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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 24

It was Sunday night around 11pm; I just finished watching the game on TV and was now waiting for Jon to get back from Phoenix. I decided to listen to some music and read, I put my iPod on shuffle and ‘Skinny Dippin by Whitney Duncan’ came on. I thought about the past summer with Jon back in Winnipeg at my parent’s cottage.

Jon and I were driving up to my parent’s cottage Friday afternoon with Shane and David. “This is gonna be awesome, a whole weekend at the cottage with no parents, I’m so excited,” Shane exclaimed as we turned onto the road which our cottage was on. “Yeah it’s gonna be sweet,” David agreed. We turned into the driveway and got out of the truck. We unloaded all the bags and food and brought it inside the cottage. “I call this room,” Shane said heading towards the master bedroom. “Oh no! I don’t think so. Jon and I get that room,” I said running past him before he could open the door. “Ugh fine,” Shane said as he went to go to choose from the other three bedrooms.

Once we got all the food put away we decided to go put on our swim suits and head down to the dock. The guys were already down there getting the boat out when I came down the path from the cottage. I took a seat in one of the lawn chairs on the dock and watched the guys. I watched as a tanned shirtless Jon climbed out of the boat and walked over to me. I smiled to myself. “What are you smiling about?” Jon asked. “Oh nothing, just how good you look in those shorts,” I smirked. Jon chucked, “Well I could say the same thing about you in that red bikini.” “Oh really,” I said getting up so that I was standing in front of him. “Mmmhum,” Jon mumbled as he pulled me in for a kiss. “Hey are you two coming,” David yelled from the driver’s seat of the boat. “Yup,” Jon said as we climbed into the boat.

We came back few hours later and put the boat back in the boathouse for the night. We then decided to get dinner ready. Once we were done eating and cleaned up all the dishes we went and sat around the camp fire. After a couple of hours David and Shane went to bed but Jon and I were sitting by the fire. I got up and started walking towards the dock. “Where are you going?” Jon asked. “Come with and you’ll find out,” I called back. I sat down at the edge of the dock and dangled my feet in the water. Jon came and sat beside me. “Wow, its so clam out here.” “Yeah it is.” We sat there in silence for a while until I spoke up. “You know what would be fun to do right now.” “What?” asked Jon. “Swimming,” I said standing up and taking off my shorts and shirt, I still had my bikini on, and jumped into the water. “You’re crazy.” “So you’re not gonna join me?” I asked. “Nope, I don’t think so.” “Not even if I’m like this,” I said taking off my bikini bottoms and throwing them on the dock. “Nope.” “What about this,” I smirked taking off my top and tossing it on the dock. Jon eyes widened. “That’s a shame,” I said closing my eyes as I laid on my back floating in the water. I heard a splash and smiled to myself knowing that Jon gave in. “Come here you,” Jon said wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me close. I smiled up at him, “Couldn’t resist could you.” “Shut up and kiss me,” Jon said closing the space between us.

I woke up the next morning and saw that Jon wasn’t beside me. I got out of bed, put on pyjama shorts and a t-shirt and walked out of the bedroom. I saw Jon standing over the stove in his boxers making breakfast. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Hey babe,” he said turning around so he was facing me. “Morning,” I smiled leaning up to give him a warm heated kiss. A few moments later Jon pulled away. “What was that for?” “What you didn’t like it?” I asked. “No, no I did, I’m just surprised that’s all.” “Well prepared to be even more surprised then,” I said pulling him back down. Jon smiled into the kiss. He put his hands under my ass and lifted me up onto the counter. His hand slowly moved up my thigh and I let out a small moan. Jon smiled kissing his way down my neck. I pulled him as close to me as I could and wrapped my legs around his waist. “If you guys are going to continue could you at least take it into the bedroom so we don’t have to see it,” David said, causing me to pull away from Jon. Jon groaned putting his forehead on my shoulder. “Nice timing Davey,” Jon said sarcastically.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I felt Jon’s arms wrap around me. “Hey,” Jon whispered in my ear. “Hi, great game” I smiled. “Thanks, what were you thinking about?” “Oh, just that weekend last summer at my parent’s cottage.” “Oh, yeah that was a good weekend,” Jon smirked leaning down to kiss me. “Mmm it sure was,” I said pulling on his tie for another kiss. We then went to go get ready for bed. I crawled into bed and cuddled up next to Jon. “I love you,” I whispered. “Love you too,” Jon whispered back giving me a good night kiss before we drifted off to sleep.