head on his chest. “So have you gone to the doctor yet?” “Yeah I went yesterday; he said I was actually a month along already.” “Wow, so there’s actually a little person growing inside of you.” “Yup,” I smiled.

The guys had practice the next day and we decided to tell them the news. Jon and I walked into the locker room and I was greeted by Seabs, “Chelsey!” He said picking me up and spinning me around. “Brent put me down,” I laughed. He just kept spinning me around. “Seabs! Put her down now,” Jon said getting annoyed. He put me down and went back to his stall. “You alright babe?” “I’m fine Jon,” I said rolling my eyes at how protective he was being. “Hey guys,” Jon said getting everyone’s attention, “We have a little announcement,” Jon smiled down at me. “We’re pregnant!” I exclaimed. There was a collection of congratulations from the guys. “Alright Tazer, one of your guys finally got through huh,” Sharpie smirked. Jon just rolled his eyes, giving me a kiss on my forehead and then went to his stall to get ready for practice.

A few weeks had past and I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I went to the doctor. Jon came home later that night and found me huddled up on the kitchen floor crying. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Jon asked sitting down beside me and pulling me onto his lap, wrapping his arms around me. “I-I l-lost the b-b-baby,” I cried into his shirt. “W-what?” Jon asked, tears in his eyes. “I lost it; I’m so s-s-sorry,” I sobbed. “Shhh, it’s gonna be okay, we’ll get through this,” Jon whispered letting some of his own tears fall. We sat there for hours and just cried, not knowing what to do.